Around the World Roundup: 'Spider-Man 3' Spins More Gold
After last week's front-loaded, extended weekend launch, Spider-Man 3 slid 64 percent at the foreign box office, amassing $84.3 million over the weekend from 107 markets. With $385.4 million in the till, though, it should soon exceed Spider-Man's $418 million and Spider-Man 2's $410.2 million.

The United Kingdom was Spider-Man 3's biggest market with $11.2 million from 1,088 screens, down 53 percent for a $48.8 million total to become the highest grossing movie of the year there. In France, it was off 52 percent to $7.7 million for a $37.9 million total.

Spider-Man 3's drops were mostly in the 50 percent range when compared to the picture's traditional opening weekend and not its complete multi-day start. South Korea was exception, where the movie fell a respectable 44 percent to $6.3 million for a $26.4 million total and is playing 29 percent ahead of reigning all time non-local champion Mission: Impossible III through the same point. Across the sea, it wasn't as strong in Japan, down 51 percent to $5 million for a $36.3 million total. Other good holds were Brazil's 41 percent decline to $4.3 million, Germany's 44 percent fall to $4.7 million and Singapore's 35 percent drop to $1.1 million.

28 Weeks Later followed up 28 Days Later with better openings, but there are signs it will finish with a lower total. In its home market of the U.K., the horror sequel nabbed $3.1 million, up 34 percent from the original's 2002 debut. In Australia, it failed to top its predecessor's opening, grossing just $610,253 from 160 screens. It was also moderate in Southeast Asia with second-place starts in Hong Kong ($212,837 from 27 screens) and Malaysia (below Next with $115,482 from 30 screens) but topped Bridge to Terabithia in Singapore with $207,587 from 24 screens. Overall, 28 Weeks Later managed $4.7 million from 11 markets.

Georgia Rule opened in three markets, but Russia and the Ukraine's numbers were not yet available. In Australia, the drama yielded $547,156 from 169 screens to rank fourth, doubling Lindsey Lohan's previous vehicle Just My Luck.

Lucky You debuted in several markets as well, but only two were as yet reporting figures. The poker drama opened in Australia, ranking last among openers with $309,746 from 145 screens. It was even weaker in France with $380,325 from 188 screens and ranking eighth.

Fracture bagged about $3.4 million over the weekend from 10 markets for an estimated $9 million total. The thriller placed second in France with a solid $2.3 million from 307 screens and impressed in Belgium as well with $299,454 from 43 screens.

Expanding considerably, Blades of Glory entered markets on the low-end of expectations. Will Ferrell's straight comedies have yet to catch on overseas: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy grossed only $5.3 million, while Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby made $14.8 million. Blades will top both given its $12.8 million running tally. Its $1.6 million weekend consisted of small openings like Germany's $424,948 from 252 screens, Mexico's $236,005 from 193 and the Netherlands' $94,382 from 36.

Also expanding, The Hills Have Eyes 2, which hasn't looked good so far, grabbed $1.8 million from 17 territories for a $9.5 million total. Aside from Russia's decent $714,000 start from 189 screens, the horror sequel was soft in Italy ($277,239 from 158 screens) and Spain ($561,533 from 245).


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