Domestic Box Office For November 2004

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1The IncrediblesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $215,668,8953,933$256,887,647Nov 5
2National TreasureWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $90,385,6413,243$168,521,875Nov 19
3The Polar ExpressWarner Bros. $83,302,2103,650$162,775,358Nov 10
4The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieParamount Pictures $59,758,1043,307$85,417,988Nov 19
5RayUniversal Pictures $45,483,2902,474$75,331,600Oct 29
6The GrudgeSony Pictures Releasing $37,272,1653,348$110,359,362Oct 22
7SawLionsgate $35,109,9472,467$55,185,045Oct 29
8Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonUniversal Pictures $32,780,5752,473$40,226,215Nov 12
9Christmas with the KranksRevolution Studios $32,346,6463,416$73,780,539Nov 24
10AlexanderWarner Bros. $23,578,3132,445$34,297,191Nov 24
11AlfieParamount Pictures $13,181,7622,215$13,399,812Nov 5
12Shark TaleDreamWorks Distribution $12,131,7904,070$160,861,908Oct 1
13SidewaysFox Searchlight Pictures $9,607,5321,786$71,500,193Oct 22
14Friday Night LightsUniversal Pictures $7,692,0503,004$61,255,921Oct 8
15Ladder 49Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,221,3143,261$74,541,707Oct 1
16Team America: World PoliceParamount Pictures $5,156,2872,620$32,786,074Oct 15
17Surviving ChristmasDreamWorks Distribution $3,682,7292,755$11,663,156Oct 22
18I Heart HuckabeesFox Searchlight Pictures $3,634,986901$12,752,075Oct 1
2004 Re-release
Twentieth Century Fox $3,013,3693,001$36,611,066Oct 6
20KinseyFox Searchlight Pictures $2,730,222588$10,254,979Nov 12
21The ForgottenRevolution Studios $2,533,6723,144$67,133,509Sep 24
22Being JuliaSony Pictures Classics $1,880,104328$7,739,049Oct 15
23What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?-$1,867,066146$10,942,306Feb 6
24Napoleon DynamiteFox Searchlight Pictures $1,612,8121,027$44,522,135Jun 11
25The Bourne SupremacyUniversal Pictures $967,0203,304$176,241,941Jul 23
26After the SunsetNew Line Cinema $919,5512,819$28,331,233Nov 12
27Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood OrchidScreen Gems $712,5302,905$32,238,923Aug 27
28Fade to BlackParamount Classics $690,509170$728,802Nov 5
29Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $682,9734,166$373,585,825Jun 30
30Without a PaddleParamount Pictures $667,5672,756$58,169,327Aug 20
31Garden StateFox Searchlight Pictures $553,167813$26,774,462Jul 28
32Space Station 3DIMAX $546,33764$93,379,882Apr 19
33The Princess Diaries 2: Royal EngagementWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $540,1663,490$95,170,481Aug 11
34Resident Evil: ApocalypseScreen Gems $461,3753,284$51,201,453Sep 10
35The Work and the GloryExcel Entertainment $448,326112$3,347,647Nov 24
36Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowParamount Pictures $426,6813,170$37,762,677Sep 17
37The MachinistParamount Classics $415,37372$1,068,146Oct 22
38The Chorus
Quebec Release
Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm $392,30034$2,087,128Oct 1
39I, RobotTwentieth Century Fox $372,5603,494$144,763,065Jul 16
40Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux-$366,93865$2,625,946Oct 1
41Shrek 2DreamWorks Distribution $324,4814,223$441,181,022May 19
42Bugs!SK Films $306,07033$19,062,359Mar 12
43Haunted Castle-$305,47810$13,644,921Feb 23
44Enduring LoveParamount Classics $271,62656$356,950Oct 29
45Stage BeautyLionsgate $268,89778$782,383Oct 8
46CollateralDreamWorks Distribution $265,5083,205$100,962,117Aug 6
47NASCAR: The IMAX ExperienceWarner Bros. $244,70373$21,583,831Mar 12
48Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2004 Re-release
IMAX $231,24124$1,926,034Oct 22
49TarnationWellspring Media $172,74022$589,727Oct 6
50Callas ForeverRegent Releasing $171,41416$445,284Nov 5
51The NotebookNew Line Cinema $170,4912,323$81,001,787Jun 25
52The VillageWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $161,4303,733$114,197,520Jul 30
