Genre Keyword: Concert

Rank Title Lifetime GrossMax TheatersOpeningOpen ThRelease DateDistributor
1Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour$180,756,2693,855$93,224,7553,855Oct 13, 2023-
2Justin Bieber: Never Say Never$73,013,9103,118$29,514,0543,105Feb 11, 2011Paramount Pictures
3This Is It$72,091,0163,481$23,234,3943,481Oct 28, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
4Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert$65,281,781687$31,117,834683Feb 1, 2008Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
5Eddie Murphy: Raw$50,504,6551,494$9,077,3241,391Dec 18, 1987Paramount Pictures
6The Original Kings of Comedy$38,182,7901,082$11,053,832847Aug 18, 2000Paramount Pictures
7Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip$36,299,7201,277$7,780,6931,277Mar 12, 1982Columbia Pictures
8Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain$32,244,051892$10,030,463876Jul 3, 2013Lions Gate Films
9One Direction: This Is Us$28,873,3742,735$15,815,4972,735Aug 30, 2013TriStar Pictures
10Part of Me$25,326,0712,732$7,138,2662,730Jul 5, 2012Paramount Pictures
11Kevin Hart: What Now?$23,591,0432,567$11,767,2102,567Oct 14, 2016Universal Pictures
12Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat$19,184,820774$7,374,049752Aug 2, 2002Paramount Pictures
13Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience$19,162,7401,276$12,510,3741,271Feb 27, 2009Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
14Richard Pryor... Here and Now$16,156,7761,411$3,701,6091,411Oct 28, 1983Columbia Pictures
15Madonna: Truth or Dare$15,012,935652$543,25051May 10, 1991Miramax
16Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away$12,512,862840$2,162,993840Dec 21, 2012Paramount Pictures
17Glee: The 3D Concert Movie$11,862,3982,040$5,961,2312,040Aug 12, 2011Twentieth Century Fox
18U2 3D$10,363,341686$946,00061Jan 23, 2008National Geographic Entertainment
19Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy$10,184,701517$2,521,746417Apr 29, 1994The Samuel Goldwyn Company
20U2: Rattle and Hum$8,600,8231,391$3,821,3511,391Nov 4, 1988Paramount Pictures
21Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain$7,706,436287$1,908,42098Sep 9, 2011Codeblack Entertainment
22Buena Vista Social Club$7,002,18274$127,37015Jun 4, 1999Artisan Entertainment
23Shine a Light$5,505,267277$1,488,081276Apr 4, 2008Paramount Vantage
24Stop Making Sense$5,211,310786$856,797264Sep 22, 2023-
25Burn the Stage: The Movie$4,201,819645$2,420,197629Nov 15, 2018Trafalgar Releasing
26BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul$3,509,917997$2,860,016997Jan 26, 2019Fathom Events
27Sign 'o' the Times$3,000,073234$950,116234Nov 20, 1987-
28The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter$2,827,393432$1,311,446432Jul 25, 2014Open Road Films (II)
29The Show$2,702,578336$1,482,892336Aug 25, 1995-
30DysFunktional Family$2,255,000602$1,079,797602Apr 4, 2003Miramax
31Neil Young: Heart of Gold$1,904,60665$53,9084Feb 10, 2006Paramount Classics
32NSync: Bigger Than Live$1,808,67920--Feb 2, 2001IMAX
33Standing in the Shadows of Motown$1,722,11959$114,44223Nov 15, 2002Artisan Entertainment
34Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic$1,324,33957$128,0007Nov 11, 2005IDP Distribution
35Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson$1,250,000---Apr 25, 1986Cinecom Pictures
36BTS World Tour 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' (The Final) Seoul Live Viewing$1,226,552490$1,226,552490Oct 27, 2019Fathom Events
37Without You I'm Nothing$1,218,730---May 4, 1990New Line Cinema
38Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want$1,210,9678$33,6712Aug 4, 2000-
39Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O.$1,033,39526$13,1881Jun 28, 2002Wellspring Media
40Elvis: The Comeback Special$1,010,657725--Aug 16, 2018Fathom Events
41All Access: Front Row. Backstage. Live!$992,68335$69,99233Apr 6, 2001IMAX
42Rush: Cinema Strangiato 2019$960,073494$2,5801Aug 21, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
43Fade to Black$728,921170$449,331170Nov 5, 2004Paramount Classics
44Spirits in the Forest$704,744388$232,452276Nov 21, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
45Dice Rules$637,327---May 17, 1991Seventh Art Releasing
46Roger Waters - Us + Them$611,644497$251,842396Oct 2, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
47Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie$604,856---Jan 10, 2003Warner Bros.
