Weekend Box Office

by Brandon Gray
January 3, 2000

Stuart Little reclaimed the top spot in the final weekend of 1999. Enjoying a 36% boost during the traditionally family dominated frame, the talking mouse grossed $16 million, a million more than it did on its opening. Its total stands at $79.4 million and could end up being profitable despite its hefty $103 million price tag.

Disney took the holiday off, so the actuals for their pictures were delayed. Toy Story 2 was up 20%, edging out The Talented Mr. Ripley for second place, both making about $12.4 million. Story's cume rose to a stunning $208.9 million after just 45 days. Ripley was down 3% from its two-day Christmas gross. Not a good sign for its longevity, but its 9-day total stands at a strong $39.8 million.

The Green Mile rose an impressive 27% to $11.8 million and a $76.7 million total, the best bump-up for a non-family wide release. As expected, Man on the Moon suffered the biggest drop, down 28% to $5.4 million. The total stands at a paltry-by-Jim-Carrey-standards $24.6 million after 12 days.

Meanwhile, Fantasia 2000 opened on Saturday and grossed $2.3 million, a record for IMAX. It averaged a whopping $42,417 from 54 theaters. It also simultaneously bowed overseas to further stunning results as it roused $842,000 from 21 screens in 14 markets.

Overall box office totaled $112.3 million, up 12% over last weekend but down 5% over the same frame last year when Patch Adams topped the chart with $19.1 million.

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