Around the World Round Up: 'Shark Tale' Takes Control

by Conor Bresnan
October 12, 2004

Shark Tale had a fantastic weekend abroad amassing $9,953,122 from 2,098 screens in 15 countries, bringing its total to $20,049,640. The picture added eleven new territories, which accounted for most of the take.

Mexico delivered the second best start with $2,395,504 from 368 screens. In actual fact, however, the debut wasn't that great as most animated movies have massive starts there. Shrek 2 owns the Mexican record books with a $9,887,683 start from 369 screens while smaller pictures like Monsters, Inc. ($3.2 million on 365) and Tarzan ($3 million on 526) even did better.

Shark Tale was also No. 1 in its Holland opening with $529,844 from 152 screens ($536,427 including previews). Here again, though, it didn't match other animated openings like Finding Nemo's $1.2 million on 193 or Shrek 2's $1,676,349 on 224.

Shark Tale fared better in Southeast Asia with strong starts in the Philippines ($347,758 on 68), Taiwan ($743,039 on 71) and Thailand ($336,905 on 59). It also opened in Switzerland with a mediocre $186,727 on 26 screens.

Spain provided Shark Tale its best No. 1 start, grossing $2,450,977 on 399 screens ($2,623,114 including previews). Its opening was 29% better than Monsters, Inc., 36% higher than Mulan and 38% better than Ice Age.

Shark Tale also had solid debuts in Latin America. Brazil recorded $690,100 from 375 screens while Argentina secured $348,646 on 70. Peru grabbed $161,794 on 60 while Venezuela earned $146,228 on 56.

The Terminal had a superb start in Germany, which helped it to accumulate $7,503,019 over the weekend from 2,403 screens in 31 countries for a $73.5 million total. In Germany, it debuted to $3,237,920 from 502 screens. That bests Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump ($2.8 million on 254) as well as fellow DreamWorks production Collateral ($2,102,916 on 479). The Steven Spielberg picture had a similar start in neighboring Austria with $428,920 on 76.

Collateral had another solid outing at the international box office with a $5,562,301 weekend take from 1,864 screens in 14 territories for a $45,080,625 international total. In its second weekend in France the Tom Cruise-Jamie Foxx vehicle grossed $1,995,891 from 494 screens, off 46% for a 12-day total of $6,326,786. It had similar drops in the U.K. and Germany. In the U.K. it secured $902,812 from 347 screens in its fourth weekend of release, down 47% for a 24-day tally of $13,461,433. Germany was off 38% in its third week with a $778,779 weekend gross from 476 screens for an 18-day total of $5,179,526.

The Michael Mann-directed thriller also had two solid openings over the weekend in Israel and Portugal. Israel managed $183,220 from 30 screens, while Portugal had a very powerful $349,669 start form 50 screens.

Bollywood musical-romance Bride and Prejudice was tops in the U.K. with $2.99 million from 376 screens, including previews. The picture, directed by Gurinder Chadha of Bend It Like Beckham, will be released by Miramax domestically on December 25 and looks to have a solid run.

Wimbledon held strong in its second weekend in Australia. It was No. 2 behind Shark Tale, which was in its third consecutive week at top. The weekend gross was $805,057 at 212 playdates, off 68%. It has grossed $2,622,228 in 11 days and is performing at the same level as About a Boy. It was No. 3 in its second weekend in New Zealand, where it has grossed $349,079 at 46 dates in 11 days.

Wimbledon also opened in Singapore and Norway. Singapore grossed $98,859 at 14 dates and it was No. 4 in the marketplace, while Norway contributed $77,863 on 26.

In the U.K., Shark Tale previews dominated the box office on Sunday with a 30% market share. Wimbledon grossed $654,000 (£365,000) at 424 dates, off 47% but outdid the opening of Resident Evil: Apocalypse to hold onto the No. 4 spot behind Shark Tale, the opening of Bride and Prejudice and week 2 of Saw. The weekend gross was $1,463,996 (£835,000), off 45% in its third frame. Wimbledon's 17-day cume is $10,106,640 (£5.7 million).

Wimbledon's international weekend gross was $2,595,641 from 921 playdates in 6 territories, which raised its total to $13,532,283. There are 47 territories still to open and the next bows are in Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal and Thailand on October 21 and Brazil and Denmark on October 22.

