Around the World Round Up: 'Shark Tale' Continues Stranglehold

by Conor Bresnan
October 26, 2004

Audiences were treated to a plethora of choices in the international markets, but in the end they picked Shark Tale.

Shark Tale followed up its impressive openings from last weekend with strong holds. Most notable was its 36% drop to $5,744,002 from 504 screens in England, which pushed its 10-day total there to $22,276,435 or 28% of its total international gross. It remained No. 1.

In Germany, DreamWorks' animated hit fell just 27% to $2,225,323 from 686 screens for a $6,998,611 total, while France was off 36% to $2,686,390 from 649 screens for a $7,292,764 total. Best of all was Argentina's minimal 5% fall to $134,354 from 70 screens. Its 18-day total there grew to $879,895.

Overall Shark Tale grossed $16,375,486 from 4,011 screens in 21 markets for an $80,533,305 total.

Collateral continued to show healthy legs in all markets. With help from six smaller territories, the Michael Mann thriller accumulated $7,979,065 worth of business over the weekend from 2,481 screens in 26 countries for a $71,605,433 total. Australia's 36% fall to $1,134,774 from 234 and Italy's 43% drop to $1,551,516 on 259 were key factors in its success. Respective totals grew to $3,537,076 and $5,285,782.

In openings, Collateral was best in Scandinavia with a second place start in Sweden, grossing $378,983 from 45 screens and a first place start in Norway, grossing $226,258 from 35 screens. The Tom Cruise-Jamie Foxx vehicle also opened in the Czech Republic/Slovakia ($86,916 on 29), Hungary ($106,175 from 32), New Zealand ($191,472 from 48) and Slovenia ($37,634 on 13).

I, Robot took a big leap towards $200 million with a strong start in Italy, its final major market. The Will Smith sci-fi thriller earned a disappointing $2.1 million from 456 screens for a first place finish ($700,000 less than estimated). The debut was 42% below Minority Report, which I, Robot had bested in most markets. I, Robot finally conceded first place in Japan, dropping to third with a $1 million haul from 324 screens and a $31 million total. Its international total is at $192 million.

The Forgotten had a solid start in its foreign debut. The Julianne Moore mystery launched in pole position in three markets and grabbed second in one. Its biggest success came from Spain where it grossed $1.5 million on 256 screens, soft for a mystery picture, which, along with horror/thriller, is traditionally the best genre in the market. In Mexico, it grossed $1 million in its opening from 300 screens. In Taiwan, it was also No. 1 with a $320,000 debut from 19 screens, while in South Africa its $88,000 debut from 45 screens was good enough for second place.

Ladder 49 couldn't spark interest in Spain with a $780,000 debut on 300 screens. The drama did, however, catch on fire in Hong Kong with a $374,000 start on 32 screens.

Shall We Dance kicked of its international campaign with a No. 1 opening in Australia. The Richard Gere-Jennifer Lopez picture hauled in $1,555,526 from 267 screens ($1,588,673 including previews), unseating Collateral. It also opened well in Israel with $257,000 from 25 screens. Next weekend, it waltzes into Italy.

Alien vs. Predator kicked off its European tour in the U.K. and Russia. It placed second behind Shark Tale in the U.K., grossing $3.7 million from 377 screens. In Russia, the picture grabbed $1.9 million from 271 screens, which was Fox's sixth biggest debut ever. It opens in Finland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Israel, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Estonia, Hungary, Lebanon and Turkey next weekend, looking to improve on its modest $30.6 million international total.

Also opening in the U.K. was Alfie, the remake of the 1966 Michael Caine movie of the same name. It grossed a solid $2.3 million on 376 screens, good for third place in a busy session. The distributor, UIP, opted to keep with its release schedule despite Paramount's decision to delay the U.S. release from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5. Because of the original's success in the U.K. UIP had heavily marketed the picture, which they believed made Oct. 22 the ideal spot for release.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement also bowed in the U.K., coming in at a distant fourth after a $1.5 million debut from 410 screens. The sequel actually opened a week earlier in Scotland, which led to a $1.7 million total. It was much better than the original's debut, which grossed $845,542 from 396 screens back in December of 2001.

Shrek 2 had its second-to-last opening in Greece over the weekend. The three-month delay didn't pay off as it grossed $366,932 from 82 screens. That pales in comparison with The Village's $1,005,350 from three weeks ago. The international total climbed to $441 million with Italy the only remaining market on December 17.

White Chicks grossed $4,255,672 over the weekend from 1,869 screens in 22 markets, raising its total to $22,628,781 through all distributors. The picture was soft in its French debut, grossing $658,064 from 204 screens. It was much better, however, in neighboring Belgium with a $245,071 debut from 32 screens. It also had solid starts in Malaysia ($98,142 on 20), the Philippines ($141,108 on 15), Slovenia ($31,693 on 7) and Venezuela ($97,502 on 40). It held well in the U.K. with a $1,138,244 third week gross from 326 screens, off only 28%. That pushed its 17-day total there to $3,372,788.

