Around-the-World Roundup: 'Thor' Conquers, 'Fast' Speeds Up
A week ahead of its domestic launch, Thor took advantage of the May Day holiday with a huge $89.2 million opening in 56 foreign markets. Including its early debut in Australia and its Monday grosses, the God of Thunder has already earned over $108 million overseas. In significantly fewer territories, domestic champ Fast Five also notched strong numbers prior to its full foreign rollout next weekend.

Check out results for Thor, Fast Five, Rio and more on our overseas weekend chart here.

Including previews, Thor's top territory was the United Kingdom, where it finished in first place with $9.1 million. It also took the top spot in France ($8.5 million), Mexico ($6.5 million), South Korea ($5.8 million), Italy ($5.6 million), Spain ($5.6 million) and Brazil ($5.4 million). Even with solid starts in Russia ($6 million) and Germany ($5.7 million), though, Thor had to settle for second place behind Fast Five in both of those markets.

Including last weekend's opening in Australia, Thor's nine biggest territories were up an average of 10 percent from Iron Man's debut three years ago. With 3D and IMAX premiums, though, Thor's attendance was almost certainly down. Iron Man ultimately closed with $267 million, a figure which now appears to be as good a benchmark as any for Thor's success.

While Thor topped the chart thanks to the sheer volume of its initial release, Fast Five was actually more impressive in its 14 territories. The five-quel took first place in each of its ten new markets, earning $46.3 million to bring its two-week total to $82.7 million. It logged distributor Universal Pictures' highest-grossing opening weekends ever in Russia ($11.9 million) and Spain ($6.6 million), and it also topped predecessor Fast and Furious in Germany ($10.5 million). Among holdovers, it sped away with another $4.4 million in Australia and $4.6 million in the U.K.

With a worldwide (domestic plus foreign) total of $182 million through Monday, Fast Five has already topped The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and barring some kind of catastrophic decline it will eventually eclipse Fast and Furious's $353.2 million to become the series' highest-grossing entry. Next weekend, the movie adds 45 more territories, including France, Italy, Brazil and Mexico.

In spite of Thor and Fast Five's dominance, there was still room for Rio to continue its strong international run. The animated hit added $31.1 million from 66 markets for a total of $261.4 million. That brings its worldwide total to $366.1 million, and it will soon pass the first Ice Age to become Blue Sky Animation's third highest-grossing movie ever (behind Ice Age's sequels).

Finally, after over four months in theaters, Tron Legacy crossed the $400 million worldwide mark on Friday. That's distributor Walt Disney Pictures' fourth 2010 movie to reach that level after Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland and Tangled. Combined, those four movies have made over $3 billion.

Foreign Top Ten - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date

Thor - $89.1 - $98.9

Fast Five - $46.1 - $82.6

Rio - $31.1 - $261.4

Red Riding Hood - $6.4 - $58.1

Hop - $5.1 - $58.1

Water for Elephants - $4.5 - $7.9

Source Code - $4.5 - $35

Meitantei Conan - $4.4 - $21.7

Gantz II - $4.2 - $16.3

Scream 4 - $4.1 - $43.9

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