Around the World Roundup: '300' Victorious

by Conor Bresnan
Gerard Butler in 300
March 19, 2007

300 marched to the top of the foreign box office, generating $15.9 million from 13 markets over the weekend for a $25.2 million total. The digital battle picture continued to dominate Greece, down a mere 11 percent from its record-breaking opening. Its $2.7 million weekend from 112 prints was easily the largest second weekend ever, and its $7.2 million total doubles Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's tally at the same point.

Though not nearly as potent as Greece, 300's other markets were impressive. It opened in eight markets, including South Korea's sizable $6.4 million from 231 prints, which was slightly better than Troy. Other strong performances came from Thailand ($930,000 from 87 screens), Hong Kong ($771,000 from 33), India ($613,000 from 141) and Puerto Rico ($574,000 from 55). In Turkey, 300 also recorded the market's largest start ever for an 18-rated picture, posting $1.5 million from 112 prints. Next weekend, 300 invades France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In second place internationally, Music and Lyrics made $9.6 million from 45 markets for a $57.2 million total. The romantic comedy had a nice start in France, grossing $2.1 million and topping Two Weeks Notice and Something's Gotta Give. Music's next major market will be Russia on April 12.

Norbit nabbed third place with an estimated $8.6 million from 33 territories and a $31 million total. The U.K. was its top market with a first place $2.1 million for a $6.9 million total through its second weekend. The fat-suit comedy had two notable launches in Spain ($1.1 million from 234 screens) and the Netherlands (first-place $727,415 from 54 screens).

Ghost Rider grossed $7.3 million over the weekend for an $87.2 million total. In six new markets, it was helped by being the only action movie, including Italy ($1.7 million from 304 screens). Other positive starts were Argentina's $205,194 and Sweden's $217,172. Up against 300 in Hong Kong, however, sent Ghost Rider spiraling down 64 percent to a weak $165,571 in its second weekend.

Hot Fuzz made its first trip outside of the U.K. In Australia, the comedy debuted below Wild Hogs with $1.3 million from 186 screens, which was higher than the lifetime gross of Shaun of the Dead ($1.2 million). Hot Fuzz was second in New Zealand as well with a $194,905 start. Its overall weekend was $2.9 million for a $39 million total.

Night at the Museum ended its overseas campaign in Japan, debuting to a stellar $5.1 million from 575 screens. The family comedy led Japan and bested the past openings of Letters from Iwo Jima by 19 percent and the comparable National Treasure by 46 percent. Overall, Night grabbed $6.7 million for a $288.1 million total.

A scene from Happy Feet
Japan was also the final market for Happy Feet. The computer-animated comedy logged an impressive $2.1 million from 499 screens. However, with $175 million in the till internationally, the opening suggests that it will never cross the $200 million mark, making it the fifth animated feature from this past year to have an overseas gross lower than domestic.

Also opening in Japan was Deja Vu, which made a disappointing $1.5 million from 300 screens. The time travel thriller will close its foreign run in China this week and has grossed $108 million thus far.

The Devil Wears Prada inched past the $200 million mark overseas. The comedy's late $1.7 million run in China was the deciding factor.

Stomp the Yard entered its first major markets and the results were mixed. The dance drama looked good in Singapore with a second-place $216,720 debut from 21 screens but was ugly in the U.K. with a tenth-ranked $375,466 from 150 screens. Overall, the picture has $734,025.

Launching in the U.K. simultaneously with its domestic release, Premonition conjured $1.9 million, which, like domestic, was neither remarkable nor disappointing.

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