Around the World Roundup: 'Goblet of Fire' Blazes Past $200M
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire took just 11 days to cross the $200 million mark. With openings in 23 markets and excellent holds in 19, Goblet was ablaze internationally with a $97.4 million weekend. With France, Australia, South Korea and Russia still on the horizon, there's plenty of room to improve on its $209 million total.

In Japan, Goblet of Fire had the fifth-biggest opening ever, grossing $14.2 million from 856 screens. It was a better start than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone but short of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Goblet of Fire dominated Italy with an industry's biggest bow ever, $9.9 million from 527 screens. It followed suit in Belgium with a $2.8 million debut from 177 screens, despite heavy snowstorms that caused traffic jams and some power outages.

Potter also battled the weather in the Netherlands where it notched the third highest opening ever (behind the first two Harry Potters) with $2.7 million from 252 prints.

In Spain, Goblet of Fire grabbed $8 million from 527 screens, a titch higher than Revenge of the Sith's $7.9 million debut but less than local comedy Torrente 3's $8.7 million industry record.

Other standout performances included second best all time openings in Brazil and Greece, with, respectively, $3.9 million from 550 screens and $1.5 million from 84. In Argentina, Goblet of Fire recorded the biggest opening ever for a Potter picture with $1.1 million from 156 screens.

Holdovers were a big chunk of Goblet's gross. The United Kingdom was again the movie's biggest territory. Down 38 percent, it made $15.9 million from 536 situations, and its $51.3 million outdoes the previous Potter picture through the same time frame.

Goblet of Fire had weather problems in Germany as well, but still managed $10.3 million from 1,248 screens. It tumbled 53 percent, but its $35.9 million total keeps it in line with the other Potter movies.

In Mexico, Goblet of Fire fell 47 percent to $3.7 million from 654 screens. Its $13.7 million total puts it behind only the first movie through the same point.

Flightplan was again the second choice around the globe, led by the U.K.'s second place $3 million opening at 420 screens. Overall Flightplan added $9.6 million over the weekend for an $85.5 million total.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose scared up $7.5 million from 38 markets as its counter-programming to Goblet of Fire paid dividends. The horror picture landed in third place in the U.K. with $2.4 million from 359 screens. It also opened well in Germany with $1.6 million from 396 screens, while, in Spain, it was off 37 percent to $1.5 million for a $4.4 million total. Other solid tallies include Mexico's $5.8 million and Italy's $5.7 million, all contributing to an overall total of $32.3 million.

The Brothers Grimm unspooled in Australia this past weekend and remained strong in South Korea. Down Under the fantastical tale was tops with $845,000 from a somewhat limited 130 screens, and it led one of the market's worst weekends of the year. Grimm was more impressive in South Korea where, in its second weekend, it grossed $1.1 million from 141 screens for a $3.6 million total. Overall, its weekend came to $2.8 million, lifting its total to $58.8 million.

Just Like Heaven showed hope for a blissful foreign campaign. After recording two good runs in Malaysia ($179,889) and Singapore ($412,297), the supernatural comedy opened well in three markets this past weekend. Most prominent was France's $1.7 million from 446 screens, followed by Russia ($641,091 from 143 screens) and Turkey ($210,872 from 82). Early in its run, Heaven has grossed $3.3 million after a $2.6 million weekend.

Zathura was lackluster in its international debut. In Malaysia, the family adventure made $199,042 from 36 screens, while, in Singapore, it grossed $215,613 from 30.