'Clones' Storms the Adjusted All Time Chart
Though it's been fading faster than its predecessors at the box office, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones has become the second movie from 2002 to break into the top 100 movies of all time when ticket price inflation is taken into account.

As of Wednesday, June 12, George Lucas' digital epic's gross has soared to $259,740,000 after 28 days to rank No. 92 on the adjusted all time chart, just a smidgen behind 1953's Peter Pan ($260,510,334 adjusted gross) and ahead of 1984's Gremlins ($259,703,145 adjusted).

At its current pace, Clones could climb to No. 73 by the end of its run, right behind another Lucas creation—1984's Indiana Jones and the Temple Doom ($305,672,395 adjusted).

Every entry in the Star Wars franchise now resides in the top 100, though interestingly they rank in the order of their initial releases and the first four all fall in the top 20. The 1977 original stands as the second most popular movie of all time behind Gone with the Wind. Its $461,038,066 gross would equal $1,034,082,490 today. The Empire Strikes Back comes in at No. 14 with $560,180,312 ($290,475,067 unadjusted). Return of the Jedi sits not far behind at No. 15 with $537,970,634 ($309,306,177 unadjusted), while The Phantom Menace lands at No. 20 with $484,550,035 ($431,088,297 unadjusted).

Among 2002 releases, Spider-Man preceded Clones on the chart, hitting No. 42 with $373,830,231 and counting. Four movies from 2001 made the list: No. 58 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ($320,176,911 adjusted), No. 65 The Lord of the Rings ($313,019,312 adjusted), No. 86 Shrek ($270,029,543 adjusted) and No. 96 Monsters, Inc. ($256,877,194 adjusted).

On the unadjusted chart, Clones resides at No. 19, and it looks like it will end up at No. 13, right behind Independence Day's $306,169,255.

Adjusted grosses are based on the current average ticket price ($5.71) divided by the average ticket prices at the time each movie played in theaters. Re-releases are taken into account, and ticket sales are used as the basis instead of grosses where available.