Sci-Fi Comedy

Live action only.

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NOTE: Even though it's the model for a lot of sci-fi comedies (Evolution is essentially a remake), Ghostbusters and its sequel are not being classified as sci-fi comedies. It's a close call. On the one hand, the characters do spew forth a lot of techno-babble and use a lot of scientific equipment. On the other, it's all about ghosts, not aliens and other sci-fi things. The latter stuff has always been the dominant element, not just in the movie but in the marketing. So it's being classified as a supernatural comedy. I know the Sci-Fi Channel and its ilk would be to differ. But then again, they think ""sci-fi"" means ""everything."" In the future, there will be genre charts for real sci-fi movies (Ex. Gattaca) and movies that may look like they're sci-fi but really aren't (Ex. Star Wars). " "244 If there are any movies that you think should be on this list, e-mail us at

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Men in Black International Sony 6/14/19
Used Guys Fox TBD