Around the World Round Up: 'Incredibles,' 'Bridget' Top $100M

by Conor Bresnan
December 7, 2004

The Incredibles raced to $104.6 million overseas after enjoying a $36.3 million weekend from 24 territories.

The heaviest business came from holdovers. In its third weekend in the United Kingdom, the Pixar production grossed $8.1 million for $29.9 million to date. In France, it earned a stunning $6.5 million, off only 29%, for a $17 million total. Italy saw $4.4 million, down just 19%, for an $11.7 million tally. Spain was off 33% to $3.7 million for a $10.1 million total.

The Incredibles also had several fantastic debuts. In Japan, it racked up a phenomenal $7.3 million from 689 screens. Although ranked second to traditionally animated Howl's Moving Castle, it was the second highest non-Japanese animated opening ever behind Finding Nemo's $10.3 million. The Incredibles grabbed the highest opening ever for a Buena Vista picture in Argentina ($617,000 on 157 screens) and Venezuela ($369,000 on 65). It also opened in French Switzerland ($595,000 on 34) and Thailand ($469,000 on 143).

At its current pace, The Incredibles will pass $200 million before Christmas day, should end up with at least $325 million and has a shot at passing Finding Nemo's $524.9 million overall total. Pixar's movies have steadily grown with each new release:

1995 - Toy Story - $170.2 million
1998 - A Bug's Life - $200.6 million
1999 - Toy Story 2 - $239.2 million
2001 - Monsters, Inc. - $269.5 million
2003 - Finding Nemo - $524.9 million

It seems at first international audiences didn't accept computer animation as swiftly as the domestic market did. They preferred traditionally animated fare—Toy Story was out-grossed by contemporaries The Hunchback Of Notre Dame ($225.2 million) and Pocahontas ($204.5 million). Last year, though, saw the first computer-animated mega-blockbuster with Finding Nemo in 2003 and the success continued this year with Shrek 2 which has more than doubled its predecessor.

The Incredibles still has Germany, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Australia, and many more countries to look forward to.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason crossed the century mark at the international box office in 25 days of release. Thanks to openings in 10 more territories and solid holdovers, the weekend gross was $17,101,738 at 3,507 playdates in 33 territories, which raised the total to $108,444,233.

In Germany, Bridget grossed an excellent $4,218,145 from 728 screens, 124% bigger than Bridget Jones's Diary in US$ and 50% bigger in Euros. It was production company Working Title's biggest opening day ever in US$ and local currency. The Edge of Reason was also No. 1 in neighboring Austria with a weekend gross of $686,782 at 111 dates. It had a 40% market share and was 135% ahead of No. 2 National Treasure. In US$, it was 178% bigger than Diary's debut and it was 64% bigger in Euros. It opened No. 1 in German-Switzerland with $604,811 at 56 screens, 100% bigger than the opening of Diary.

Bridget's mediocre reception in Asia and Latin America continued with a $481,999 debut in Brazil at 149 screens. Though No. 1, the opening was below Diary, excluding previews. It was No. 1 in Hong Kong, but mediocre again with $361,079 at 33 dates, 5% bigger than Diary and Love Actually. In the Philippines, it was poor with $119,931 from 34 screens. An exception, Taiwan had a stunning $563,220 debut at 50 screens, the biggest ever there for Working Title and 211% better than Diary.

Smaller European markets showed more interest. In Finland, Bridget grossed $437,239 from just 40 screens, topping most movies including blockbusters like Spider-Man ($420,000) and Shrek 2 ($375,621). In Turkey, it took $508,408 from 107 screens, eclipsing other romantic comedies like Something's Gotta Give by 35% and Love Actually by 56%.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is poised to pass Bridget Jones's Diary's $208,667,028 international total and has a solid shot at $250 million—it topped Diary's final tallies in Australia and New Zealand this past week and will soon follow suit in the U.K. It opens in six more territories next weekend including France, Belgium and South Korea.

The Polar Express grossed $11.3 million on 4,400 screens from 25 markets for $24 million thus far. Similar to the domestic pattern, the trend has been somewhat mediocre openings followed by relatively strong holds.

In Italy, Robert Zemeckis' Christmas fantasy bowed to $1,581,910 (€1,191,736) from 455 prints, besting The Grinch's $1.1 million. In France, it wasn't as strong with $1,831,377 (€1,379,672) weekend take from 670 screens, 3% higher than The Grinch. In Spain, it grossed $1,196,644 (€901,495) from 363 screens, 10% higher than The Grinch. Its three IMAX venues there were less than 1% of the total screen count but accounted for 6% of business, grossing $67,000 (€51,500). With school holidays on Monday and Wednesday, it looks to improve on its opening.

