Around the World Roundup: 'Hogs,' 'Bean' Lead Weak Weekend

by Conor Bresnan
William H. Macy in Wild Hogs
May 1, 2007

Wild Hogs and Mr. Bean's Holiday were neck-and-neck again for the foreign top spot on one of the slowest weekends of the year. May Day, Labor Day and other holidays caused delayed results in France, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries, postponing the weekend ranking until Wednesday,

Propelled by holdovers, Wild Hogs bagged an estimated $7.2 million from 32 markets, boosting its total to $55 million. The comedy maintained supremacy in Germany with a $1.7 million second weekend, down 40 percent, and it also stayed on top in Switzerland with $309,767, down just 23 percent in its second frame. In the United Kingdom, it fell 32 percent in its third outing for a second-ranked $1.3 million. Other holdovers weren't notable, generally falling at the average rates for an American comedy.

Mr. Bean's Holiday also grossed around $7.2 million, but from 50 territories for a $156.1 million total. The comedy snatched $1 million in its fifth frame in the U.K. for a $40.4 million total. Also generating more than $1 million was France's second weekend where final figures weren't available yet. Bean hits Argentina next on May 10.

Grossing an estimated $6 million from 56 territories, Shooter pushed its foreign tally up to $28.4 million. In South Korea, the action thriller had a solid second-ranked $1.4 million opening from 149 screens, topping TMNT there, which played on 50 more screens. Australia's second weekend was also solid as Shooter remained the leader with $811,105, down 34 percent.

Next was mediocre in its foreign debut, making about $5.3 million from 11 nations, led by France's first-place $1.4 million from 400 prints. The action thriller also topped Russia ($1.3 million from 397 screens) and the U.K. ($1.6 million from 356 screens).

Another soft grosser, Perfect Stranger yielded an estimated $5 million for a $28.5 million total. The thriller had no openings and its best showing was Spain's modest $621,593 third weekend for a $4.1 million total there.

Faune Chambers and Jayma Mays in Epic Movie
Resurging overseas and surprising in several markets was Epic Movie. The spoof comedy fared well atop Italy with a $1.5 million start from 247 screens and, by the end of the week, it will out-gross predecessor Date Movie's $1.9 million final tally there. Elsewhere, Epic Movie was strong in Denmark with $191,050 from 27 but weak in the Netherlands with $134,804 from 49. Overall, it landed about $2.2 million over the weekend for a $39.2 million total.

Reno 911!: Miami had its first international opening in the U.K., and the results were poor as expected. The comedy placed 14th there with just $274,993 from 136 screens.

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