Around the World Roundup: 'Casino' Cashes In

by Conor Bresnan
Eva Green and Daniel Crag in Casino Royale
November 20, 2006

Casino Royale hit the jackpot overseas with a tremendous $43.4 million opening over the weekend from the United Kingdom, Russia and 30 smaller markets. The British secret intelligence agent led the way at home with a franchise best $25.5 million from 988 screens, which was the third largest opening ever in the market (excluding previews). Another franchise record fell in Russia, where Casino collected $5.1 million from 631 screens.

Perhaps the most impressive opening for Casino Royale, however, was India's $3.3 million from 427 screens, shattering the opening record for a non-local movie. Other debuts included Greece's $1.4 million, Thailand's $1.1 million and Malaysia's $794,891. With nearly all of Europe and Latin America as well as Japan and South Korea ahead, Casino Royale is on course to be another foreign blockbuster for Bond.

Still playing strongly in the markets Casino Royale didn't open was Borat. The mockumentary reaped $13.9 million from 25 markets for a $63.6 million total, including a first place $2.1 million debut in a crowded France (15 movies opened there over the weekend alone). In Norway, it posted an excellent $695,000 start at 46 screens, but Spain was a little soft with a $1 million opening from 290 screens.

Saw III grabbed $8 million over the weekend, including Japan's solid $1.1 million start from just 86 screens. Totals climbed in Australia ($4.3 million), Spain ($3.8 million) and Brazil ($3.8 million) and its foreign cumulative grew to $35.9 million.

The Departed snatched fourth place internationally with $6.8 million. The crime drama ranked second in its Mexican premiere, producing $903,000, and debuted atop Argentina ($363,000) and New Zealand ($262,000). The total stands at $69.4 million with most of the world still to go.

Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada
Fifth place was too close to call. Both The Devil Wears Prada and Open Season tabulated around $6.1 million over the weekend. Open Season fell less than 30 percent in Germany and Spain, grossing about $1.3 million in each country. The animated comedy's overall tally is $71.4 million, led by the U.K.'s $13.1 million and France's $11.2 million.

Meanwhile, The Devil Wears Prada pushed its total up to $172.3 million. The fashion comedy opened in one of its final markets last weekend, Japan, where it made $1.8 million, and it only has Egypt, Serbia and Montenegro and China left in its foreign campaign.

The Prestige landed atop Down Under with $1.1 million from 198 prints, but the magician drama disappointed in France with $802,000 from 282 prints. Italy is its next stop on Dec. 22, and the picture has accumulated $18.1 million thus far.

Hitting three countries in its foreign debut before a big December push, Happy Feet scored $1 million. The penguin musical ranked first in Puerto Rico (ahead of Casino Royale) with $403,000 from 69 prints, topping such past titles as The Polar Express and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It also opened well in Taiwan ($308,500) and Malaysia ($263,000).

Miami Vice is close to $100 million, and its final country, China, where it debuted two weekends ago, is about to push it past the milestone. The cop drama has $3 million thus far there, though the top draws in its $98.8 million current tally are the U.K. ($14 million), France ($11.9 million) and Germany ($9.6 million).

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