Around the World Round Up: 'Incredibles' Zooms Past $150M

by Conor Bresnan
December 15, 2004

The weekend was full of initial international stops for many movies, including Ocean's Twelve, Blade: Trinity, The Phantom of the Opera and Closer, but all that division left The Incredibles in command of pole position for the third straight week. With a $32.1 million weekend gross overseas from 6,343 screens (off only 12%), The Incredibles skyrocketed to $152.1 million and will easily pass $200 million by Sunday.

Despite its phenomenal overall gross, The Incredibles wasn't as stunning in its opening in Germany. It made $5.7 million on a very wide 1,003 screens, well below Ice Age, Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo. Results were similar in the other German-speaking regions as it grossed $1.2 million in Switzerland and $931,000 in Austria.

It was a different story in Brazil where The Incredibles grossed a record-breaking $1.7 million, topped Shrek 2 as the highest opening animated feature ever. It also opened in South Africa with a first place $310,000.

In holdovers, The Incredibles was particularly potent in Japan, easing 19% in its second weekend to coin $4.8 million for a $14.8 million total so far. It is still tracking far behind Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, which amassed $9.3 million in its fourth weekend for an $82.8 million total.

The Phantom of the Opera bowed to an unspectacular $2.3 million and fourth place in the United Kingdom and a strong $3.4 million, including previews, at No. 1 in South Korea.

Twelve was certainly the new Eleven at the international box office last weekend. Ocean's Twelve opened in its first five offshore markets with results about the same as Ocean's Eleven. Overall the all-star caper grossed $4.6 million from 563 prints in five territories.

Australia contributed the most to Ocean's Twelve's loot with $3.5 million (AU$4.58 million) from 378 prints, No. 1 and a 46% market share out of the top 10. This was 85% of Ocean's Eleven, which grossed AU$5,413,523 in its opening back during a school holiday in January 2002, although it was 29% better than Catch Me If You Can, which opened on the same frame as Eleven in January 2003. Catch Me If You Can went on to gross $8.4 million while Eleven captured $11.3 million.

In India, Ocean's Twelve had its best opening, grossing $225,800 (Rupiah 9.8 million) from 24 prints. That was 260% better than Ocean's Eleven. In Thailand, Twelve grossed $387,300 (Baht 15.2 million) from 79 prints, which was 8% higher than the original. It grabbed $299,700 from 52 prints in Puerto Rico, No. 1 and 25% higher than Eleven. Arriving in first place in Malaysia, Twelve took $137,700 (Ringgit 524,000) from 30 prints, but there's no comparison to Eleven because it wasn't allowed to play there.

Blade: Trinity had a surprisingly robust international debut. In the U.K., it opened in first place with a stunning $5,119,975 from 453 screens. By comparison, Blade II bowed to $3,659,704 from 345 screens in March 2002, while Blade took $2,731,399 from 313 screens in Nov. 1998. Trinity's mark even topped The Last Samurai, The Bourne Supremacy and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

In France, Blade: Trinity grossed a stellar $2,064,204 from 414 screens, besting its predecessors. In Singapore, it generated $261,912 on 26 screens, and, in Switzerland, it made $72,906 on 9 screens. Overall, it made $7,518,997 from 902 screens in four markets. It opens in South Korea, Belgium, Argentina and Puerto Rico next weekend.

Closer had its international premiere in Italy, scoring $1,590,400 from 233 screens. It opened in third place due to its low screen count, but had a strong $6,826 per screen average. Italian audiences are often kind to limited release pictures. For instance, The Machinist has grossed only $837,981 domestically, but in Italy it already has $1.9 million. Look for Closer to wind down at around $5 million.

Seed of Chucky had a decent overseas debut in Spain, where it made $852,267 from 172 screens. That tops The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by 100% and Dawn of the Dead by 45%. Spain is the strongest market for horror movie, so it's not a good indicator of Seed of Chucky's overall overseas potential.

Among holdovers, The Polar Express finally had a blockbuster weekend. From 5,904 prints in 45 countries, the resilient holiday movie grossed $16.5 million for a $47.2 million total. Highlighting, The Polar Express' weekend was the U.K.'s superb $4.4 million (2.3 million) debut, including previews, from 449 screens, ranking second behind The Incredibles' third week. The opening was on par with The Grinch and Ice Age and was better than Cast Away and Cheaper by the Dozen.

