DVD: 'Eternal Sunshine,' 'Alamo' Not Forgotten
As The Forgotten was topping the box office, the theme continued on DVD. Two other pictures concerning memory, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (erasing memories) and The Alamo ("Remember the Alamo"), debuted.

Despite a modest $34.4 million theatrical run, Eternal Sunshine reportedly sold over 600,000 units on Tuesday alone. The Jim Carrey vehicle cost an estimated $20 million to make. The Alamo has a far deeper hole to climb out of. It carried a $100 million plus budget yet grossed just $22.4 million this past spring—making it memorable as one of the biggest bombs of the year.

Walking Tall also hit DVD this week. It's the last of April's vengeance/fighting back-themed movies to reach home video following Kill Bill Vol. 2, The Punisher and Man on Fire. Dwayne Johnson's third outing as leading man racked up $46.3 million in theaters.

The following are the key releases of Sept. 28. Click on the titles for more info.

New Movies [/url]
  • {lnk39947}Club Dread
[/link] (Unrated Extended Edition){/lnk}
  • {lnk39948}Envy
[/link]{/lnk} [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]

Older Movies [/url] [/url] (Michael Moore) [/url]
  • {lnk39956}Christine
[/link] (Special Edition){/lnk}
  • {lnk39957}Easy Rider
[/link] (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition){/lnk}
  • {lnk39958}Footloose
[/link] (Special Collector's Edition){/lnk}
  • {lnk39959}I Wanna Hold Your Hand
[/link]{/lnk} [/url] (Diane Lane) [/url]
  • {lnk39962}Tess
[/link] (Special Edition){/lnk}

TV Shows/Specials

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