Around-the-World Roundup: 'Dark Knight Rises' Passes 'Dark Knight' Overseas
Early this weekend, The Dark Knight Rises flew past The Dark Knight's overseas total. The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy added $21.4 million from 61 markets, which brought its total to $488.6 million. That's ahead of The Dark Knight's $469.7 million, and Rises will drastically widen that gap with openings in China and Italy at the end of the month.

The movie's top-grossing territories so far are the U.K. ($77.8 million), South Korea ($40.8 million), Australia ($40.5 million), Germany ($29 million) and Mexico ($28.6 million). Worldwide, the movie's total has reached $898.4 million, and it should be on track for $1 billion eventually.

The Expendables 2 actually appears to have earned more than The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, though official figures are not available (the foreign distribution is being handled by many different companies, so getting a specific figure is tricky). The action sequel grossed at least $22.4 million from 18 markets, including three big ones. It improved 45 percent from the first movie in Russia ($8 million) and 58 percent in Italy ($1.9 million). It was less impressive in the U.K., where it grossed just over $3 million including previews.

Total Recall earned $18.9 million from 53 territories, bringing its total to $58 million. It opened strong in South Korea ($5.2 million) and was also good in France ($3.5 million) and Brazil ($2 million). The sci-fi remake should ultimately earn over $100 million overseas, though it needs a bit more than that to really make up for its terrible domestic performance.

The Bourne Legacy grossed $18.1 million from 18 territories this weekend for a very early total of $28 million. It earned $7.2 million (including previews) in the U.K., and debuted in first place in Australia with $4.7 million. It was a little weaker in Spain, where it took third place with $2.5 million.

Box office phenomenon The Avengers debuted in Japan, its final market, this weekend. Disney reported that the movie earned $6.7 million, but including previews it has already grossed over $17 million there. Its outstanding overseas total reached $863.9 million, which ranks fourth all-time.

Brave continued its slow-and-steady foreign run with another $14.4 million from 46 territories. To date, the Disney/Pixar movie has earned $179.2 million overseas for a worldwide total north of $408 million.

Ted continued its very impressive foreign run with $11.6 million this weekend. It added $3.2 million in the U.K., and held first place for the third-straight week in Germany with $2.4 million. So far, the Seth MacFarlane comedy has earned $138.2 million overseas.

Ice Age: Continental Drift grossed $11.1 million this weekend to bring its incredible total to $646.3 million. It probably won't match its predecessor's $690.1 million foreign total, but that's an unreasonable standard anyway. On Monday, the movie passed $800 million worldwide.

Other Notables - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date (in millions)

Step Up 4 - $8.5 - $44.3

Madagascar 3 - $5.5 - $352.2

Prometheus - $3.1 - $203.8

ParaNorman - $2 - $7.7

Abe Lincoln - $1.8 - $44

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