(Excludes re-issues of movies originally released before 1980.)

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Note: Only movies with opening weekend grosses are listed on this chart.

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Uni. 2/22/19
Wonder Park Par. 3/15/19
Uglydolls STX 5/3/19
Minecraft WB 5/24/19
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Uni. 6/7/19
Toy Story 4 BV 6/21/19
PLAYMOBIL Global Road 8/16/19
The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 3D Sony 8/16/19
Spies in Disguise Fox 9/13/19
Abominable Uni. 9/27/19
The Addams Family (2019) MGM 10/11/19
Arctic Dogs ENTMP 11/1/19
Sonic The Hedgehog Par. 11/8/19
Frozen 2 BV 11/22/19
The Call of the Wild Fox 12/25/19
Phil Lord and Chris Miller Produced Sony Pictures Animation Movie Col. 1/10/20
Peter Rabbit 2 Sony 2/7/20
Onward BV 3/6/20
SPA Animated Franchise (2020) Sony 4/3/20
Trolls World Tour Uni. 4/17/20
Scooby WB 5/15/20
The SpongeBob Movie Par. 5/22/20
Untitled Pixar Animation (June 2020) BV 6/19/20
Minions 2 Uni. 7/3/20
Bob's Burgers Fox 7/17/20
The Croods 2 Uni. 9/18/20
SPA Animated Franchise II (2020) Sony 9/25/20
Vivo Sony 11/6/20
Ron's Gone Wrong Fox 11/6/20
Rugrats Par. 11/13/20
Untitled Disney Animation (3D) BV 11/25/20
Sing 2 Uni. 12/25/20
Untitled Paramount Animation (2021) Par. 1/29/21
Foster Fox 3/5/21
The Boss Baby 2 Uni. 3/26/21
DC Super Pets WB 5/21/21
Untitled Pixar Animation (3D) BV 6/18/21
Untitled Illumination Animated Film (2021) Uni. 7/2/21
Spooky Jack Uni. 9/17/21
Untitled Disney Animation (Nov 2021) BV 11/24/21
Untitled WB Animation Event Film (2021) WB 12/22/21
Untitled Pixar Animation I (2022) BV 3/18/22
Untitled Pixar Animation II (2022) BV 6/17/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film #1 (2022) Uni. 7/1/22
Untitled Disney Animation (2022) BV 11/23/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film #2 (2022) Uni. 12/21/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film (2023) Uni. 6/30/23
Opus: The Last Christmas Wein. TBD
King of the Elves N/A TBD
Truckers (working title)
Super Secret Ghost Project (untitled as of yet)
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian S TBD
Me and My Shadow N/A TBD
Untitled Henry Selick Film N/A TBD
Phineas and Ferb N/A TBD
Leo the Lion Wein. TBD
The Trick or Treaters Wein. TBD
Santapprentice Wein. TBD
B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations Fox TBD
Untitled Kevin Lima Bollywood Musical Fox TBD
Popeye (2015) Sony TBD
Anubis Fox TBD
Underdogs (2015) Wein. TBD
Untitled Warner Animation Group Project (2017) WB TBD
Untitled Warner Animation Group Project (2018) WB TBD
Larrikins N/A TBD
Madagascar 4 N/A TBD
Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves N/A TBD
Blazing Samurai ORF TBD
Untitled Disneytoon Movie (2019) BV TBD
Space Dogs: Adventure To The Moon EpicPics TBD
Thomas & Friends: The Great Race N/A TBD
SPA Animated Franchise (2019) Sony TBD
SPA Animated Franchise II (2019) Sony TBD
Resident Evil: Damnation N/A TBD
Untitled Paramount/Nickelodeon Animation Par. TBD
Loud House Par. TBD
Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience N/A TBD
The Jungle Bunch N/A TBD
Duck Duck Goose Global Road TBD