Around-the-World Roundup: 'Rio' Reigns Again, 'Fast Five,' 'Thor' Duke It Out in Australia
At the foreign box office, Rio ruled for the third weekend in a row, while Fast Five and Thor were unleashed, aiming to gain some pre-summer traction and positive headlines prior to their domestic releases.

Rio raked in $44.3 million in 66 markets, propelling its foreign haul to $206 million. It boasted the industry's highest-grossing third weekends ever in Brazil ($6.9 million) and Peru ($831,000), and it maintained pole position in at least 22 markets. Brazil was again its top-grossing market, and business was down only four percent there. Among the rest of the contributors, France was a distant second with $3.9 million, followed by Mexico ($3.1 million). Rio's the first 2011 release to reach $200 million internationally. Add in its domestic haul, and Rio's now by far the biggest 2011 movie worldwide so far at $286.8 million, followed by Rango ($237 million).

Debuting at No. 1 in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, Fast Five clocked $23.5 million (including pre-weekend play), out-grossing the starts of the previous Fast and Furious movies in those four markets. Australia led the way, contributing $8 million ($10.3 million total), which exceeded Fast and Furious's $5.8 million debut two years ago. In the U.K., Fast Five nabbed $8.8 million (including one day of previews), which improved on Fast and Furious's $7.2 million launch. Fast Five nearly tripled Fast and Furious's debut in Korea, drawing $3.4 million (including one day of previews). Fast Five also saw a big boost over its predecessor in New Zealand, claiming $905,000.

Fast and Furious, which also had an April start, ultimately pulled in close to $200 million overseas. Next weekend, Fast Five rolls into 11 more territories, including Russia, Germany and Spain, and, on the following weekend, it's scheduled to strike Latin America, Asia and the remainder of Europe.

In advance of its May 6 domestic start, Thor entered Australia and was trumped by Fast Five, but it still found some reason to chest-beat. The Marvel Comics adaptation scored $5.7 million, which was slightly lower than the opening grosses of Clash of the Titans (2010) last April and the first Iron Man (both of which closed in the high teen millions). It also topped X-Men Origins: Wolverine's $4.8 million launch, and it thrashed The Incredible Hulk's $1.9 million. Next weekend, Thor will strike the rest of the world, the notable exception being Japan, which will wait until July 2.

Hop ranked third for the weekend with $10.2 million, growing its total to $46.9 million. It added ten new territories, including Brazil, where it grabbed $1.2 million and was thoroughly overshadowed by Rio.

In fourth place, Red Riding Hood expanded and collected $9.4 million in 43 territories, moving its sum to $34.6 million. It didn't fare particularly well anywhere: its top new market was Mexico with $1.3 million, where it ranked second, followed by France, where it landed in seventh with $1.2 million, and Italy, where it ranked fifth with under $1 million.

Continuing its grisly run, Scream 4 rounded out the Top Five with $8.9 million in 28 territories, increasing its tally to $35.5 million. The horror sequel took sizable hits almost across the board (down 64 percent in the U.K., 67 percent in Australia, 60 percent in Mexico, etc.) and had skimpy debuts, including horror-friendly Spain, where it ranked seventh with $909,000. France was its top-grossing market with $1.8 million ($6.5 million total), followed by the U.K. with $1.2 million ($6.6 million total).

Meanwhile, Just Go With It took in $3.8 million and vaulted past the $100 million mark. With $103.8 million in the till, the comedy became Adam Sandler's fifth movie to make $100 million overseas and became his second highest-grossing movie overseas behind Grown Ups. Worldwide, Just Go With It's at $205.8 million, or slightly over half of what The King's Speech has made. The Best Picture winner inched past the $400 million worldwide milestone over the weekend ($138.3 million domestic plus $263.1 million overseas).

NOTE: The Top Ten Foreign Weekend Grosses chart will be published by Wednesday.

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