Domestic Box Office For November 2002

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsWarner Bros. $193,446,3083,682$261,988,482Nov 15
2The Santa Clause 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $111,156,2873,352$138,394,397Nov 1
38 MileUniversal Pictures $106,281,8452,585$116,732,820Nov 8
4Die Another DayMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $95,432,8913,377$160,942,139Nov 22
5The RingDreamWorks Distribution $72,396,8912,927$129,128,133Oct 18
6Jackass: The MovieParamount Pictures $33,888,4402,532$64,255,312Oct 25
7I SpySony Pictures Releasing $33,013,8903,182$33,561,137Nov 1
8Sweet Home AlabamaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,742,6013,313$125,753,554Sep 27
9Half Past DeadSony Pictures Releasing $14,461,3662,113$15,543,918Nov 15
10Ghost ShipWarner Bros. $14,355,2532,787$30,089,931Oct 25
11Treasure PlanetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,001,6743,227$36,015,544Nov 27
12Eight Crazy NightsSony Pictures Releasing $12,293,2392,503$23,443,124Nov 27
13Punch-Drunk LoveRevolution Studios $10,697,8301,293$17,844,216Oct 11
14The Emperor's ClubUniversal Pictures $8,626,870811$14,118,751Nov 22
15SolarisTwentieth Century Fox $8,116,8012,406$14,887,875Nov 27
16Red DragonUniversal Pictures $6,594,8303,363$93,149,898Oct 4
17Femme FataleWarner Bros. $6,532,1021,066$6,614,668Nov 6
18Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
2002 IMAX Release
Twentieth Century Fox $6,481,91658$8,485,488Nov 1
19Jonah: A VeggieTales MovieArtisan Entertainment $4,380,6951,625$25,581,229Oct 4
20Brown SugarFox Searchlight Pictures $4,180,0591,378$27,343,305Oct 11
21Bowling for ColumbineUnited Artists $4,162,066248$21,275,772Oct 11
22Tuck EverlastingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,026,9131,460$18,805,581Oct 11
23Far from HeavenFocus Features $3,867,308291$15,901,849Nov 8
24Lilo & StitchWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,011,9353,222$145,794,338Jun 21
25The TuxedoDreamWorks Distribution $2,918,4313,022$50,547,998Sep 27
26The TransporterTwentieth Century Fox $2,840,7502,610$25,288,972Oct 11
27Real Women Have CurvesNewmarket Films $2,647,195163$5,853,194Oct 18
28Extreme OpsParamount Pictures $2,599,4131,800$4,842,259Nov 27
29The Truth About CharlieUniversal Pictures $2,417,680755$5,320,285Oct 25
30Spider-Man/Men in Black II
Double Bill
Sony Pictures Releasing $2,397,0522,078$6,368,604Sep 6
31The EnduranceCowboy Pictures $2,237,14340$2,453,083Oct 5
32White OleanderWarner Bros. $1,998,2071,510$16,357,770Oct 11
33The Crime of Padre AmaroIDP Distribution $1,809,766137$5,717,044Nov 15
34Space Station 3DIMAX $1,727,23364$93,379,882Apr 19
35AbandonParamount Pictures $1,699,4782,347$10,727,683Oct 18
36Paid in FullMiramax $1,409,002273$3,070,713Oct 25
37Auto FocusSony Pictures Classics $1,348,366461$2,063,196Oct 18
38Spirited AwayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,043,277714$9,982,132Sep 20
39SignsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $945,3073,453$227,647,707Aug 2
40Roger DodgerArtisan Entertainment $809,28061$1,266,828Oct 25
41BarbershopMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $783,8302,176$75,782,105Sep 13
42The Banger SistersFox Searchlight Pictures $741,7522,739$30,304,706Sep 20
43Moonlight MileWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $727,692437$6,788,377Sep 27
44Thrill Ride: The Science of FunSony Pictures Classics $719,21981$18,798,590Jul 11
45The Bourne IdentityUniversal Pictures $653,1882,663$121,661,683Jun 14
46My Big Fat Greek WeddingIFC Films $641,3172,016$240,742,368Apr 19
478 WomenFocus Features $585,82285$3,098,776Sep 6
48Santa vs. the Snowman 3DIMAX $464,49325$1,934,053Nov 1
49The Man from Elysian FieldsIDP Distribution $443,59150$1,435,016Sep 27
50The Rules of AttractionLionsgate $439,2101,437$6,532,619Oct 11
51Standing in the Shadows of MotownArtisan Entertainment $406,74359$1,722,119Nov 15
52One Hour PhotoFox Searchlight Pictures $395,8151,332$31,597,131Aug 21