53The Manchurian CandidateParamount Pictures $147,0362,867$65,955,630Jul 30
54T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $144,97738$53,354,743Oct 23
55First DaughterTwentieth Century Fox $139,5502,280$9,038,447Sep 24
56She Hate MeSony Pictures Classics $132,05228$366,037Jul 28
57Adrenaline Rush: The Science of RiskGiant Screen Films $126,97617$10,994,028Oct 18
58A Very Long EngagementWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $121,015219$6,524,389Nov 26
59Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence-$119,41455$1,043,896Sep 17
60PrimerTHINKFilm $114,74131$366,357Oct 8
61HeroMiramax $113,1182,175$53,710,019Aug 27
62Saints and SoldiersExcel Entertainment $107,49337$1,165,065Aug 6
63Alien vs. PredatorTwentieth Century Fox $106,4263,401$80,265,199Aug 13
64Les aimantsAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $95,98422$1,150,414Oct 1
65Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanWarner Bros. $93,1123,855$249,541,069Jun 4
66Aitraaz-$91,99824$91,998Nov 12
67P.S.Newmarket Films $90,39217$180,503Oct 15
68RosenstrasseIDP Distribution $85,32524$734,519Jul 30
69UndertowUnited Artists $85,18430$143,597Oct 22
70The CookoutLionsgate $78,4401,303$11,814,019Sep 3
71Pulse: A Stomp OdysseyGiant Screen Films $75,09216$10,062,514Oct 11
72ZelarySony Pictures Classics $69,14921$330,033Sep 17
73Maria Full of GraceFine Line Features $67,152127$6,529,624Jul 16
74Mr 3000Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $66,3202,736$21,811,187Sep 17
75Finding NeverlandMiramax $65,0001,411$45,691,722Nov 12
76Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving TrainFirst Run $61,6114$122,011Jun 18
77Lightning in a BottleSony Pictures Classics $60,59421$201,711Oct 22
78Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of WarIDP Distribution $60,10734$1,111,061Sep 3
79Red LightsWellspring Media $49,51829$673,828Aug 20
80GalapagosIMAX $48,78014$18,629,106Oct 29
81Vanity FairFocus Features $47,6631,054$16,136,476Sep 1
82Remember Me, My LoveIDP Distribution $46,7317$227,986Sep 3
83Days of Being WildKino International $43,2954$145,654Nov 19
84Bad EducationSony Pictures Classics $42,038106$5,211,842Nov 19
85Head in the CloudsSony Pictures Classics $39,81447$398,278Sep 17
86Alien Adventure-$38,90010$8,959,784Aug 20
87Bonjour Monsieur ShlomiStrand Releasing $37,2606$92,725Jul 2
88Exorcist: The BeginningWarner Bros. $37,2402,813$41,821,986Aug 20
89End of the CenturyMagnolia Pictures $35,88010$370,542Aug 20
90A Day Without a MexicanTelevisa Cine $35,842107$4,179,890May 14
91Ghosts of the AbyssWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $35,44697$17,040,871Apr 11
92Bear CubTLA Releasing $33,4064$96,685Nov 5
93Around the BendWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $33,06751$193,637Oct 8
94Paper ClipsSlowhand Cinema Releasing $32,33743$265,015Nov 24
95The Young Black StallionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $31,55651$6,751,389Dec 25
96TestosteroneStrand Releasing $30,4204$175,972Sep 10
97Brother to BrotherWolfe Releasing $27,4733$78,295Nov 5
98Voices of IraqMagnolia Pictures $27,36512$57,999Oct 29
99Seducing Doctor Lewis
2004 Re-release
Wellspring Media $26,25115$488,562Jun 16
100The Corporation
2004 Re-release
Zeitgeist Films $23,90328$1,879,983Jun 4
101Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty HearstMagnolia Pictures $22,4449$105,054Nov 26
102The Final CutLionsgate $22,087117$551,281Oct 15
103Riding GiantsSony Pictures Classics $21,75364$2,276,368Jul 9
104Baptists at Our Barbecue-$19,24513$150,551Oct 8
105Untold ScandalKino International $19,1918$58,538Oct 13
106Intimate StrangersParamount Classics $18,89094$2,110,589Jul 30
107Bright LeavesFirst Run $18,5884$77,635Aug 25
108Bright Young ThingsTHINKFilm $18,10192$933,637Aug 20
109Before SunsetWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $17,726204$5,820,649Jul 2
110Postmen in the MountainsShadow Distribution $17,4767$203,975Dec 25
111Little Lili
2004 Re-release
