(Excludes re-issues of movies originally released before 1980.)

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Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord ADC 3/29/19
Uglydolls STX 5/3/19
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Uni. 6/7/19
Toy Story 4 BV 6/21/19
PLAYMOBIL Global Road 8/16/19
The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 3D Sony 8/16/19
Spies in Disguise Fox 9/13/19
Abominable Uni. 9/27/19
The Addams Family (2019) UAR 10/18/19
Arctic Dogs ENTMP 11/1/19
Sonic The Hedgehog Par. 11/8/19
Frozen 2 BV 11/22/19
The Call of the Wild Fox 12/25/19
Phil Lord and Chris Miller Produced Sony Pictures Animation Movie Col. 1/10/20
Peter Rabbit 2 Sony 2/7/20
Onward BV 3/6/20
Trolls World Tour Uni. 4/17/20
Scooby WB 5/15/20
The SpongeBob Movie Par. 5/22/20
Untitled Pixar Animation (June 2020) BV 6/19/20
Minions 2 Uni. 7/3/20
Bob's Burgers Fox 7/17/20
The Croods 2 Uni. 9/18/20
SPA Animated Franchise II (2020) Sony 9/25/20
Vivo Sony 11/6/20
Ron's Gone Wrong Fox 11/6/20
Untitled Disney Animation (3D) BV 11/25/20
Sing 2 Uni. 12/25/20
Rugrats Par. 1/29/21
Untitled Paramount Animation (2021) Par. 2/12/21
Foster Fox 3/5/21
The Boss Baby 2 Uni. 3/26/21
DC Super Pets WB 5/21/21
Untitled Pixar Animation (3D) BV 6/18/21
Untitled Illumination Animated Film (2021) Uni. 7/2/21
Spooky Jack Uni. 9/17/21
Untitled Disney Animation (Nov 2021) BV 11/24/21
Hotel Transylvania 4 Sony 12/22/21
Untitled Pixar Animation I (2022) BV 3/18/22
Untitled Pixar Animation II (2022) BV 6/17/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film #1 (2022) Uni. 7/1/22
Untitled Disney Animation (2022) BV 11/23/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film #2 (2022) Uni. 12/21/22
Untitled Illumination Animated Film (2023) Uni. 6/30/23
Opus: The Last Christmas Wein. TBD
King of the Elves N/A TBD
Truckers (working title)
Super Secret Ghost Project (untitled as of yet)
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian TBD
Marvin the Martian S TBD
Me and My Shadow N/A TBD
Untitled Henry Selick Film N/A TBD
Phineas and Ferb N/A TBD
Leo the Lion Wein. TBD
The Trick or Treaters Wein. TBD
Santapprentice Wein. TBD
B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations Fox TBD
Untitled Kevin Lima Bollywood Musical Fox TBD
Popeye (2015) Sony TBD
Anubis Fox TBD
Underdogs (2015) Wein. TBD
Larrikins N/A TBD
Madagascar 4 N/A TBD
Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves N/A TBD
Blazing Samurai ORF TBD
Untitled Disneytoon Movie (2019) BV TBD
Space Dogs: Adventure To The Moon EpicPics TBD
Thomas & Friends: The Great Race N/A TBD
Minecraft WB TBD
SPA Animated Franchise (2019) Sony TBD
SPA Animated Franchise II (2019) Sony TBD
SPA Animated Franchise Sony TBD
Resident Evil: Damnation N/A TBD
Untitled Paramount/Nickelodeon Animation Par. TBD
Loud House Par. TBD
Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience N/A TBD
The Jungle Bunch N/A TBD
Untitled WB Animation Event Film (2021) WB TBD
Duck Duck Goose Global Road TBD