'Jurassic World' Passes 'Avengers' for All-Time Worldwide Box Office
Universal reports that Jurassic World, with $1.52B is the third biggest worldwide hit in history, passing Marvel's The Avengers and its $1.519B in worldwide receipts. Jurassic can also boast it reached that $1.52B quickly, taking only 40 days for the film to hit that mark, whereas Avengers took 133.

Jurassic still has a long way to go to catch up with the films in the #2 and #1 position though. Both James Cameron films, Titanic, with $2.19B and Avatar with $2.79B, seem safe, given a snapshot on the 40th day.

Jurassic's 40th day was July 21 and it stood at $614M domestic on 3,117 screens. It made $1.7M that day for a per-screen average of $555.

Titanic's 40th day was also a Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1998, but the love/disaster epic was just picking up steam. It was heading into awards season and still the #1 film (against weak competition). That day it made $1.9M on 2,771 screens for a $694 per-screen average. Additionally Paramount, who had domestic distribution (20th Century Fox had international) was about to add screens. By its apex, April 16, it was in 3,265.

Conversely Universal is either reducing screen counts or keeping them static for Jurassic World, here and across the globe, save for Japan, where it has yet to open (and does so Aug. 5th). Internationally Universal is reporting that the film has grossed $907.3M in foreign coin. It will be a slow, profitable slide to its final count.

Marvel's The Avengers still, for the time being, clutches onto a higher domestic take than Jurassic, with $623.4M and the #3 spot. Jurassic's $614.3, though, is nipping at its heels in the #4 spot. The film it displaced from that position was, interestingly, The Dark Knight, which is now at #5 at $534.9M.