Around the World Round Up: 'Hitch,' 'Constantine' to Top $100M
Constantine and Hitch are vying to become the first picture of 2005 to gross $100 million at the international box office. As it stands now, Constantine has conjured $98.7 million after a $9.3 million weekend from 44 territories, and Hitch has snared $97.9 million after a $22.5 million weekend from 44 territories. So far, their track records are similar with comparable totals and territory counts, and they may each cross the century mark on the same day. One thing is for certain, however, Hitch will handily outgross Constantine in the end.

Powering Constantine over the weekend was the United Kingdom's solid $4 million debut from 353 screens, which, by comparison, was 61 percent better than star Keanu Reeves last brush with hell, The Devil's Advocate. The supernatural thriller opened at No. 1 in Argentina with $392,600 from 71 screens, 77 percent higher than Van Helsing. Among holdovers, Brazil was Constantine's standout market, down 24 percent to $1.06 million at 285 screens in its second weekend for a $3.05 million total. Constantine next opens in Russia on March 31 and in Japan on April 16.

Hitch proved irresistible to the French with $4,383,970 from 560 screens, a debut in line with such past romantic comedies as Bridget Jones's Diary and There's Something About Mary. In the process, Will Smith's movie unseated Gerard Depardieu's Boudu from the top spot. Hitch also opened well in Malaysia, with $229,001 from 30 screens at No. 1, and, in Turkey, with $246,145 from 74 at fourth place.

Among holdovers, Hitch's best market was again Germany with a potent $3,748,191 third weekend from 912 screens, bringing its total to $22,356,704. In the U.K., it fell a decent 33 percent in its second weekend of nationwide release to $4,304,264 from 709 screens for a $15,469,826 total. In Australia, it was down 23 percent in its third weekend to $1,408,889 from 356 for a $7,510,612 total. With an opening in Japan still on the horizon on June 4 and continued strength among holdovers, Hitch could reach $150 million overseas.

Robots minted a sturdy $16.4 million from 30 markets, including a No. 1 debuts in the U.K. (with $5 million), Spain ($1.9 million), Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Chile, Colombia and the Philippines. The computer-animated comedy wasn't hot in Germany where it managed just $2.3 million from 868 screens for a paltry $2,653 per screen average. Nor was it special in Brazil where it trailed the second weekend of Constantine, and, in Norway, where it was beneath The Ring Two.

The Ring Two unspoiled with 11 day-and-date releases around the globe and generally performed just the way a sequel should by opening bigger than its predecessor. In its only major market, Mexico, it grossed a chart-topping $2,094,903 from 324, beating the original by about 20 percent. Among the smaller markets, it was most pronounced in Turkey with $665,628 debut from 111 screens, exceeding the original by 72 percent. In the Netherlands, it nabbed $429,914 from 88 screens in second place behind Hitch, failing to top The Ring's $532,513 opening. It also bowed in Greece ($379,565 from 45), Denmark ($139,037 from 25), New Zealand ($219,506 from 43), Norway ($325,646 from 44), Portugal ($284,788 from 46), Sweden ($319,757 from 48) and Thailand ($319,757 from 48). Over the next month, The Ring Two will strike all the major markets.

National Treasure ended its foreign campaign in Japan and China. The Nicolas Cage adventure was a solid No. 1 in Japan with $3.7 million. In China, it was spectacular with a $1.2 million debut, marking distributor Buena Vista's second biggest opening ever there behind Pearl Harbor. The total climbed to $153.9 million and will likely finish north of $165 million.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason opened in its final market, Japan, over weekend as its impressive international run winds down. In Japan, the romantic comedy racked up $1,710,283 from 300 screens, five percent below the debut of predecessor Bridget Jones's Diary, but five percent above Love Actually. Monday was a national holiday in Japan, which should help to produce a bountiful week. The Edge of Reason's overall total reached an estimated $208.2 million and will surpass Diary's $210.4 million this week.