The Terminal's strong holds in Germany and Russia secured a final gross above the century mark. Over the weekend, the Tom Hanks' dramedy earned $3,765,726 from 1,586 screens in 26 markets for a $90,012,369 total. In its third week in Germany, it grossed $1,739,473 from 501 screens, off only 36% for an 18-day total of $9,814,538. In Russia, it held well after its disappointing debut, falling 31% in its sophomore session to $424,693 on 128 screens for a $1,225,668 total. It had one opening over the weekend in Malaysia and the result was a ho-hum $64,624 from 27 screens. Japan is its last debut in December.

King Arthur recorded Buena Vista International's third biggest bow ever in China behind Pearl Harbor and Pirates of the Caribbean with a $869,000 gross from 333 screens. That boosted its already impressive international total to $143 million.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Red October had a stunning debut in Thailand. The creature feature sequel grossed $1,011,363 from 92 screens in its three-day launch, which, with previews, tallied a $1,351,888 total gross. That tops The Matrix by 3%, X-Men by 18% and Pirates of the Caribbean by 54%. It was also the seventh biggest debut there of the year.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse grabbed $1,887,240 from 1,113 in 11 Columbia-TriStar markets thanks mainly to Australia's third place opening of $866,625 on 163 screens. The debut, which was somewhat of a limited release, failed to top Shall We Dance's bow or Collateral's second weekend. Apocalypse has $51,177,499 to date from all territories.

Before Sunset had incredibly strong openings in limited release across the globe. It grossed $846,800 from just 196 screens in 20 countries over the weekend for a $7.4 million total.

In South Korea, the Richard Linklater's romantic sequel grossed $208,200 from 19 screens in Seoul, enough for fifth place. Comparing Saturday-Sunday results Sunset was 205% better than its predecessor Before Sunrise. The estimated nationwide total is $319,000.

In Argentina, Before Sunset grossed $77,300 from 10 prints, ranking fourth in the market and beating Before Sunrise by 404%. The debut was also 87% better than Sweet November and 19% better than Serendipity. Mexico's $60,900 opening from 25 prints was solid as well, beating Sunrise by 502%. In Norway, it grossed $29,000 from 5 screens, surpassing the opening of Sunrise by 265%.

Before Sunset also had phenomenal holds. In Hong Kong, it was off only 3% in its second weekend, grossing $21,000 from 2 prints. Two other strong holds were Greece's 18% drop for a $219,100 total and Portugal's 11% drop for a $98,900 total.

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story placed fifth in its Brazil debut, grossing a soft $141,000 from 95 screens. That pushed its international total to $47 million.

Secret Window made its final stop in Japan with pleasing results. The Johnny Depp thriller grossed $1,431,694 from 245 screens. That improved its international total to $39,237,964 and indicates that it has a chance at matching the $47,958,031 it made domestically.

The Bourne Supremacy was released in six more countries this weekend including No. 1 openings in Germany, Austria, Croatia and Romania. Germany supplied a $2,735,674 debut from 558 playdates. It had a 20% market share and was 16% ahead of No. 2 Shark Tale's second weekend. It opened 6% bigger than The Bourne Identity. In Austria, Supremacy grossed $382,115 at 58 dates. It was No. 1 with a 23% market share and was 31% ahead of Shark Tale's second weekend. The opening was slightly bigger than the Bourne Identity's opening.

The Bourne Supremacy's international weekend gross was $4.5 million at 1,400 playdates in 29 territories, which raised its total to $85,415,800 million so far. There are 14 territories still to open including Japan on Feb. 5.

Wimbledon opened in 5 territories including France where it was released by Mars for Studio Canal. It grossed an estimated $700,000 and ranked No. 7 there. Brazil's $104,375 debut at 73 dates was good enough for ninth place in the marketplace. It also opened in Holland with an opening weekend gross of $196,217 from 50 screens. It's overseas weekend gross was $1.8 million, and the international total is $18,456,328. There are 44 territories to open, including Mexico, Israel and Finland next weekend.

Exorcist: The Beginning grossed $531,000 from 241 screens in 12 Warner Bros. territories for a $4.2 million total. The horror prequel grossed $237,000 from 33 screens in its opening in Hong Kong, coming in at No. 3. In its second weekend in Venezuela, it fell just 15% to $87,500 to rank second again behind Shark Tale's third weekend, pushing its total there to $266,400.

A Cinderella Story's third place opening in Thailand led to a $603,900 weekend from 705 screens in 15 countries for an $18.6 million total. In Thailand, the Hillary Duff romantic comedy grossed $114,600 from 55 screens, which was 72% better than What a Girl Wants and 3% ahead of Freaky Friday.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind held strong in its second weekend in France with a $471,163 gross from 115 screens, which was off 35%. The 19-day total is $2,509,912 and the international total is $26.5 million. It also continued to play in Switzerland where it has $561,983 to date, 26% bigger than the final gross of Being John Malkovich ($445,000).

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy continued its dismal foreign campaign with a fifth place debut of $537,901 from 173 screens in Australia. Downright embarrassing, however, was South Africa's start of $16,560 from 25 screens. The Will Ferrell comedy hasn't registered in any English markets let alone in non-English markets. Despite already opening in Australia and the U.K., it has grossed just $3,802,788 in its international run, which pales in comparison to Elf's $47,044,933 and even to Old School's $11,356,416.

Totals for WB pictures include Scooby-Doo 2's $96.4 million, Laura's Stern's $6.4 million and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban's $540 million.

October 2224, 2004



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Secret Window





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