Among other debuts, The Polar Express took a solid $531,000 (NT$17 million) from 59 prints in Taiwan for a first place finish. Belgium was similar with $426,000 (317,900) from 81 screens in a third place, while Norway secured $306,000 from 62 screens in first place. Though No. 2 to The Incredibles, Argentina's $160,100 (Peso 478,400) outperformed The Grinch by 190% and Toy Story by 129%. Polar was first in Greece with a $295,500 take from 70 prints.

Holdover markets were again the biggest percentage of The Polar Express' weekend take. In its sophomore session in France, it grossed $1.6 million (1.2 million) from 670 prints, dropping 12% for a $3.7 million (2.8 million) total. Its second weekend in Italy supplied $1.06 million (800,000), down 29% for a $3.9 million (2.9 million) total. Spain was off 25% in its second weekend for a $3.8 million (2.9 million) total.

In its third weekend in Germany, The Polar Express grossed $1.3 million (968,600), off 22% for a $5.9 million (4.5 million) total. In Mexico, it also fell 22% to $906,400 (Pesos 10.3 million), recapturing first place and improving its total to $5.335 million (Pesos 60.5 million). In Japan, it grossed $886,700 (91.5 million), off 25% for a $5.8 million (599.8 million) total. Australia's fourth weekend provided $634,107 (AU$819,789), a 5% increase from last weekend. The total there is $3.7 million (AU$4.8 million).

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason had another great weekend at the international box office thanks to outstanding openings in South Korea, Belgium and France as well as excellent holds around the globe. Overall, it grossed $18,941,513 from 4,045 screens in 35 markets for a $135,702,096 total.

The romantic comedy sequel was especially potent in South Korea, taking $2,406,935 from162 dates to become Universal's biggest opening ever there ahead of The Mummy Returns and Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Opening through Mars Distribution in France, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason grossed $5,294,265 from 660 dates, 22% bigger than Bridget Jones's Diary. That was the second biggest non-French romantic comedy opening ever behind Notting Hill's $5.6 million ($1 million of which were previews). However, it was much less than estimated and less than expected, yet it still points to a solid $14 million+ finish.

In Belgium, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason earned $972,246 from 60 dates in its first five days, No. 1 with a 30% market share and 129% bigger than Bridget Jones's Diary in US$ and 52% bigger in Euros. Typical of Latin America's chilly reception to Bridget, it opened at No. 3 in Argentina to just $83,829 from 41 screens.

In the U.K., Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason climbed to $60,671,904 (32.5 million), edging out Bridget Jones's Diary's $60,296,418. In New Zealand, it topped Diary and Love Actually with $2,187,360 to date.

There's 14 more territories to go for Bridget, including Egypt, Greece and Thailand next weekend.

National Treasure uncovered $4.9 million in Italy, including four days of previews. Its weekend gross of $2.6 million made it the second biggest entry there for producer Jerry Bruckheimer behind Pirates of the Caribbean. The Nicolas Cage adventure produced $2.1 million in Spain, which was a personal best for the star. From 13 markets, it's already earned a hefty $34.3 million.

Alexander continued to amass a ton of money from smaller markets. Over the weekend, the epic grossed $4.7 million from 21 territories for a $24.7 million total. Notable was Hungary's $261,957 from 29 screens, doubling the opening weekends of Master and Commander and King Arthur. Greece was off only 18% in its second weekend, falling to $774,428 from 82 screens for an excellent $1.7 million total.

Christmas with the Kranks had solid holds in several markets even though its openings haven't been up to par with domestic. In the U.K. the holiday comedy fell just 13% to $1,315,177 from 371 screens for a two-week total of $3,430,092. In Germany, it was hit by The Incredibles' debut, dropping 40% to $414,602 from 372 screens for an 18-day tally of $2,195,524. In its second weekend in Australia, it was off only 4% to $656,145 from 222 screens for an 11-day total of $1,702,125. Its openings, however, were soft. In Mexico, it produced just $439,149 from 300 screens, barely making the top 5, and had poor starts in seven other smaller markets. Overall, it grossed $3,494,714 from 1,799 screens in 22 markets for a $10,410,996 total.

December 10-12, 2004



Weekend Gross

Theater Count

Territory Count

Total Gross


The Incredibles






Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason






The Polar Express






Howl's Moving Castle






Blade: Trinity












Ocean's Twelve






Christmas with the Kranks






The Forgotten












Shall We Dance






Seven Dwarfs






Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid





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