Around the World Roundup: 'At World's End' Massive in Beginning
With $251 million from a record 17,500 screens in its global 102-territory-launch, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End delivered one of the highest-grossing foreign debuts on record. Through Sunday, the traditional cut-off for foreign openings, it grossed $216 million, second only to Spider-Man 3's $230.5 million start.

At World's End opened better than predecessor Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in some markets and worse in others, and its debut points to a final tally well over $500 million. The $251 million tally included Monday figures for all nations despite the fact that only the United Kingdom had a box office-boosting holiday, muddling comparisons with past movies. In most markets, At World's End opened anywhere from one to three days before the traditional weekend frame, although it has yet to reach India (June 1) or China (June 10).

Over the traditional three-day weekend in the U.K., At World's End edged past Dead Man's Chest with $26.6 million from 552 sites. In Germany, its $21.7 million opening from 954 screens topped Dead Man's Chest's $17.3 million. The franchise also picked up another $723,991 from the re-release of the first two Pirates movies in Germany, one of the few remaining markets that often widely re-release movies. In France, though, At World's End fared worse than its predecessor with a still impressive $17.8 million from 738 screens.

At World's End claimed opening weekend records in several markets. In Russia, it grabbed a stunning $18.4 million, which sent Shrek the Third tumbling 71 percent in its second weekend. At World's End also toppled Spain's record with $13.3 million from 827 screens.

In South Korea, At World's End nearly tripled the launch of Dead Man's Chest, securing the highest opening ever for a non-local picture there. Japan was high as well with $15.9 million from 881 screens along with Australia's $9.9 million, which was the fourth largest opening ever. On the other hand, in Italy, At World's End was 22 percent behind Dead Man's Chest with $9.4 million from 909 screens.

Falling to second place, Spider-Man 3 swung past the $500 million mark overseas, nabbing $21.1 million over the weekend from 107 territories. The superhero sequel has surpassed the first two Spider-Man movies by a wide margin, benefiting from well-timed early-May release when there was little else going on overseas.

Third place appears to have gone to Zodiac. The thriller held well with a $5.7 million weekend from 19 markets for a $17.9 million total. It continued to do well in France ($1.7 million weekend and a $5.5 million total through two weeks), the U.K. (down 24 percent to $1.2 million for a $3.6 million total) and in Italy (down 24 percent to $658,565 for a $1.8 million total). The picture receives another big push this weekend in markets like Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

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