Around the World Roundup: More 'Chocolate' Consumed, 'Cinderella Man' Enters Ring

by Conor Bresnan
September 14, 2005


Johnny Depp
oosted by a strong Japanese premiere, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory consumed $12.6 million over the weekend, lifting its foreign total to $157 million and on track to top $200 million.

Opening on 338 screens, Charlie was Japan's golden ticket with $4.3 million gross, out-grossing the openings of Shrek 2 by 67 percent and Madagascar by 55 percent. Tim Burton's family feature also set up shop in New Zealand, nabbing $916,000 from 80 screens, easily topping the chart.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory continued to base most of its success on holdovers. It was a decisive No. 1 in its second weekend in Australia, grossing $3.1 million from 463 screens. With a $9.7 million tally, it's on track to top Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban's $23.2 million total there.

Madagascar had a strong weekend that saw its foreign haul cross the $300 million mark. DreamWorks' computer-animated comedy fell no more than 24 percent in any of its second weekend territories. Most impressive was Italy's 21 percent drop to $5.l million from 298 screens. After 11 days of release, Madagascar has grossed $17.2 million, making it Italy's third highest-grossing movie of the year.

Russell Crowe stars in Cinderella Man
Not living up to its title in its foreign debut, Cinderella Man failed to surprise in six key territories. Openings ranged from average to poor. In the United Kingdom, the boxing drama bowed in fourth place with a fair $1.1 million from 391 screens. The picture had similar results in Spain, with a second place $1 million start from 274 prints. It landed in third place in Italy with $977,924 gross from 377 screens, and it was knocked out in Germany with just $388,907 from 402 screens.

The Brothers Grimm boasted No. 1 launches in Spain and Hong Kong, leading to a $3 million weekend for a $4.3 million total. In Spain, the fractured fairy tale grabbed $1.7 million from 282 screens, and, in Hong Kong, it made $285,000 from 37 screens.

Bewitched conjured $4.9 million over the weekend, due in part to a strong hold in Germany. The sitcom adaptation was up 2 percent there to $1.47 million from 614 screens for a $3.4 million total. Overall, the picture has $41.3 million in the till and is eyeing a $75 million finish.

After a solid slew of openings the week before, Red Eye recorded several mediocre debuts this past weekend, including Germany's third place $833,825 from 347 screens. Overall, the thriller managed $4.3 million from nearly 30 markets for an $11.7 million total.

The Longest Yard added new life to its international campaign with a stop in the United Kingdom. The Adam Sandler comedy opened in first place with $2.3 million from 380 screens. Doing well in English-language markets and poorly everywhere else, the picture has earned $21.1 million thus far, a far cry from domestic's $157.9 million.

Foreign markets have not been coming through for beleaguered domestic dud, Stealth. Though there was some interest from Asia, the action picture has been ignored in Europe, and its recent opening in Australia was another poor display, grossing only $654,257 from 211 screens. After a $2.5 million weekend, the total stands at $24 million.

The 40-Year-Old-Virgin showed some legs in the U.K., easing seven percent from its three-day opening (37 percent including previews) to $1.8 million from 393 screens. The picture's ten-day tally stands at $6.6 million, and the next major stop is Germany, a traditionally favorable market for R-rated comedies, on September 29.

Wedding Crashers opened in four territories, including Italy and Greece. In Italy, the ribald comedy scored a solid $814,741 from 250 screens, while Greece supplied $250,483 from 39 screens. Overall, the weekend came to $2.4 million from 18 territories for a $51 million total.

The Man matched its domestic debut with an equally puny international start. In the U.K., the Samuel L. Jackson-Eugene Levy comedy made $607,105 from 235 screens, ranking tenth in the market. Along with the West Indies and Puerto Rico, the picture grossed $693,106.

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