First Run $17,4491$32,256Nov 12
112The Brown BunnyWellspring Media $15,80319$365,984Aug 27
113EasyMagic Lamp $14,8116$21,589Nov 26
114Warriors of Heaven and EarthSony Pictures Classics $14,5199$82,936Sep 3
115Fear and Trembling
2004 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $14,0173$125,185Nov 19
116Dig!Palm Pictures $13,56410$127,067Oct 1
117You I Love-$13,4764$51,171Nov 19
118Mean CreekParamount Classics $12,70849$603,951Aug 20
119Malevolence-$12,14910$99,899Sep 10
120Guiana 1838RBC Radio $12,02416$220,131Sep 24
121Notre musiqueWellspring Media $11,8158$139,228Nov 24
122IntoxicatingRogue Arts $11,5603$11,560Nov 5
123Ju-on: The GrudgeVitagraph Films $11,43311$325,680Jul 23
124Festival ExpressTHINKFilm $11,35243$1,174,079Jul 23
125Ae Fond KissCastle Hill Productions $11,2502$23,338Nov 26
126The Twilight Samurai
2004 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $10,91616$559,765Apr 23
127Almost Peaceful
2004 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $10,7903$104,416Aug 20
128Hair ShowInnovation Film Group (IFG) $10,69538$305,281Oct 15
129Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were ThereDada Films $10,59114$347,954Jun 11
130StrayedWellspring Media $10,05829$480,809May 14
131The Last ShotWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,05140$464,275Sep 24
132Benji: Off the Leash!-$9,287877$3,817,362Aug 20
133ReconstructionPalm Pictures $9,0749$73,516Sep 10
134Touch of PinkSony Pictures Classics $8,06921$564,535Jul 16
135Incident at Loch NessAbramorama $7,7582$34,574Sep 17
136A Dirty ShameFine Line Features $7,630133$1,339,668Sep 17
137Purple ButterflyPalm Pictures $6,9701$17,790Nov 26
138The Inheritance
2003 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $6,8322$67,258Jul 9
139Master of the GameSundance Film Series $6,5546$6,554Nov 12
140Straight-JacketRegent Releasing $5,3774$45,291Nov 26
141The MotherSony Pictures Classics $5,21244$1,063,163May 28
142Bright FuturePalm Pictures $5,1661$5,166Nov 12
143Who Killed Bambi?Strand Releasing $4,9551$14,213Nov 12
144Encounter in the Third Dimension-$4,55016$7,195,792Feb 26
145The Seagull's LaughterThe Cinema Guild $4,0883$71,813Feb 13
146PaparazziTwentieth Century Fox $3,9502,153$15,714,234Sep 3
147Still, the Children Are HereIcarus Films $3,6851$3,685Nov 5
148Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a SorcererIndican Pictures $3,6812$106,056Mar 5
149China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $3,55921$3,918,213Jun 9
150It's All About LoveStrand Releasing $3,5582$6,140Oct 29
151Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie - Pyramid of LightWarner Bros. $3,1782,411$19,765,868Aug 13
152Control RoomMagnolia Pictures $3,10574$2,589,616May 21
153I'll Sleep When I'm DeadParamount Classics $2,69019$360,759Jun 16
154Dodgeball: A True Underdog StoryTwentieth Century Fox $2,6643,020$114,291,297Jun 18
155Goodbye, Dragon InnWellspring Media $2,4843$34,470Sep 17
156ProteusStrand Releasing $2,2153$62,031Jul 30
157In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed-$2,01215$110,577Oct 1
158GarfieldTwentieth Century Fox $1,8963,150$75,369,589Jun 11
159The Tracker
2004 Re-release
ArtMattan Productions $1,8392$52,806Jan 16
160Zhou Yu de huo che
2004 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $1,57312$142,562Jul 16
2004 Re-release
Northern Arts Entertainment $1,5672$23,039Sep 24
162Going Upriver: The Long War of John KerryTHINKFilm $886163$614,138Oct 1
163The Day After TomorrowTwentieth Century Fox $8803,444$186,716,750May 28
164Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
2004 Re-release
Regent Releasing $5532$13,036Sep 3
165Evil RemainsScreen Media Films $3514$8,747Oct 22
166Merci Dr Rey!Regent Releasing $2765$19,867Sep 17
167Fish Without a Bicycle-$2641$26,799Oct 22
168Tattoo BarArtMattan Productions $2191$2,964Jul 5
169VirginArtistic License $1131$7,488Sep 3
170The Hunting of the PresidentRegent Releasing $5920$375,163Jun 18
171Bush's BrainTartan $489$177,485Aug 20