Around the World Roundup: 'Prada' Still in Vogue

by Conor Bresnan
Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada
October 30, 2006

Working the top spot in its fourth weekend, The Devil Wears Prada grabbed $17.6 million at the foreign box office, lifting its total to $130.4 million.

The fashion comedy enjoyed impressive openings in South Korea ($2.9 million from 241 screens) and Belgium ($869,117 from 60) and strong holds like Germany's $2.7 million and Italy's $2.3 million third-weekend grosses. Still ahead are Japan, China and the Middle East as the movie continues to have no direct competition.

Open Season's addition of 14 markets pushed it to a second place $11.1 million weekend for a $40.4 million total. In Russia, the animated comedy opened to $3.1 million from 479 screens, which matched Over the Hedge's start last June and topped the debuts of Cars and Finding Nemo. It also saw second-weekend bumps in France, up 17 percent climb to $2.3 million for a $5.3 million total, Malaysia (up nine percent for a $421,723 total) and Argentina (up 11 percent for a $322,482 total).

Placing third, The Departed had an $8.4 million weekend for a $38.6 million tally. Martin Scorsese's crime drama was tops in Spain with $2.3 million from 371 prints, out-gunning Mr. Scorsese's previous best, The Aviator, by nine percent. In Italy, it ranked second with $2.1 million from 401 prints. Next up on the picture's schedule are the Netherlands (Nov. 9) and Brazil (Nov. 10).

Fourth place went to 7 Zwerge - Der Wald ist nicht genug (a.k.a. Seven Dwarves 2). The German family comedy sequel dominated the German-speaking regions with an $8.4 million weekend, but generated less than half of what its predecessor opened to in 2004. In Germany, it grossed $6.6 million from 770 venues, and, in Austria, it was relatively better with $1.5 million from 100 screens. The original made $48 million in Germany alone.

Saw III rounded out the top five with an estimated $6 million. The horror sequel ripped $4.7 million from the United Kingdom, a franchise best and its first No. 1 debut there. It also entered Taiwan with a third place $320,000. By the end of its overall run, Saw grossed $47.7 million, while Saw II wound up with $57.1 million.

Also kicking off its international campaign was Flags of Our Fathers, garnering a $3.3 million weekend from four markets. The World War 2 drama waged second place $1.6 million debuts in both France and Japan, where it out-drew all of director Clint Eastwood's previous starts.

Pushing its foreign tally to $2.5 million The Prestige continued to shine in the smaller Asian markets. Potent openings came out of Hong Kong ($210,000 from 29 prints) and Singapore ($175,000 from 30), while Taiwan is the movie's big grosser with $1.4 million in two weeks.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in Step Up
Step Up has been as surprising internationally as it was domestically. Over the weekend, the dance drama entered the U.K. with a $2.3 million from 307 screens, and it has already spent several weeks atop many Eastern European countries including the Czech Republic ($268,330 total), Poland ($1.6 million) and Slovakia ($168,355). It's also fared well in Australia ($4.5 million) and the Netherlands ($3 million). All told, Step Up's tally stands at $19.6 million from about 30 percent of the world.

Meanwhile, Over the Hedge finished its foreign tour in Italy, which has also served as the final market of fellow DreamWorks titles Shark Tale ($11.8 million total there) and Shrek 2 ($28.6 million). Over the Hedge opened to a strong $2.1 million from 243 screens, and its foreign cumulative grew to $167.7 million.

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