53Time ChangerFive & Two Pictures $358,909169$1,285,167Oct 25
54Road to PerditionDreamWorks Distribution $337,2802,332$104,454,762Jul 12
55Sordid LivesRegent Releasing $336,3518$1,006,348May 11
56Jee Aayan Nu-$303,8889$393,117Nov 8
57The Master of DisguiseRevolution Studios $292,5512,568$40,388,794Aug 2
58T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $259,02838$53,354,743Oct 23
59Mr. DeedsSony Pictures Releasing $239,1853,239$126,293,452Jun 28
60The Four FeathersParamount Pictures $215,1142,187$18,306,166Sep 20
61Talk to Her
2002 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $173,108255$9,198,380Nov 22
62North Station-$171,40046$171,400Nov 8
63Halloween: ResurrectionDimension Films $166,9442,094$30,354,442Jul 12
64City by the SeaWarner Bros. $158,3962,575$22,449,000Sep 6
65Haunted Castle-$156,53410$13,644,921Feb 23
66Igby Goes DownMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $153,590156$4,777,465Sep 13
67SwimfanTwentieth Century Fox $153,4912,860$28,559,617Sep 6
68Ballistic: Ecks vs. SeverWarner Bros. $152,8342,705$14,307,963Sep 20
69The Good GirlFox Searchlight Pictures $133,828688$14,018,296Aug 7
70Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $128,08722$15,619,088May 5
71Formula 51Screen Gems $126,6881,857$5,204,007Oct 18
72xXxRevolution Studios $124,9743,536$142,109,382Aug 9
73The CockettesStrand Releasing $124,1766$218,947May 10
74Stuart Little 2Sony Pictures Releasing $123,3323,282$64,956,806Jul 19
75Tully-$123,23013$424,644Nov 1
76Serving SaraParamount Pictures $120,9612,174$16,930,185Aug 23
77CharlyExcel Entertainment $119,18136$814,666Sep 27
78The Way HomeParamount Classics $117,56320$445,367Nov 15
79Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure-$113,06126$15,553,324Feb 10
80Apollo 13
The IMAX Experience
IMAX $110,13219$1,760,432Sep 20
81The Weight of WaterLionsgate $109,13027$109,130Nov 1
82Austin Powers in GoldmemberNew Line Cinema $105,2363,613$213,307,889Jul 26
83Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar BaarVideo Sound $95,41513$95,415Nov 15
84Sex with Strangers-$95,0508$248,821Feb 22
85Welcome to CollinwoodWarner Bros. $89,65545$336,620Oct 4
86Shanghai GhettoMenemsha Films $89,16413$709,718Sep 27
87The Trials of Henry KissingerFirst Run $88,3088$516,726Sep 25
88The Last KissTHINKFilm $86,72231$1,048,950Aug 16
89DerridaZeitgeist Films $86,6716$137,117Oct 23
90Personal VelocityMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $83,29043$769,679Nov 22
91Singin' in the Rain
2002 Re-release
Warner Bros. $74,1333$120,420Nov 8
92Atanarjuat: The Fast RunnerLot 47 Films $72,42257$3,770,619Apr 12
93SkinsFirst Look International $62,92118$249,204Sep 27
94GalapagosIMAX $59,19614$18,629,106Oct 29
95Just a KissParamount Classics $56,41221$63,651Sep 27
96God Is Great and I'm NotEmpire Pictures Inc. $55,9291$71,213Nov 6
97Seven Samurai
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $53,5714$271,186Aug 30
2002 Re-release
Kino International $51,3498$649,352Jul 12
99Minority ReportTwentieth Century Fox $48,2123,001$132,072,926Jun 21
100Merci pour le ChocolatEmpire Pictures Inc. $45,1978$443,238Jul 31
101Interview with the AssassinMagnolia Pictures $41,94118$48,058Nov 15
102Mad LoveSony Pictures Classics $37,86417$280,046Aug 30
103Encounter in the Third Dimension-$37,26916$7,195,792Feb 26
104FeardotcomWarner Bros. $36,9412,550$13,258,249Aug 30
105China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $36,51121$3,918,213Jun 9
106Mostly MarthaParamount Classics $35,383143$4,160,475Aug 16
107Tarkovsky At 70
Film Festival
Kino International $33,0512$174,713Sep 13
108SadeEmpire Pictures Inc. $31,9082$97,048Apr 26
109Like MikeTwentieth Century Fox $30,8222,436$51,432,760Jul 3
110The Other Side of HeavenExcel Entertainment $30,507306$4,719,600Dec 14
111Bloody SundayParamount Classics $26,02254$773,228Oct 4
112Red SatinZeitgeist Films $25,40210$231,879Aug 23
113Thirteen Conversations About One ThingSony Pictures Classics $24,92668$3,288,164May 24
114Forgive Me Father-$23,2446$582,787Jan 26
115Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O.Wellspring Media $21,93026$1,033,395Jun 28
116Alias BettyWellspring Media $21,3558$199,555Sep 13
117I Am Trying to Break Your HeartCowboy Pictures $21,04013$445,249Jul 26
118O Fantasma-$18,7831$126,783Nov 22
119The DebutMenemsha Films $16,9935$1,745,778Mar 16
120Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera BalletFirst Run $14,5801$44,744Nov 8
121Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our TimesFirst Run $14,4324$290,767Nov 22
122His Secret LifeStrand Releasing $14,1124$212,972Sep 20
123Quai des OrfèvresRialto Pictures $13,1392$150,737Oct 25
124Manna from HeavenFive Sisters Productions $13,08633$505,675Aug 2
12524 Hour Party PeopleMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $12,95237$1,184,096Aug 9
126PromisesCowboy Pictures $12,4665$247,589Mar 15
127Food of LoveTLA Releasing $11,9434$41,719Oct 25
128The Crocodile Hunter: Collision CourseMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $10,5012,535$28,442,574Jul 12
129Love in the Time of MoneyTHINKFilm $10,4104$10,410Nov 1
130Revolution #9-$10,1331$10,133Nov 15
131Sunshine StateSony Pictures Releasing $9,93179$3,065,921Jun 21
132Hush!Strand Releasing $9,7232$20,937Nov 8
133Ayurveda: Art of BeingKino International $9,6232$29,731Jul 17
134The BankThe Cinema Guild $9,4435$86,639Aug 28
135Across the Sea of TimeSony Pictures Classics $9,3362$16,015,639Oct 20
136The Rising Place-$8,3602$8,360Nov 8
137ExtremeIMAX $8,31521$12,475,172Apr 2
138Les destinéesWellspring Media $7,6015$228,350Apr 5
139Mark Twain's America in 3DSony Pictures Classics $7,4772$2,297,096Jul 2
140Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesTwentieth Century Fox $6,6633,161$302,191,252May 16
141Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsCowboy Pictures $6,6305$161,635Jul 10
142The Phantom of LibertyRialto Pictures $6,1721$6,172Nov 8
143Trembling Before G-dNew Yorker Films $6,1588$788,896Oct 24
144Songs from the Second FloorNew Yorker Films $5,9252$78,295Aug 17
145Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2001 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $5,83826$1,821,082Jun 15
146I'm Going HomeMilestone $5,6356$140,872Aug 14
147The Piano TeacherKino International $5,59119$1,011,046Mar 29
148The KomediantNew Yorker Films $5,5182$119,085Apr 5
149Biggie and TupacRoxie Releasing $4,9366$94,874Sep 20
150The Country BearsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,8822,553$16,990,825Jul 26
151Alien Adventure-$4,80010$8,959,784Aug 20
152ToscaAvatar Films $4,6812$66,614Jul 12
153Home MovieCowboy Pictures $4,0374$118,725May 3
154HybridIndican Pictures $3,6842$159,483May 10
155Lan YuStrand Releasing $3,3813$115,470Jul 3
156How I Killed My FatherNew Yorker Films $3,3705$144,682Aug 23
157Girls Can't SwimWellspring Media $2,9682$67,410Apr 19
158Happy TimesSony Pictures Classics $2,85614$240,093Jul 26
159All the Queen's MenStrand Releasing $2,50717$23,662Oct 25
160The 4th Tenor-$2,1522$2,152Nov 22
161Handcart-$1,92014$93,379Oct 11
162Hell HouseSeventh Art Releasing $1,7002$18,279Oct 18
163The IsleEmpire Pictures Inc. $1,6702$20,452Aug 23
164Beauty and the Beast
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $1,5313$138,158Jun 21
165The ProducersRialto Pictures $1,4453$111,866Jun 7
166BesottedArtistic License $1,3791$1,379Nov 1
167Murderous MaidsRialto Pictures $1,3175$224,385Apr 19
168Cuba felizEmpire Pictures Inc. $1,1581$21,783Jun 12
169Beauty and the Beast
2000 IMAX Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $91768$25,487,190Jan 1
170The Singles Ward-$87529$1,250,798Feb 1
171'R Xmas-$8501$850Nov 8
172A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $8311$43,616May 1
173Warm Water Under a Red BridgeCowboy Pictures $4854$62,044May 3
174DekalogNew Yorker Films $4111$654,998Jun 9
175The Town Is QuietNew Yorker Films $3651$66,303Oct 26
176Wings of CourageSony Pictures Classics $29611$15,053,344Apr 21
177Pokémon 4EverDimension Films $-7,409249$1,725,910Oct 11