Daily Box Office For 2021

Data as of Jan 15, 16:41 PST
DateDay Day # Top 10 Gross%± YD%± LWReleases#1 Release Gross
Jan 14, 2021Thursday14$384,048+1.6%-21.6%11News of the World$88,410
Jan 13, 2021Wednesday13$377,924-24.5%-11.7%10The Croods: A New Age$85,440
Jan 12, 2021Tuesday12$500,838+48.2%-17.4%11News of the World$123,180
Jan 11, 2021Monday11$337,917-78.1%-40.6%11The Croods: A New Age$80,340
Jan 10, 2021Sunday10$1,545,551-45%-8.2%12The Croods: A New Age$521,040
Jan 9, 2021Saturday9$2,808,940+74.5%-6.2%13The Croods: A New Age$885,820
Jan 8, 2021Friday8$1,610,114+228.5%-36.5%13The Croods: A New Age$403,895
Jan 7, 2021Thursday7$490,114+14.5%-68.2%14News of the World$111,010
Jan 6, 2021Wednesday6$427,868-29.4%-70.1%14The Croods: A New Age$94,025
Jan 5, 2021Tuesday5$606,396+6.5%-57.1%14News of the World$146,820
Jan 4, 2021Monday4$569,353-66.2%-55.1%14The Croods: A New Age$161,045
Jan 3, 2021Sunday3$1,682,696-43.8%-11.9%21The Croods: A New Age$540,745
Jan 2, 2021Saturday2$2,994,934+18.2%+14.6%21The Croods: A New Age$897,990
Jan 1, 2021
New Year's Day
Friday1$2,533,759-95.2%-94.8%21The Croods: A New Age$785,700