Around the World Roundup: Comedies 'Hog' Business

by Conor Bresnan
Martin Lawrence, Time Allen and John Travolta in Wild Hogs
April 23, 2007

At the foreign box office, Mr. Bean's Holiday and Wild Hogs each took in around $11.5 million, and the top spot was too close to call (final figures will be available Wednesday).

Mr. Bean played in 45 territories, including three openings. The comedy had a terrific start in Poland with $700,964 from 67 screens, but it was so-so in Franc with an estimated $800,000 from 300 screens, ranking first.

Holdovers, which helped push Bean's overall total to $142.7 million, suffered greatly from Europe's pleasant weather. The picture tumbled 59 percent in Italy, 48 percent in Greece and 52 percent in Belgium. In the United Kingdom, Bean made $1.7 million in its fourth weekend, raising its total to $38.9 million. It's the second highest grossing movie of the year there, below Hot Fuzz ($41.1 million).

Wild Hogs had 38 countries and its total grew to $43.5 million. The comedy had an impressive array of openings, including Germany's first place $2.7 million from 579 screens and Italy's $1.2 million from 292 screens. Other debuts included Switzerland's $416,794 from 79, Austria's $370,000 from 85 and Brazil's uniquely anemic $340,000 from 100.

Perfect Stranger secured the third spot with an estimated $9 million from 60 territories. It was another mediocre showing overall with only one territory grossing more than $1 million: Russia, where the thriller opened to an excellent $1.6 million from 247 screens. Mexico's $924,731 start from 300 screens was solid as well as Australia's $808,141 from 207 screens. Holdovers were all over the map ranging from the U.K.'s 56 percent fall to the Netherlands' 26 percent rise. Spain remains the thriller's highest-grossing market at $3.2 million.

Mark Wahlberg in Shooter
Ranking fourth, Shooter tabulated $8 million from 45 markets for an $18.9 million total. The action thriller was unique in the market but was still rejected by moviegoers for the most part. Australia's $1.3 million from 173 screens was its sole $1 million plus grosser, and it was a very good start in line with Inside Man and better than XXX: State of the Union. Shooter also opened nicely in Thailand with $300,347 from 42 screens, but its other starts were moderate at best (Germany's $518,908 from 252 screens, Norway's $153,724 from 30 and Italy's $215,365 from 136 screens) and holdovers were weak nearly everywhere, including Taiwan's 76 percent tumble and Greece's 61 percent fall.

300 dove 47 percent in its seventh weekend to $7.3 million for a $217.1 million total. Among holdovers, Germany was down 46 percent to $1.1 million, while Australia was off 47 percent to $971,000.

The Reaping added 21 markets for a total of 39 and drew $6.4 million for a $20.6 million tally. Results were subpar, including the U.K.'s $618,000 from 282 prints, France's $682,000 from 197 screens, Australia's $404,000, Brazil's $335,000 and Germany's $246,000. The supernatural thriller's next major release is Japan on May 19.

The sci-fi thriller Sunshine added $5.9 million over the weekend from 44 markets, increasing its total to a disappointing $18.6 million. Poor debuts continued to be the norm, including Spain's $1 million, Germany's $638,549 and Italy's $453,000.

Meet the Robinsons notched a $3.7 million weekend from 39 territories. The animated comedy's only opening was in South Korea, where it grossed a mere $340,000 from 100 screens. With $42 million in the till, it will likely cross the $100 million by the end of its run when as it still has Japan, Italy, France and many more countries still ahead.

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa entered the ring for presumably the last time in its final market, Japan, and nabbed a knock-out $1.7 million from 311 screens. The boxing drama has generated $81 million thus far.

Also ending its foreign campaign, Music and Lyrics rang up $3 million from 47 markets, including three debuts, for an $85.4 million total. Spain was the romantic comedy's healthiest start at $1.2 million from 307 prints, topping About a Boy by 47 percent. Denmark followed suit with $216,000 from 40 prints, while Japan disappointed with $598,000 from 214 screens.

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