Around the World Round Up: 'Ocean,' 'Polar' Push Past $100M

by Conor Bresnan
January 5, 2005

Riding on holdovers alone, The Incredibles was No. 1 overseas again with a $23.2 million weekend from 6,809 screens. With a smashing $286.8 million total, it's already surpassed domestic's $251.7 million.

National Treasure added a few smaller markets over the weekend for a $16.6 million take, lifting its total to $79.7 million. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced adventure will almost assuredly pass $200 million with $300 million looking more and more possible. Bruckheimer rarely fails at the international box officeŚKangaroo Jack being a recent exception with only $22 million. The producer is coming off of King Arthur's $151.5 million overseas success as well as Pirates of the Caribbean's $348.5 million.

Ocean's Twelve had another fantastic session at the international box office last weekend, grossing $20.9 million from 4,900 prints in 49 countries. Its total reached $107.3 million with Japan and the United Kingdom still ahead.

The all-star caper had two openings, including its first place start in South Africa where it grossed $526,700 from 69 prints. The debut was 5% ahead of Ocean's Eleven in terms of local currency and 115% better in US$. It had to settle for second place in Taiwan, behind record-breaking Kung Fu Hustle. Ocean's Twelve still grossed an excellent $1.069 million from 104 screens. It was on par in US$, but 9% bellow in local currency.

Ocean's Twelve's European holdovers contributed most to its weekend gross. In its third weekend in France, it grossed a strong $3.5 million from 789 prints, off just 16% to rank second and pushing its total to $19.2 million. In Germany, it improved by 8% to $2.8 million from 827 prints for a $15.2 million total through its third weekend. Italy supplied $2.7 million from 480 prints, off 9% for a fourth place finish and a $10.9 million total. Spain was off 27% to $1.758 million from 428 prints, but remained in pole position for a $10.1 million tally thus far. In Holland, it fell 10% to $785,800 from 135 prints in first place for a $4.3 million total. Neighboring Belgium contributed a first place $735,600 from 70 prints, a 19% drop for a two-weekend total of $2.3 million.

Ocean's Twelve has shown how enormous Ocean's Eleven was with its $267.3 million overall haul. With mostly dialogue and little action, it seems Eleven's openings were about as saturated (in attendance) as a crime caper can be. Twelve has just about matched all of Eleven's openings and fallen at about the same rate.

The Polar Express had excellent holds in Europe and Japan over the weekend, which led to an $8.3 million gross from 4,800 prints in 59 countries. That lifted its total past the century mark to $101.65 million.

In its fifth weekend in France, The Polar Express increased 2% to $1.523 million from 670 prints. Thanks to staying above the $1 million mark every weekend, it has grossed $10.8 million there. In the U.K., it was off 16% in its fourth weekend, grossing $1.124 million from 452 sites for a $15.9 million total. Japan grew by 25% in its sixth weekend for a $728,000 weekend haul and a $9.8 million total. Spain was off 15% to $560,000 from 326 prints for a $6.8 million total, while Germany fell 22% to $437,000 from 720 prints for a $9.156 million total. In its fifth weekend in Italy, it was off 2% for a $302,000 total from 300 prints and a $5.5 million total.

The Polar Express' staggering print counts have kept the money rolling. Distributor Warner Bros. has done an excellent job generating screens, despite the movie's disappointing opening in the United States. It seems that, like the States, word-of-mouth has been keeping the movie alive, and that the WB's advertising could have done better in its openings across the globe. Nonetheless, The Polar Express is becoming a blockbuster overseas, however slow.

Chinese action comedy Kung Fu Hustle garnered another impressive opening over the weekend. After record-breaking debuts in five markets last weekend, the Stephen Chow-directed picture grossed a spectacular $3,195,947 from 368 screens in its two-day opening in Japan. That was one of the ten best openings ever for an Asian picture (excluding Japanese films).

Kung Fu Hustle remained No. 1 in local China with a stunning $3,733,462 from 492 screens, falling 42% from its record-breaking debut for a $14,240,234 total. The picture also stayed on top in Hong Kong, grossing $1,496,589 from 91 screens, off 54%, for a $6,179,622 total. It also held on to No. 1 in its three other markets; Malaysia - $534,373 from 52 for a $1,858,985 total, Singapore - $580,014 from 46 for a $2,168,956 total, and Taiwan - $689,932 from 45 for a $7,442,045 total.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events continued to play well across the board last weekend with strong holds in all eight markets for a $6,468,825 weekend take from 1,584 screens and an early $32,558,337 cumulative total. Most notable was France's 6% increase to a $1,450,811 weekend from 446 screens and a $3,548,254 total. Spain improved by 4% to $1,193,086 from 231 screens for a $2,810,837 total. In the U.K., it jolted up 66% because of theater closures the previous week and grossed $2,430,129 from 459 screens for an $18,507,617 total.

With over three quarters of the world yet to open, the Jim Carrey family feature looks to cross the century mark and possibly match its eventual domestic total.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason grossed $3,806,697 at 2,115 dates in 21 territories, lifting its international total to $176,242,375. It still has 11 more territories to open, including Italy on Jan. 7.

Mimicking its performance in the U.S., Meet the Fockers stormed the Australian box office. Opening on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, the comedy sequel has already grossed a stunning $11,766,307. It also opened in two Asian markets, garnering a surprising $460.600 start on 25 screens in Singapore and $102,510 from 22 screens in Malaysia.

In Italy, Shrek 2 reclaimed pole position from Christmas in Love, grossing a staggering $4,473,575 from 315 screens in its third week. After 18 days, Shrek 2 has grabbed $21,483,753 there. Italy has helped push Shrek 2's international total to $470,272,271, making it the eleventh highest grossing picture ever overseas. It has little hope of reaching the top 10, however, as Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace's $493.4 million is out-of-reach.

Alexander had a fantastic debut in South Korea, grossing $4 million from just 270 screens for a first place finish. The start was below Troy's $4.6 million. Overall, the Oliver Stone epic grossed $7.5 million from 1,400 screens in 29 territories for a $43.5 million total.

The Phantom of the Opera opened in sixth place in New Zealand, grossing $127,086 at 48 dates. In Australia, the musical finished its first week with a gross of $1,658,026 for an 8-day total of $1,808,522.



Weekend Gross

Theater Count

Territory Count

Total Gross


The Incredibles






Ocean's Twelve






National Treasure






Kung Fu Hustle






Howl's Moving Castle






The Polar Express












Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events






Shrek 2






Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason






Blade: Trinity (Excludes the






Meet the Fockers






The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie






Shark Tale





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