Around-the-World Roundup: 'Transformers' Dominates Again
Transformers: Dark of the Moon ruled the foreign box office again, drawing $94.7 million in 58 holdover markets over the weekend. The robo-threequel's total climbed to $395.7 million (through Monday), which was the third highest of 2011 so far, and it will shoot past Kung Fu Panda 2 by Wednesday to claim second for the year. Add in its domestic tally, and Dark of the Moon's worldwide sum stood at $662.6 million, slotting 47th on the all-time chart.

South Korea again was Transformers: Dark of the Moon's stand-out market. Dropping by just a third, the movie drew $16.3 million there over the weekend, and its nearly $53 million tally was the biggest ever for any movie at the 12-day point and was close to two-thirds ahead of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen by day 12.

The United Kingdom, Australia and Russia followed Korea, each contributing around $7.5 million. In the U.K., Dark of the Moon was off around 27 percent for a $31.8 million sum (nine percent ahead of Revenge of the Fallen). In Australia, it slipped 44 percent for a $29.2 million total (34 percent ahead of Revenge). In Russia, it fell 56 percent for a $36 million tally (184 percent ahead of Revenge). In each country, it also held better than Revenge of the Fallen.

Dark of the Moon also delivered big second weekend grosses and No. 1 rankings in Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil and boasted the all-time highest 12-day grosses in Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. While it's playing nearly everywhere, the movie has two more major markets on the horizon: China on July 21 and Japan on July 29.

Cars 2 came in second for the weekend with an estimated $26.9 million from 27 territories (up eight from last weekend). With $121.8 million in the till, the animated sequel's running 124 percent ahead of its predecessor Cars in the comparable timeframe and same set of territories, according to Walt Disney Pictures. It was also 45 percent ahead of Up and 17 percent behind Toy Story 3. Spain was Cars 2's top debut at $5.1 million (including previews), but the movie broke Disney's animated opening gross record in Argentina with $3.3 million, topping Toy Story 3. Mexico remained the top overall gross contributor with $21.1 million, followed by Russia at $18.4 million. Cars 2 adds only Vietnam for the coming weekend.

In third, Kung Fu Panda 2 whipped up $14 million from 53 territories and swung past the $400 million mark in the process. New Zealand was the animated sequel's main new territory, where it brought in $584,450, which was 14 percent behind its predecessor and 22 percent behind Cars 2. Panda 2's biggest haul for the weekend, though, was in Australia, taking in $3 million and competing neck-and-neck with Cars 2 for winter school vacation dollars.

Bad Teacher scored $13.1 million from 31 territories in fourth place, bringing its total to $45.9 million. The highlight for the comedy was Russia, where it grabbed $5.7 million, edging out The Hangover Part II as the top-grossing start ever for an American comedy and more than doubling the entire run of Bridesmaids.

Mr. Popper's Penguins rounded out the Top Five with $10.3 million from 39 territories (up 18 from last weekend) for a $25.6 million total.

Opening day and date with domestic in 17 territories, Zookeeper mustered modest interest, grossing $6.9 million, most of which coming from Germany and Mexico. The talking-animal comedy ranked second in Germany with $2.8 million (31 percent behind Paul Blart: Mall Cop) and third in Mexico with $2.3 million (more than triple Paul Blart).

2011's top grosser, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, added an estimated $6.5 million, down 19 percent, increasing its total to $785.4 million.

Meanwhile, X-Men: First Class inched past the $200 million mark.

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