Franchise: Friday the 13th


Rank Release Lifetime GrossMax TheatersOpeningOpen ThRelease DateDistributor
1Freddy vs. Jason$82,622,6553,014$36,400,0003,014Aug 15, 2003New Line Cinema
2Friday the 13th$65,002,0193,105$40,570,3653,105Feb 13, 2009Warner Bros.
3Friday the 13th$39,754,6011,100$5,816,3211,100May 9, 1980Paramount Pictures
4Friday the 13th: Part 3$34,581,5191,079$9,406,5221,079Aug 13, 1982Paramount Pictures
5Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter$32,980,8801,600$11,183,1481,594Apr 13, 1984Paramount Pictures
6Friday the 13th: A New Beginning$21,930,4181,759$8,032,8831,759Mar 22, 1985Paramount Pictures
7Friday the 13th Part 2$21,722,7761,350$6,429,7841,350Apr 30, 1981Paramount Pictures
8Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives$19,472,0571,610$6,750,8371,610Aug 1, 1986Paramount Pictures
9Friday the 13th: The New Blood$19,170,0011,796$8,245,0381,796May 13, 1988Paramount Pictures
10Jason Goes to Hell$15,935,0681,355$7,552,1901,355Aug 13, 1993New Line Cinema
11Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan$14,343,9761,683$6,251,3101,683Jul 28, 1989Paramount Pictures
12Jason X$13,121,5551,879$6,649,0061,878Apr 26, 2002New Line Cinema
13Friday the 13th: Part 3
1983 Re-release
$2,108,548520$788,797520May 13, 1983Paramount Pictures
14Freddy vs. Jason
2021 Re-release
$10,793----Warner Bros.