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I (2015)AaF$1,449,232222$771,3122221/13/2015
I AmPala.$1,591,03474$10,09212/18/2011
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain GangWBn/an/an/an/a11/19/1932
I Am a Sex AddictIFC$115,6949$10,69124/5/2006
I Am AliFocus$7,20511$4,1781110/10/2014
I Am Another YouFRn/an/an/an/a9/27/2017
I Am Big BirdTrib.$67,84517$10,00015/6/2015
I Am CubaMile.$168,100n/an/an/a3/8/1995
I Am DavidLions$288,552226$160,34622612/3/2004
I Am DivineTFC$81,49710n/a110/11/2013
I Am ElevenProud$310,11616$5,80029/12/2014
I Am LegendWB$256,393,0103,648$77,211,3213,60612/14/2007
I Am LoveMagn.$5,005,465166$121,50486/18/2010
I Am MLK Jr.Gathr$5,9182n/an/a5/3/2018
I Am Not a WitchFMn/an/an/an/a9/7/2018
I Am Not Madame BovaryWGUSA$436,79839$181,5523811/18/2016
I am Not Your NegroMagn.$7,123,919320$686,378432/3/2017
I Am Number FourBV$55,100,4373,156$19,449,8933,1542/18/2011
I Am SamNL$40,311,8521,450$41,779212/28/2001
I Am SinghRelbig.n/a54n/a5412/2/2011
I am the BluesFM$37,8495$5,10547/12/2017
I Am Trying to Break Your HeartCow.$445,52213$10,77617/26/2002
I Believe in Miraclesn/an/an/an/aTBD
I Believe in Miraclesn/an/an/an/aTBD
I Believe in Miraclesn/an/an/an/aTBD
I Believe in MiraclesSn/an/an/an/aTBD
I Belonged to YouCL$744,54150$311,738509/30/2016
I Called Him MorganSD$128,98611$12,90213/24/2017
I Can Only ImagineRAtt.$83,482,3522,894$17,108,9141,6293/16/2018
I Can SpeakCJ$63,2392n/an/a9/22/2017
I Can't Think StraightReg.$39,5763$15,239311/21/2008
I Capture the CastleIDP$1,179,03542$51,97087/11/2003
I Come in PeaceTriu$4,348,3681,041$1,912,4211,0419/28/1990
I ConfessWBn/an/an/an/a3/22/1953
I Could Never Be Your WomanBMDn/an/an/an/aN/A
I Deal in DangerFoxn/an/an/an/aDec 1966
I Declare WarDrft.$14,92814$8,634148/30/2013
I Do... Until I Don'tTFA$280,668165$170,7751659/1/2017
I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal AkermanIcar.$7,7033$38923/28/2016
I Don't Know How She Does ItWein.$9,662,2842,490$4,402,2012,4769/16/2011
I Don't Want to Be a ManN/An/an/an/an/a1920
I Don't Want to Sleep AloneStrand$19,2921$4,37715/9/2007
I Dream In Another LanguageFR$2,7391$81017/28/2017
I Dreamed of AfricaSony$6,651,5222,112$2,411,4452,1125/5/2000
I Feel PrettySTX$48,795,6013,440$16,030,2183,4404/20/2018
I Give It a YearMagn.$34,6576$5,43628/9/2013
I Got the Hook-Up!Mira.$10,317,779655$3,310,3496555/29/1998
I Hate Luv StorysUTV$847,99385$375,297856/30/2010
I Hate Valentine's DayIFC$11,0043$5,00937/3/2009
I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life & Legacy of Simon WiesenthalLVR$29,9769$5,07545/23/2007
I Heart HuckabeesFoxS$12,785,432901$292,177410/1/2004
I Hope They Serve Beer in HellFree$1,429,299266$366,9091209/25/2009
I Kissed a VampireMont.$1,79411$1,380113/30/2012
I Knew Her WellJan.$18,0101$9,31212/5/2016
I Know What You Did Last SummerSony$72,586,1342,524$15,818,6452,52410/17/1997
I Know Who Killed MeSony$7,498,7161,320$3,506,2911,3207/27/2007
I Like it Like ThatSony$1,760,527n/an/an/a10/14/1994
I Like Killing FliesThink$16,2142$5,48717/28/2006
I Love TroubleBV$30,806,1941,746$7,827,0021,7117/1/1994
I Love You Beth CooperFox$14,800,7251,872$4,919,4331,8587/10/2009
I Love You BothMagn.$4,6617$3,23676/9/2017
I Love You to DeathTriS$16,186,7931,095$4,014,6401,0724/6/1990
I Love You, DaddyOrch.n/an/an/an/aTBD
I Love You, Don't Touch MeMGM$98,97310$33,59892/20/1998
I Love You, I Love You NotLions$20,6776$10,587610/31/1997
I Love You, ManP/DW$71,440,0112,829$17,810,2702,7113/20/2009
I Love You, Phillip MorrisRAtt.$2,037,459100$112,520612/3/2010
I Love Your WorkThink$3,2641$2,580111/4/2005
I Married a Strange Person!Lions$206,2722$13,47228/28/1998
I Melt With YouMagn.$6,3612$2,729212/9/2011
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and LarryUni.$120,059,5563,501$34,233,7503,4957/20/2007
I OriginsFoxS$336,472122$27,65247/18/2014
I Ought to Be in PicturesFox$6,968,359662$2,170,3976623/26/1982
I Saw the DevilMagn.$129,21015$13,56723/4/2011
I Saw the LightSPC$1,646,788741$45,47153/25/2016
I Sell the DeadIFC$8,0502$3,52918/7/2009
I Served the King of EnglandSPC$617,40338$53,21888/29/2008
I Shot a Man in VegasArro.$2,684n/an/an/a10/18/1996
I Shot Andy WarholOrion$1,875,52758$57,05335/1/1996
I Smile BackBG$58,73818$15,758210/23/2015
I Spit on Your GraveAnch.$93,05112$32,4401210/8/2010
I Spit on Your Grave 2Anch.$8091$44119/20/2013
I SpySony$33,561,1373,182$12,752,8033,18211/1/2002
I Stand AloneStrand$6,9551$6,95513/19/1999
I Still Know What You Did Last SummerSony$40,002,1122,473$16,520,0382,44311/13/1998
I Think I DoStrand$345,47810$33,63354/10/1998
I Think I Love My WifeFoxS$12,550,6051,794$5,674,8021,7763/16/2007
I Trust You to Kill MeFInd.$12,8541$5,88819/8/2006
I Used to Be DarkerStrand$22,2145$3,53319/27/2013
I VitelloniKino$116,4283$14,790111/14/2003
I Wanna Hold Your HandUni.$1,944,682n/an/an/a1/1/1978
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese WithIFC$194,56814$12,31719/5/2007
I Want YouGram.$1,6721$1,24216/4/1999
I Want Your MoneyFree$433,588537$249,42853710/15/2010
I Was a Jewish Sex WorkerGrey$8,526n/an/an/a4/25/1997
I Was a Male War BrideFoxn/an/an/an/a8/19/1949
I Will FollowAFFRM$135,80921$56,17653/11/2011
I WishMagn.$145,80812$10,91955/11/2012
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