Around-the-World Roundup: 'Fast Five' Vanquishes 'Thor'
While Thor took the domestic crown this weekend, it was Fast Five by a country mile overseas. The fifth movie in the increasingly popular franchise earned a massive $85.6 million from 58 territories, a tally which set a new weekend record for distributor Universal Pictures.

Check out results for Fast Five, Thor, Rio and more on our overseas weekend chart here.

According to Universal, Fast Five finished in first place in each of its 44 new markets. It set Universal opening weekend records in Mexico ($9 million), Brazil ($5 million) and many Middle East territories. It also had very strong debuts in France ($10 million) and Italy ($7.5 million) and continued to post solid figures in holdover markets like Russia ($5.1 million) and Germany ($4.7 million).

Including Monday's grosses, Fast Five has earned $191.3 million overseas. Add in its domestic gross, and its worldwide haul stands at $331.1 million. At its current pace, it should have no problem tearing past Fast and Furious's $363.2 million worldwide total by Thursday or Friday to become the highest-grossing entry in the series.

After scoring the top foreign opening of 2011, Thor took a big hit this weekend, thanks in part to Fast Five's worldwide expansion. The God of Thunder tallied an estimated $46 million from 60 markets to bring its foreign total to a strong $176 million. It's only noteworthy debut was in China, where it grossed a solid $2.9 million. Holdover markets were off an average of around 50 percent, with France ($3.5 million), Brazil ($3.3 million) and the United Kingdom ($3.2 million) leading the way. Adding in its domestic gross and Monday's international take, Thor has made $246 million globally, and it is days away from passing fellow Avenger The Incredible Hulk's $263.4 million total.

Against overwhelming competition from Fast Five and Thor, Rio dropped a steep 49 percent to $15.8 million. Despite its rapid decline, though, it remained 2011's top movie overseas by a wide margin with $289.6 million. Also, it's worldwide total reached an impressive $404.8 million, making it Blue Sky Animation's third biggest-grossing title behind the Ice Age sequels.

Water for Elephants expanded to 45 markets and had its best weekend yet with $10.6 million. The Robert Pattinson-Reese Witherspoon period drama has grossed $20.6 million overseas.

Ahead of its domestic opening, comic book adaptation Priest earned $5.6 million from four markets. It had decent debuts in Russia ($2.9 million) and Spain ($1.8 million), though it bombed in the U.K. with less than $700,000.

Finally, Just Go With It added $1.1 million to bring its total to $109.8 million. The comedy passed last year's Grown Ups to become star Adam Sandler's highest-grossing movie ever overseas.

Foreign Top Ten - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date

1. Fast Five
- $85.8 - $184.5

2. Thor - $46 - $176

3. Rio - $15.8 - $289.6

4. Water for Elephants - $10.6 - $20.6

5. Priest - $5.6 - $5.6

6. Source Code - $4.3 - $40.8

7. Scream 4 - $3.8 - $5

8. Gaku - $3.3 - $3.3

9. Something Borrowed - $2.7 - $2.7

10. Sunny - $2.5 - $4.4

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