'Jurassic''s World
[6/15/15: 11:41] - Universal is reporting that Jurassic World now holds the title of biggest domestic opening weekend of all time, grossing $208.8M at the box office, surpassing 2012's Marvel's The Avengers at $207.4M.

Not content with North American triumphs World also now holds the title for the #1 international opening weekend in history as well, with an estimated $315.6M, besting Warner Bros. 2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 at $314M. World was #1 in 66 territories and represented 70% of the total weekend box office around the globe. The film also laid claim to the title of Universal's highest-grossing international weekend, beating the previous record holder Furious 7 with $250.4M

This all led to other firsts: Universal crossed the $1B mark at the domestic box office faster than any studio to date, beating the previous record achieved on June 22, 2008 by Paramount. Worldwide Universal smashed the record for reaching $3B worldwide, previously held by 20th Century Fox, on June 30, 2010.

With those domestic and overseas numbers being adjusted upward (which is seemingly happening on the hour), the cumulative worldwide number went to $524.4M (was put at $511.8M on Sunday), making the film the highest global bow in history, and not by some slim margin. It is the first time a film has ever grossed more than $500 million in one weekend.

Not only is Jurassic World the biggest opening domestic weekend that Universal has ever had (the next closest film is Furious 7 with $147.2M) it's the biggest that co-financier Legendary has ever had, which includes the Dark Knight films.

3D also played a major role, according to RealD, who reported that 65% of all international sales were for 3D showings, equaling $205M of the $315.3 (Real D reports this number as $315.7). Universal states that 3D grosses were more like 50%. Included in the Real D report is the astonishing assertion that 95% of moviegoers in China saw Jurassic World in 3D, with the next top performing markets listed as Germany (89%), Brazil (78%) and Russia (74%)

Universal reports that "IMAX scored a record-breaking international weekend of $23.5M, or $53k per screen on 443 IMAX screens, which beats the previous best international opening weekend" held by Transformers: Age of Extinction with $16.7M

Things look rosy for the film in the future as well with an "A" Cinema Score, with audience attendance splitting up 52% Male and 48% female. 39% were under age 25 and 61% age 25 and over.

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