Italy was a very crowded market with two huge debuts from Hero and La Mala educatión (Bad Education) as well as a strong hold from King Arthur and a lengthy run from Spider-Man 2. Hero was tops with $2,094,968 from 313 screens (propelling its overall total to $109.7 million), which was the biggest opening ever for an Asian-language picture there. King Arthur came in second with $1.8 million from 338 screens, which was off just 27%. The picture has $5 million to date there. In third was Spider-Man 2 with $1,306,048 from 475 screens for a $24,796,667 total. La Mala educatión (Bad Education) was in fourth with $1.2 million from 210 prints. The debut was director Pedro Almodóvar's biggest opening yet topping Hable con ella (Talk to Her) by 103% and Todo sobre mu madre (All About My Mother) by 13%.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse devoured $8 million worth of business from 22 countries for a $37,122,071 international total. The biggest gross came from its debut in France where it took a surprising $3 million from 421 screens. The U.K. had a decent $1,431,532 from just 283 screens. Apocalypse also opened well in Brazil, grossing $596,479 from 189 screens and Hong Kong, grossing $517,000, but Finland ($71,674 on 15) and Sweden's ($169,865 on 40) starts weren't too swell.

The Village grossed $4.5 million over the weekend for a $121.5 million total. It was No. 1 in Greece—its only debut of the weekend—with $1 million. Surprisingly, that was twice as big as Signs, which was previously director M. Night Shyamalan's biggest opening there.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid's $751,503 debut from 152 screens in Australia helped to push its weekend gross to $1,113,525 from 512 screens in 17 countries for a $16,840,198 total.

Shaun of the Dead wasn't as good in Australia. It grossed $363,095 with a medium-sized release of 120 playdates and was No. 8 in the marketplace. It opened at the same level as Eight Legged Freaks, which went on to gross $1 million. and was slightly below 28 Days Later, which opened with $450,000 and went on to gross $1.6 million. UIP has released Shaun in three other countries (U.K., Belgium and Netherlands) and the current total is $12,979,051.

White Chicks finally had a poor start in an international territory after a 10 territory-run of surprisingly good performances. In Germany, it grossed just $899,440 from 495 screens. Neighboring Austria's $129,709 on 45 was just as bad. However, Russia's $445,130 start from 141 screens was very good, and Mexico's 27% drop to $457,345 on 258 in its third week was impressive. White Chicks' $2,780,875 weekend gross from 1,169 screens in 18 countries was a very odd mixture of hits and misses. It has $10,598,251 to date.

The Bourne Supremacy was Universal's third movie in the Top 10 in Australia over the weekend. It was No. 10 and grossed $218,582 at 107 dates, off 35% in its seventh weekend. The total is $10,756,719.

In Argentina, Bourne held strong in its second weekend at No. 4 with a weekend gross of $90,148 at 43 dates, off 33%. The total is $248,450. It passed the final gross of The Bourne Identity ($240,000) after only 9 days in release.

Bourne was No. 7 in its third week in Brazil. The weekend gross was $154,651 at 153 dates, off 56%. It has grossed a good $1,309,659 in 17 days and passed the final gross of The Bourne Identity last Tuesday.

The Matt Damon thriller also had three strong debuts. Best was in Denmark where the picture grossed $242,118 on 35 screens ($284,895 including previews). In Malaysia, it grossed $113,496 from 33 screens in its first four days of release. The Czech Republic/Slovakia recorded a $47,533 opening from 22 screens.

The Bourne Supremacy's international weekend gross was $3,273,790 at 1,532 dates in 29 territories. The international total is $76,707,888 and there are 16 territories still to open including Germany on October 21 and Japan on February 5.

In France, a local title again had a massive No. 1 launch. L'Enquête corse, which starts Jean Reno and Christian Clavier, grossed a powerful $4.1 million from 496 screens in its first five days. Its debut in French Switzerland wasn't as hot, however. It grossed a decent $57,865 from 6 screens.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind grossed $880,000 from 174 screens in its debut in France, which was the biggest start ever for writer Charlie Kaufman. That also hoisted Eterna's overseas total to $24.3 million, which passed Being John Malkovich to become Kaufman's all time highest grossing movie overseas.

Exorcist: The Beginning had an excellent No. 1 debut in Singapore, grossing $337,400 from 26 prints outperforming Dawn of the Dead by 30% and The Ring by 6% (excluding sneaks). The Beginning had a $546,900 weekend from 257 screens in 7 countries for an early international total of $2.7 million.

Catwoman grossed $635,000 from 687 screens in 29 countries for $34.6 million to date. Fellow Warner Brothers' pictures Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Troy improved their totals to $537.9 million and $363.2 million respectively.

For the first time since June, Shrek 2 failed to gross more than $1 million in international receipts. The lack of any openings in the past four weeks was the cause. With a $439.1 million total Shrek 2 still has Greece later this month and Italy in December to look forward to.

I, Robot clung to pole position in Japan for the fourth straight weekend, taking an estimated $2.2 million. That pushed its international total to $182.6 million.

October 8-10, 2004



Weekend Gross

Theater Count

Territory Count

Total Gross


Shark Tale






Resident Evil: Apocalypse

$8 million





The Terminal












The Village

$4.5 million





L'Enquête corse






The Bourne Supremacy






White Chicks












King Arthur

$2.2 million











Spider-Man 2






A Cinderella Story

$1.4 million





Layer Cake






Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid






Laura's Stern

$1.1 million




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