Around the World Round Up: 'Shark' Bites U.K.

by Conor Bresnan
October 19, 2004

With no direct competition in any of its eight opening territories, Shark Tale devoured a fantastic $29,650,419 from 4,157 screens in 25 countries over the weekend, propelling its overall total to $56,175,863.

The United Kingdom was decidedly Shark Tale's top market of the weekend and most likely will be for its entire international run. The DreamWorks' animated hit grossed $13,531,947 from 504 screens including previews ($9,036,122 excluding previews). The start topped both Scooby-Doo (by 68%) and Scooby-Doo 2 (by 108%) as well as A Bug's Life (by 93%), Shrek (by 104%) and Chicken Run (by 142%).

Shark Tale also had humongous starts in France and Germany. France, a traditionally strong market for animated movies, recorded $4,220,073 from 628 screens, which was 3% better than Hercules, 6% better than Toy Story 2 and 24% better than Monsters, Inc. Germany's $3,426,895 from 684 bested Mulan by 7%, A Bug's Life by 8% and Monsters, Inc. by 10%.

In smaller neighboring territories Shark Tale was also potent. Austria had a $501,983 gross from 113 screens while Belgium notched $651,512 from 91 screens. It also opened in Poland with an extraordinary $755,617 from 91 screens and in the Czech Republic/Slovakia with $176,509 from 26 screens.

Shark Tale also enjoyed strong holds in most markets. Spain was off 36% to $1,588,482 in its second week for a $6,125,738 total gross. Mexico fell just 31% to $1,694,978 from 371 screens also in its second week for a $5,106,932 total.

Collateral grabbed six No. 1 debuts over the weekend, including terrific debuts in South Korea, Italy, Australia and Spain. The biggest start came in Italy where the Michael Mann thriller grossed $2,710,036 from just 260 screens. That easily unseated Hero ($1.1 million second weekend, $4 million total) and topped such other Tom Cruise movies as Eyes Wide Shut ($2.5 million from 300) and Vanilla Sky ($2.2 million from 287) openings.

La Mala educación remained in third place in Italy with a second weekend haul of $995,300 (€809,800) from 231 screens, falling just 20% for a $2.9 million (€2.4 million) total. Director Pedro Almodovar's latest openes Stateside on Nov. 19. In Spain, Collateral recorded a $2,183,384 debut from 337 screens, besting The Bourne Supremacy by 16% and Enemy of the State by 9%. South Korea was most surprising, however, with a massive $1,664,988 start from just 141 screens. That was better than Minority Report's $1.2 million and one of the biggest openings for a U.S. movie this year.

In Australia, Collateral was able to keep fellow openers The Notebook and Open Water at bay with a $1,726,542 launch from 233 screens. It has a strong $7,410 per screen average, but wasn't released widely enough to top most Tom Cruise pictures.

Collateral also had two strong No. 1 debuts in Finland and Turkey. Finland registered $128,802 from 30 screens narrowly unseating Home on the Range while Turkey had a $470,854 debut from 150 screens.

Collateral continued to do well in holdovers as well, lead by France's third weekend gross of $1,211,259 from 470 screens for a 19-day total of $7,928,831. It was off 39% from last weekend.

Collateral ended up with a $12,305,376 weekend overall from 2,618 screens in 19 countries, shooting its total to $59,485,867. Still to go for the Tom Cruise-Jamie Foxx vehicle are Scandinavia and Japan, where Cruise has extreme star power.

In addition to Shark Tale and Collateral, DreamWorks kept the money flowing in with The Terminal, which grossed $6,309,495 from 2,006 screens in 29 territories despite only opening in Russia. Its total grew to $83.6 million, exceeding domestic's $77.2 million.

Most impressive was The Terminal's second weekend holds in Austria and Germany. In Austria, it fell only 12% to $377,063 from 76 screens for a 10-day tally of $983,878. In Germany, the Tom Hanks comedy recorded a $2,717,266 weekend gross from 508 screens, which was off only 15%. Its total there grew to $7,117,840.

The Terminal didn't do as well as expected in Russia. Considering the Eastern European heritage of the main character in the movie, it probably could have done much better than its $619,767 debut from 128 screens.

The Terminal still has Japan to look forward to.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse had a solid debut in New Zealand, grossing $256,949 from 42. It also opened in Portugal with $240,999 from 50 screens. It tumbled 48% in the U.K. to $743,759 from 280 screens. Through three weekends, it has amassed just $2,753,471.

