Around the World Round Up: 'The Edge' of Blockbuster-hood
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was the No. 1 movie internationally with record breaking openings in six territories: the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Croatia. Its overall weekend tally came to $26,597,139 at 1,016 playdates, averaging an outstanding $26,178 per screen.

In its home market, the U.K., the Bridget Jones's Diary follow-up was phenomenal. With a weekend gross of $19,376,954 (£10.3 million) from 503 screens including $5.9 million (£3.3 million) in previews, it delivered the 10th biggest opening ever in the U.K. (in Pounds sterling). It was also Universal's and Working Title's best opening weekend ever in the U.K. in US$ and Pounds sterling. Love Actually was their previous high at $11.1 million. The debut was also 136% bigger than Bridget Jones's Diary in US$ and 85% bigger in Pounds sterling. The original wound up with $60,296,418 (£42,007,008), the 13th highest grossing movie in the U.K. ever. The Edge of Reason should easily match it despite shorter legs as the exchange rate is much more kind today.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason took in $4,317,400 at 261 dates in Australia, ranking No. 1 with a 50% market share. That was 125% bigger than Bridget Jones's Diary in US$. It was the biggest opening ever for Working Title in Australia, and Universal's second best ever in US$ behind Jurassic Park: The Lost World (US$4.6 million). Bridget's local currency gross of A$5.6 million was Universal's third biggest in A$ behind Gladiator (A$5.9 million) and Lost World (A$5.8 million).

In the Netherlands, the romantic comedy sequel was also No. 1 with an outstanding $1,129,549 at 109 screens. Thursday's bow was Universal's biggest opening day ever there. The weekend gross was Working Title's best ever as well as Universal's second biggest debut in the market behind Jurassic Park 3 ($1.4 million). The Edge of Reason was 130% bigger than Diary.

The records kept on breaking for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in smaller markets. It opened No. 1 in Hungary with $405,005 at 35 dates, which was Universal's and Working Title's biggest opening weekend ever there. It was 200% bigger than Diary. Poland's No. 1 debut was a resounding $1,287,226 from 97 screens, again a new high there for Universal and Working Title. Thursday's opening day gross was Universal's biggest ever, and the weekend gross was 200% bigger than the original. In Croatia, the weekend gross was $81,004 from 11 dates, another best for Universal.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason's success proves once again that British romantic comedy is king internationally. The sub-genre consistently does overwhelmingly better overseas than in the United States. For example, Four Weddings and a Funeral earned $52.7 million in the U.S. and $193 million overseas. Love Actually grossed $59.5 million in the U.S. and $185.2 million overseas. Bridget Jones's Diary made $71.5 million in the U.S. and $208.7 million overseas. Almost any Working Title production that's a romantic comedy is gold in the international markets, and The Edge or Reason is no exception. The picture opens in 10 more territories next weekend, including Spain and Sweden.

The Incredibles kicked off its foreign tour smashingly as well. The Pixar superhero feature grossed $5.8 million from six markets and was No. 1 in each. It scored the biggest ever opening for an animated title in Taiwan ($1.3 million from 21 screens) and the Philippines ($495,000 on 52). It grabbed the second biggest CGI opening ever in Sweden, where it grossed $1.3 million from 173 screens, behind only fellow Pixar picture Finding Nemo. Denmark's $870,000 from 62 screens was Pixar's biggest start ever, while Norway's $675,000 on 100 produced a 60% market share. It also launched in Finland with a $311,000 gross from 58 screens for the second biggest ever CGI opening behind Nemo.

Gearing up for an extensive run in France, The Incredibles launched in a single theater in Paris, the Grand Rex Theater (much like the El Capitan theater in Hollywood). It grossed $323,000, roughly equal to what Finding Nemo did at the same screen despite fewer screenings due to its longer running time.

Shall We Dance rapidly closed in on its domestic take of $49 million with an $8.55 million weekend from 2,184 screens in 17 territories for a $33.26 million total. Its surprising foreign run continued with strong holds in most markets. In Spain, it was off only 26% in its second weekend to $1,308,922 on 302 screens for a $3,798,310 total. Germany was down just 21% to $2,391,395 on 619 for a $6,695,094 total, while neighboring Austria fell 25% to $357,849 on 74 and a $1,106,767 total. In its third week in Italy, it was off only 29% to $1,710,708 on 327 screens for a $10,506,178 total. It was also in its third week in New Zealand where it fell only 19% to $100,754 on 58 for a $639,888 total. In its fourth week in Australia and Israel, it moved its totals to $6,088,114 and $1,118,762 respectively.

As strong as its holdovers were, the Richard Gere-Jennifer Lopez dance movie didn't have awesome openings. In South Korea, it grossed $358,185 from 144 screens, which was to be expected for a U.S. romantic comedy in that market. It was a little better in Mexico, grossing $618,851 from 185 screens. Next up is Greece on Nov. 19.

A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles) rang up $5.641 million from 774 screens in 3 countries for a $27 million total. In its third weekend in France, the Jean-Pierre Jeunet war-time drama was far ahead of the competition again, thanks to an 8% drop from the previous weekend. It grossed $5.2 million (€4.1 million) from 707 prints for an outstanding $25.1 million (€19.6 million) total.

In neighboring Belgium and Switzerland, A Very Long Engagement also performed well. In Beligum, it again placed first with a $208,500 (€241,000) gross from 42 screens (off only 11%) for a $1.3 million (€960,000) total. In French Switzerland, it was also in pole position with a $683,200 (€817,500) total to date.

