Franchise: The Conjuring Universe

Rank Release Lifetime GrossMax TheatersOpeningOpen ThRelease DateDistributor
1The Conjuring$137,400,1413,115$41,855,3262,903Jul 19, 2013Warner Bros.
2The Nun$117,450,1193,876$53,807,3793,876Sep 7, 2018Warner Bros.
3The Conjuring 2$102,470,0083,356$40,406,3143,343Jun 10, 2016Warner Bros.
4Annabelle: Creation$102,092,2013,565$35,006,4043,502Aug 11, 2017Warner Bros.
5Annabelle$84,273,8133,215$37,134,2553,185Oct 3, 2014Warner Bros.
6Annabelle Comes Home$74,152,5913,613$20,269,7233,613Jun 26, 2019Warner Bros.
7The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It$65,631,0503,280$24,104,3323,102Jun 4, 2021Warner Bros.
8The Curse of La Llorona$54,733,7393,372$26,347,6313,372Apr 19, 2019Warner Bros.
9The Conjuring
2021 Re-release
$46,227----Warner Bros.
10The Conjuring 2
2021 Re-release
$46,132----Warner Bros.
11The Nun
2021 Re-release
$31,103----Warner Bros.
2020 Re-release
$10,439----Warner Bros.