White Chicks continued its surprising run overseas with a $4,488,867 weekend gross from 1,649 screens in 20 countries for a $16,380,867 total. The Wayans Bros. comedy had two solid starts in the U.K. and Spain. In the U.K., it grossed $1,581,238 from 326 screens. Spain produced $940,676 from 200. In holdovers, it fell less than 35% in most markets including Mexico's remarkable 5% drop in its fourth weekend to $441,122 from 253 screens and a $2,154,619 total.

Ladder 49 kicked off its international tour in southeast Asia with solid results. In Malaysia, the Joaquin Phoenix-John Travolta drama yielded $152,000 on 30 screens, while in the Philippines it earned $115,000 from 30. It was No. 1 in both markets. Although it was No. 2 in Taiwan, it was much stronger there with $241,000 on 18.

With no openings over the weekend, Wimbledon earned $1,418,620 from holdovers at 677 dates in 6 territories and the international tally rose to $16,035,780. In Australia, it grossed $416,067 at 212 dates, off 48% in its third weekend. It was No. 5 there and the 17-day total stands $3,284,634. There are 47 territories to go, including the Netherlands and Brazil next weekend.

In the U.K., the Shark Tale opening dominated the box office with a 46% market share. Wimbledon moved up to the No. 6 spot ahead of Man on Fire with $813,515 (£475,000) from 357 screens, off 41%. Its 24-day haul there is $11,646,013 (£6.5 million).

The Bourne Supremacy rolled out in to five more territories, including South Africa's $299,100 on 68. The international weekend gross was $1,945,344 at 1,199 dates in 31 territories, which raised the international total to $80,080,743. There are 10 more territories to open, including Germany and Austria next weekend.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed finally ended its foreign excursion last weekend in Japan. The picture grossed a solid $577,000 (¥63 million) from 214 screens. The international total to date is $95.7 million.

Exorcist: The Beginning grossed $1,055,200 from 489 screens in 13 countries for a total of $3.972 million. It was best in Japan with a solid $561,000 start from 212 screens. In Malaysia, the prequel had a solid third place debut behind openers Ladder 49 and Yesterday Once More. It grossed $96,000 (Ringgit 366,000) from 30 prints. It also opened well in Venezuela, grossing $103,000 (Bolivar 198 million) from 50 prints, which was good enough for second place behind Shark Tale's debut. Its launch was 16% better than The Exorcist: Director's Cut and 35% bigger than Ghost Ship. It also had a No. 1 opening in Bolivia and a No. 2 debut in Uruguay.

Before Sunset excelled in art house theaters across the globe. In Hong Kong, it grossed $21,700 (HK$169,000) from just 2 prints. Although it ranked eighth, it was No. 1 in per screen average of all opening U.S. movies, including Fahrenheit 9/11 (by 18%). The debut was also 118% better than Frida and 78% better than Nowhere in Africa. In Greece, it was even better with a $92,000 (€74,300) debut from 4 prints. The international total is $6.3 million.

Warner Brothers had several pictures that continued to have decent overseas runs. A Cinderella Story grossed $830,500 over the weekend from 935 screens in 15 countries for a $17.6 million total. Laura's Stern hauled in $814,100 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a $5.7 million total. Catwoman grossed $330,500 from 427 screens in 27 countries for a $35.4 million total. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban improved its international total to $539 million while Troy inched its total up to $363.2 million.

Saw continued to show strength in the U.K. with a $1.5 million third outing, off just 15%. The thriller's new total is $8.1 million. It opens domestically on Oct. 29.

Man on Fire grossed $4 million on 1,390 screens for $28.9 million, fuelled by two top 10 debuts and a strong hold in Europe. The picture opened seventh in France with $1.1 million on 340 and second in Belgium with $305,000 on 41. It added $967,000 in its second weekend in Spain on 301 screens and ranked third for a $3.9 million total there.

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story added $1.8 million on 1,546 screens for $45.4 million, highlighted by Taiwan's debut of $301,000 on 72. Fellow Fox release Garfield had a solid $404,000 launch in Thailand from 155 screens, contributing to a $1.4 million weekend on 1,066 screens for a $114.1 million total.

I, Robot remained in pole position in Japan for the fifth weekend in a row with $1.3 million from 359 screens and $29 million to date. Overall, it added $1.6 million on 616 screens for a $187 million total.

Shaun of the Dead held strong in its second weekend in Australia. The weekend gross was $245,101 at 120 dates, off 34%. It was No. 8 in the marketplace and the 11-day cume is $773,864. UIP has released Shaun in three other countries (U.K., Belgium and Netherlands) and the current total is $13,396,298.
October 15-17, 2004



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