The Grudge held strong in the U.K. It was No. 2 behind Bridget Jones with a weekend gross of $2,814,246 (£1.6 million), off just 16% from last weekend (-28% including the previews). The 10-day tally is $8,881,497 (£5 million). It will pass the final total of Dawn of the Dead this week.

Seven Dwarfs (Sieben Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald) continued its outstanding run in the German-speaking markets. It was No. 1 in all three countries for the third weekend in a row, raking in $7,574,795 at 958 dates for $38,551,503 to date. In Germany, it dominated with a 36% market share and was ahead of the openings of The Forgotten and The Manchurian Candidate. The weekend gross was $6,485,009 at 807 dates, off 30%, which raised the 18-day total to $33,049,384. Austria contributed $660,350 at 108 dates, off 28%. The movie had a 29% market share there and was ahead of the same openers as in Germany. The 17-day total there is $3,855,772. German-Switzerland grossed $429,436 at 43 dates, off 15%, for $1,646,348 in 18 days.

The Forgotten opened in nine more markets, which helped it gross $4,411,352 from 1,464 screens in 24 countries for a $17,791,246 total. The Julianne Moore thriller's best start came from Germany where it grossed a soft $1,571,706 from 355 screens, coming in at fourth place behind three holdovers. Strong starts came from smaller markets like Austria ($273,373 on 51), Belgium ($328,21 on 23) and Singapore ($166,343 on 20). Among holdovers, it tumbled 53% in its second week in Australia to $522,889 from 199 for a $1,922,333 total. At this rate, it looks like it will follow Secret Window's path and finish with around $45 million.

Collateral fell 19% in its third week in Japan to $1,493,199 from 290 screens for a 16-day total of $12,755,660. Overall, the Tom Cruise crime thriller crossed the century mark, hauling in $3,441,453 from 1,576 screens in 21 markets for a $104,633,749 total.

The Manchurian Candidate campaign finally showed some life. In Italy, it pulled in a strong $1,232,186 from just 145 screens. Although that ranked third, it was one of the movie's biggest openings to date. The remake also opened well in Spain with $985,777 gross from 166 screens. However, in Germany, star Denzel Washington's modest overseas appeal reappeared with a measly $863,925 from 306 screens ($1,011,985 including previews). Overall, the movie reaped $4,989,769 from 1,366 screens in 21 markets for $11,914,425 total.

Strong returns in Germany contributed to another solid weekend abroad for Shark Tale. It grossed $6,116,143 from 3,428 screens in 21 countries for an impressive $138,211,442 international total. In its fifth week in France, it grossed $1,694,660 from 640 screens for a $20,352,473 total in 33 days.

Exorcist: The Beginning had a terrific launch in Italy. Placing first, the horror prequel grossed $3.6 million from 402 screens. That bested Red Dragon by 57%, Hollow Man by 64% and the director's cut of The Exorcist by 71%. In Warner Bros.' markets, it grossed $1.4 million overall from 1,155 screens in 18 markets for a $18.4 million total.

Birth held strong in two markets, but tumbled 61% in its second weekend in the U.K. In the U.K., the Nicole Kidman drama grossed $544,115 from 275 screens for a $1,752,731 total. In France, it fell only 27% to $275,241 from 126 screens for a $936,824 total. Greece recorded a 36% drop to No. 4 and a $259,271 gross from 30 screens for a $637,455 total.

Catwoman grossed $543,800 from 423 screens in 12 countries for a $40.5 million total while WB stablemate, Troy, improved its international total to $364 million.

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<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=5 border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Rank</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Title</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Weekend Gross</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Theater Count</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Territory Count</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#dcdcdc>Total Gross</TD></TR> <TR> <TD vAlign=top>1</TD> <TD vAlign=top>Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$26,597,139</TD> <TD vAlign=top>1,016</TD> <TD vAlign=top>6</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$26,597,139</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>2</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Shall We Dance</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$8,550,000</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>2,184</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>17</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$33,260,000</TD></TR> <TR> <TD vAlign=top>3</TD> <TD vAlign=top>Sieben Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$7,574,795</TD> <TD vAlign=top>958</TD> <TD vAlign=top>3</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$38,551,503</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Shark Tale</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$6,116,143</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>3,428</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>21</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$138,211,442</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>The Incredibles</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$5.8m</TD> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$5.8m</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles)</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$5.641m</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>774</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>3</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$27m</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>The Manchurian Candidate</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$4,989,769</TD> <TD vAlign=top>1,366</TD> <TD vAlign=top>21</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$11,914,425</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Alien vs. Predator</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$4.9m</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>2,136</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>27</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$60m</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>The Forgotten</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$4,411,352</TD> <TD vAlign=top>1,464</TD> <TD vAlign=top>24</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$17,791,246</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Collateral</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$3,441,453</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>1,576</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>21</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$104,633,719</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Sony only)</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$2,174,068</TD> <TD vAlign=top>886</TD> <TD vAlign=top>15</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$67,086,495</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$1,727,527</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>725</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>19</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$25,821,338</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>White Chicks</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$1,598,756</TD> <TD vAlign=top>910</TD> <TD vAlign=top>23</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$33,554,554</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Di que sí</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$1,480,736</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>300</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>1</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$1,480,736</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top>Cellular</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$1,359,892</TD> <TD vAlign=top>581</TD> <TD vAlign=top>10</TD> <TD vAlign=top>$5,324,539</TD></TR> <TR style="HEIGHT: 9pt"> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>-</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>Birth</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$1,103,772</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>431</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>3</TD> <TD vAlign=top bgColor=#f4f4ff>$3,327,008</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>