Around the World Round Up: 'Ocean' Rolls, 'Phantom' Folds

by Conor Bresnan
December 23, 2004

Ocean's Twelve had terrific starts in 22 new markets, which led to $28.9 million last weekend from 3,891 screens in 27 countries overall for a $35.2 million total.

The all-star sequel was huge in France, grossing $7.5 million (€5.7 million) from 719 screen. That was 16% below Ocean's Eleven in Euros, but thanks to the exchange rate it was 28% ahead in dollars. Twelve was also 44% bigger than Catch Me If You Can. In Germany, it drew $5.3 million (€4 million) from 810 prints, 29% below Eleven in Euros though 6% better in Dollars.

Ocean's Twelve grossed an excellent $2.2 million (€1.7 million) in Italy from 425 screens, especially potent since it opened during the Italian soccer championships. It was 18% better than Eleven in Euros and 74% bigger in dollars. Spain recorded a strong No. 1 of $3.5 million (€2.6 million) from 425 prints. Compared to its predecessor, it was 15% below in Euros and 27% ahead in dollars.

In Holland, the caper scored $1.365 million (€1.025 million) from 135 prints, topping Ocean's Eleven by 27% in Euros and 90% better in dollars. Switzerland was also stellar with $1.4 million (Franc 1.4 million) from 112 screens. Sweden supplied $990,000 from 95 prints, 8% worse than Eleven in Euros and 43% better in Dollars. Hong Kong rang up $491,600 from 44 prints, 8% better than its predecessor in Euros and 8.5% in Dollars.

Twelve was also No. 1 in the following markets:
Norway - $547,700
Israel - $413,300
Singapore - $370,800
Finland - $302,000
Iceland - $66,400

In its second weekend in Australia, Ocean's Twelve remained No. 1 despite the opening of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, grossing $1.785 million (AU$2.308 million) from 378 prints for a $6.738 million (AU$8.7 million ) total. However, it was off 49% from its opening.

The Phantom of the Opera held well in the U.K. and South Korea, but had poor starts in continental Europe. In the U.K., the musical fell 23% for $6.1 million in 10 days, and in South Korea has $4.1 million through the same frame. However, it managed just $885,000 from 430 screens in Germany, $751,000 from 253 in Spain and $199,000 on 133 in Italy.

Lemony Snicket had a mixed reception in debuts across the globe last weekend. In the United Kingdom, it was strong with a $4,276,472 debut from 452 screens—just below Sleepy Hollow and Ice Age, but ahead of Cheaper by the Dozen and The Cat in the Hat. However, it was average in Australia with a $1,556,200 start from 222 screens. It was also average in New Zealand with a $245,049 opening from 50 screens. In a very bad sign, Lemony wasn't impressive in its first non-English market in Portugal, earning $132,109 from 50 screens. The books the movie is based on did not perform as well overseas as they did in the United States.

The Incredibles added $26.7 million last weekend from 7,000 prints in 37 markets for a $189.5 million total. The computer-animated superheroes had two No. 1 bows in Mexico ($3.5 million on 680) and South Korea ($1.8 million on 221). It also held well in most markets. Germany was off 34% to $3.8 million for an $11 million total. France fell 10% to $3.9 million for a $26.8 million total. Japan abated 32%, banking $20.1 million in three weeks.

The Polar Express continues to be the big engine that could as it grossed $11.3 million over the weekend from 5,700 prints for a $64.2 million total. In the U.K., director Robert Zemeckis' Christmas movie earned $2.283 million (£1.2 million), down only 8%, for a two-week total of $7.807 million (£4.027 million). In Argentina, it was off 13% to $136,000 for a $388,000 total.

In France, The Polar Express grew 19% in its third weekend to a $6 million (€4.5 million) total. Germany fell 19% for a $7.238 million (€5.5 million) total. Japan was off 22% for a $7.1 million (¥730.7 million) total. In its fourth weekend in Mexico, it remained in second place and has made $3.4 million so far. Australia has mimicked The Polar Express' domestic performance. Its fifth weekend gross was up 4% for a $4.9 million (AU$6.363 million) total.

Shrek 2 impressed in its long-awaited opening in Italy. It grossed $4,236,516 from 300 screens, topping Brother Bear by 56%, Toy Story 2 by 100% and Ice Age by 147%. It easily topped the original Shrek as well, but was less than Finding Nemo's $6.6 million 5-day opening. Nor was it in Harry Potter league, which all grossed north of $5.3 million. Still, it was one of the biggest family movie openings ever, and distributor UIP's seven-month delay paid big dividends. Shrek 2 should have strong legs going into the Christmas season. Its international total climbed to $452.1 million nearing The Lion King's $455.3 million.

The Terminal finally opened in Japan last weekend. The dramedy grossed a solid $3,758,997 from just 274 screens, behind Catch Me If You Can's $4,231,150 start. In the process, it quietly crossed the century mark in international receipts with a $103.4 million total. Its success depended mainly on the star power of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Its campaign was characterized by great openings, sharp second weekend drops, but then solid holds in later weeks in most markets. Its Eastern European tone didn't turn on Eastern European audiences—Russia's total was only $1,527,186—as audiences in that region favor action and adventure over American comedy and drama.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason had another excellent weekend, grossing $11,087,547 at 3,733 dates in 31 territories. That pushed its total $153,856,253, and there are 12 more territories to open including Italy on January 7. In the U.K. and Spain, it passed the final totals of Love Actually.

National Treasure's $4.9 million weekend was highlighted by Taiwan's $1 million from 20 screens, marking a personal best for star Nicolas Cage. Thanks mainly to Italy's $6.5 million and Spain's $10.2 million, the action-adventure already has $42 million in the till.

Alien vs. Predator opened in its final market last weekend. In Japan, it grossed a swell $2.9 million from 380 screens, ranking fourth. That brought its international total at $77.1 million, which means it will soon pass domestic's $80.3 million.

Coming off its surprising openings in five markets last weekend, Blade: Trinity returned back to Earth with steep drops. Singapore was the worst with a 65% fall for a $425,809 total. However, it only needs $18,306 more to pass Blade II. France was off 54% for a $3,278,723 total. The U.K. fell 49% to $1,845,690 from 453 screens for an $8,621,623 total. Overall, Blade: Trinity grossed $3,364,924 from 1,130 screens in six markets for a $13,807,698 total.

Garfield: The Movie also opened in its last territory—China—grossing a mediocre $384,000 from 175 screens. Its overseas total inched up to $120.2 million, greatly exceeding domestic's $75.4 million.



Weekend Gross

Theater Count

Territory Count

Total Gross


Ocean's Twelve






The Incredibles






The Polar Express






Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason






Howl's Moving Castle






Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events






National Treasure






Shrek 2






The Terminal






Blade: Trinity






Christmas with the Kranks





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