48The Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2018$600,554504--Apr 4, 2018Fathom Events
49The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe$579,854---Sep 27, 1991Orion Classics
50Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2019$537,153503$3,7864Aug 1, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
51Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll$530,392---Sep 6, 1991Avenue Pictures Productions
52Shut Up and Play the Hits$510,334161--Jul 18, 2012Oscilloscope
53The Cure: Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park$378,405346$38,76183Jul 11, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
54The Last Waltz$322,31315$16,1511Apr 5, 2002Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
55Khalid: Free Spirit$284,229382--Apr 3, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
56Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour$271,586500$111,273398Nov 13, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
57Passione$255,3555$15,3771Jun 22, 2011Abramorama
58Larger Than Life in$246,042509$246,042509Dec 11, 2009Cinedigm Entertainment Group
59311 Enlarged to Show Detail 3$238,791239--Mar 11, 2019Trafalgar Releasing
60Aida$222,92752$97,87452Dec 9, 2007Emerging Pictures
61Neil Young Journeys$215,02623$12,0253Jun 29, 2012Sony Pictures Classics
62Lightning in a Bottle$201,71121$5,3002Oct 22, 2004Sony Pictures Classics
63La Traviata$195,49449$19,9617Feb 15, 2008Emerging Pictures
64Awesome; I Shot That!$162,538180$18,07418Mar 31, 2006THINKFilm
65INXS: Baby Live at Wembly Stadium$161,750516--Dec 9, 2019Fathom Events
66Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of$153,06860$153,06860Jan 30, 2015Gravitas Ventures
67Lynryd Skynyrd: Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour$137,888---Nov 7, 2019Fathom Events
68Sigur Rós: Inni$123,4827$14,9033Oct 28, 2011Cinema Purgatorio
69Duran Duran: Unstaged$110,746---Sep 10, 2014Phase 4 Films
70Mayday Life$85,91211$47,7698May 31, 2019China Lion Film Distribution
71Maria Stuarda at La Scala$83,21443$4,5812Mar 14, 2008Emerging Pictures
72Il trittico dell'amore$80,37443$2,2352May 2, 2008Emerging Pictures
73CSNY/Déjà Vu$65,02524$33,99724Jul 25, 2008Roadside Attractions
74John Fogerty: 50 Year Trip - Live at Red Rocks$59,795459--Nov 11, 2019Fathom Events
75Only the Strong Survive$57,58113$22,03512May 9, 2003Miramax
76La forza del destino$52,5777$4,9592Mar 31, 2008Emerging Pictures
77Tristan und Isolde, Azione in tre atti$50,1726$2,6762Jan 18, 2008Emerging Pictures
78La Rondine$49,0885$2,9721May 19, 2008Emerging Pictures
79Margaret Cho: Assassin$40,1238$15,0018Sep 2, 2005Regent Releasing
80Bon Jovi: Lost Highway - The Concert$35,000100$35,000100Nov 9, 2007The Bigger Picture
81Berlin$33,2312$8,2802Jul 18, 2008Third Rail Releasing
82Lionel Richie at Glastonbury$30,123288--Nov 19, 2019Fathom Events
83Don Carlo$27,8345$27,8345Dec 5, 2008Emerging Pictures
84Regina Spektor Live in London$6,6849$1,7989Nov 19, 2010Cinema Purgatorio
85Isn't This a Time! A Tribute Concert for Harold Leventhal$4,6831$2,4281Dec 9, 2005Seventh Art Releasing