The Polar Express officially opened in the United Kingdom at 4 sites (1 in West End and 3 IMAX screens), grossing a solid $198,152 (£104,632). It broke house records on each IMAX screen in London, Manchester and Bristol. It goes wide next weekend against The Phantom of the Opera, Blade: Trinity and Garden State.

Other openings include Poland ($215,000 from 69), Malaysia (No. 1 with $131,751 from 19), Indonesia (also No. 1) and Peru (No. 1 with an estimated $91,000 from 34). Results were modest in the Scandinavian countries and point to a less than $2 million final tally there. For perspective, Shrek 2's Scandinavian total was $16.6 million.

Like at home, The Polar Express' vitality overseas has been its strength over time. In its second week in Germany, it simply didn't drop, grossing $1,609,351 (€1,233,597) from 775 screens for a $4.1 million (€3.2 million) total. In Mexico, it was off 31% to $1,111,116 (Pesos 12.6 million) from 500 screens. It dipped 34% in Japan, grossing $1,183,222 (¥122,107,500 for a $4.2 million (¥432.9 million). In Brazil, it rose to second place, earning $355,410 (Real 978,013), down 10% for $1 million (Real 2.6 million) to date. In its third week in Australia, it grossed $594,165 (AU$768,151) from 226 screens, off 20% for a $2.7 million (AU$3.5 million) total.

Alexander grossed $4.02 million from 686 screens from 20 markets over the weekend, tallying $14.2 million so far. The Oliver Stone epic has one major territory under its belt, Mexico, where it grossed a good $1,328,040 (Pesos 14,923,476) from 400 screens, No. 1 with a 26% share. It surpassed Gangs of New York by 20% and Gladiator by 14%.

In the homeland of Alexander, Greece, the picture earned a surprisingly potent $948,356 from 83 screens, comparable to Troy, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and local blockbusters A Touch of Spice and Brides. Greece's opening was especially impressive given that there was a taxi strike on Friday and a locally televised football derby on Saturday.

Alexander also had superb No. 1 openings in the United Arab Emirates ($526,767 on 39 screens), Portugal ($412,809 on 53), Norway ($373,529 on 45), Singapore ($191,327 on 27), Serbia ($109,960 on 6), Israel ($73,270 on 30) and Latvia ($41,368 on 3—the sixth biggest opening of all time there).

Unlike its chilly domestic reception, Alexander had decent holdovers, including Taiwan's $400,000 from 110 engagements for a two-week total of $1.8 million. The Philippines recorded a $442,510 gross from 62 screens, while Turkey had a $325,000 weekend from 64 screens. Other impressive holds came from Denmark ($265,814 on 48) and Croatia ($84,403 on 11).

National Treasure continued its slow roll-out with great success. In Spain, the Nicolas Cage adventure grossed an impressive $3 million from 355 screens to land in second place. The opening topped The Mask of Zorro's $2.6 million and the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider sequel's $2.3 million. Overall, it dug up $8 million for an early $18.1 million international cumulative total.

The Forgotten grabbed a solid $4,422,578 from 1,654 screens in 36 markets for a $32,497,126 total. Highlighting the weekend was South Korea's phenomenal $756,192 opening from just 82 screens, which topped The Sixth Sense by 18%. The Julianne Moore thriller also opened well in France ($979,790 from 238) and Russia ($519,188 from 120).

Seven Dwarfs (Sieben Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald) has grossed a phenomenal $51,110,696 in 39 days in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In Germany, the local picture has made $43,853,938 to rank as Universal's second highest grossing picture there (in US$ and Euros) behind only Jurassic Park ($55,043,929).

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie had solid success in its first foreign territory. The Nickelodeon animated comedy grossed $967,522 from 313 screens in Mexico, which was better than The Rugrats Movie. Outside of Latin America, the U.K., and Australia, it's not likely to perform too well, but could claim $25 million by the end of its run.

In its international debut, Team America: World Police invaded Australia with $968,430 from 142 screens, No. 2 in the market behind National Treasure. The irreverent puppet comedy boasted a huge $6,820 screen average, but will likely fall fast and struggle to reach $3 million. South Park grossed a relatively strong $31.1 million in its entire offshore run and with success in Germany and the U.K., Team America could match or pass that mark.


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