Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Domestic Total Gross: $381,011,219
Domestic Lifetime Gross: $381,193,157
Distributor: Warner Bros.Release Date: July 15, 2011
Genre: FantasyRuntime: 2 hrs. 10 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13Production Budget: N/A

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $381,193,157    28.4%
Foreign:  $960,500,000    71.6%

Worldwide:  $1,341,693,157  
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend: $169,189,427
(#1 rank, 4,375 theaters, $38,672 average)
% of Total Gross: 44.4%
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Widest Release:  4,375 theaters
Close Date:  November 24, 2011
In Release:  133 days / 19 weeks
The Players
Director:David Yates
Writer:Steve Kloves
Actors:Clemence Poesy
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson
Helena Bonham Carter
Ralph Fiennes
Tom Felton*
Robbie Coltrane*
Michael Gambon*
Jason Isaacs*
Alan Rickman
David Thewlis*
Julie Walters*
Bonnie Wright*
Gary Oldman*
Emma Thompson*
Maggie Smith*
John Hurt*
Kelly Macdonald*
Ciaran Hinds*
Warwick Davis*
Miranda Richardson*
Timothy Spall*
Jim Broadbent*
Producer:David Heyman
Composer:Alexandre Desplat
* Denotes minor role
Chart Rank
All Time Domestic 40
All Time Adjusted 122
All Time Worldwide 12
Worldwide Openings 6
Foreign Opening Weekends 5
Opening Weeks 13
Opening Day Gross 5
Single Day Gross 6
Non-Opening Thursday Gross 62
Non-Opening Tuesday Gross 29
Non-Opening Wednesday Gross 40
Single Day Friday Gross 5
Single Day Monday Gross 31
Single Day Saturday Gross 40
Single Day Sunday Gross 28
Single Day Thursday Gross 79
Single Day Tuesday Gross 33
Single Day Wednesday Gross 71
Non-Holiday Monday Gross 17
Theater Averages (Wide Releases) - All Time 16
Theater Averages - Wide Opening Weekends 16
Friday Share of Opening Weekends 7
Friday to Saturday Drops on Opening Weekends 6
Opening Weekends 14
Opening Weekends - July 2
Opening Weekends - Summer 8
Top 10-Day Grosses 19
Top 3-Day Grosses 14
Top 4-Day Grosses 13
Top 6-Day Grosses 15
Top 7-Day Grosses 14
Top 8-Day Grosses 17
Top 9-Day Grosses 19
Top 5-Day Grosses 14
Second Weekends 63
Biggest 2nd Weekend Drops 71
Third Weekends 102
Fourth Weekends 163
Smallest Drops, 3,000+ theaters (Super-Saturation) 1,077
Smallest Drops, 2,500+ theaters (Saturation) 1,877
Smallest Drops, 2,000+ theaters (Very Wide) 2,564
Smallest Drops, All Wide Releases 4,748
Rated PG-13 28
Rated PG-13, Opening Weekends 11
Widest Releases 20
Widest Opening Releases 17
Widest PG-13 Rated Openings 10
Widest PG-13 Rated Releases 10
Fastest to $100 million 11
Fastest to $150 million 14
Fastest to $200 million 14
Fastest to $250 million 19
Fastest to $300 million 22
Fastest to $350 million 27
Slowest to $100 million 705
Slowest to $200 million 192
BOM Users' Grades 11
Charts (Premier Pass Users Only)Rank
Highest All Time Rank (on September 11, 2011) 13
Opening Weeks Adjusted 13
Non-Opening Thursday Gross Adjusted 87
Non-Opening Tuesday Gross Adjusted 33
Non-Opening Wednesday Gross Adjusted 51
Single Day Friday Gross Adjusted 3
Single Day Monday Gross Adjusted 40
Single Day Saturday Gross Adjusted 41
Single Day Sunday Gross Adjusted 28
Single Day Thursday Gross Adjusted 102
Single Day Tuesday Gross Adjusted 38
Single Day Wednesday Gross Adjusted 94
Theater Averages (Wide Releases) - All Time Adjusted 18
Theater Averages - Wide Opening Weekends Adjusted 17
Opening Weekends Adjusted - July 2
Opening Weekends Adjusted 11
Opening Weekends Adjusted - Summer 6
Second Weekends Adjusted 83
Third Weekends Adjusted 195
Rated PG-13 Adjusted 38
Rated PG-13, Opening Weekends Adjusted 11
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