Around-the-World Roundup: 'Gulliver,' 'Fockers' Compensate Overseas
While it's widely being regarded as one of the biggest disappointments of 2010 at the domestic box office, Gulliver's Travels is proving to be quite popular with international audiences. The loose adaptation of Jonathan Swift's classic satire held the top spot overseas this weekend, edging out solid showings from Little Fockers and Tron Legacy. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was also in the hunt for the fourth-straight week, and The Tourist finally scored a major first place opening. Despite the equity that existed at the top of the chart this weekend, business was down from the same period last year, when Avatar led with over $130 million (more than the Top Six titles combined this year).

Gulliver's Travels earned $24.6 million on 3,888 screens in 32 territories for a total of $48.6 million. A huge chunk of this came from its massive $10.9 million first place opening in the United Kingdom, where Swift's work is hugely popular. It also added $2.8 million in Australia and $1.8 million in Spain. This weekend, Gulliver will travel to Russia, the Philippines and South Africa.

In its second weekend, Little Fockers grossed $24.4 million at 40 locations. It debuted in second in Mexico with $2.1 million, which was down from Meet the Fockers's $3.1 million. Fockers also had decent second weekends in the U.K. ($4.1 million), France ($2.7 million) and Germany ($2.5 million), though it trailed its predecessor by a notable margin in each territory. The movie has grossed $73.8 million overseas and is scheduled to open in Brazil and a handful of other territories this weekend.

Tron Legacy kept racing along, adding $23.7 million from 40 territories (or approximately 70 percent of the foreign market). Its $2.95 million opening in South Korea was good for fifth place, which was a slow start for an effects-heavy 3D movie. It also added around $3 million in Russia, $2.2 million in Japan and $2.1 million in Mexico, where it held in first place. Tron looks to expand on its $110 million total when it opens in Italy this weekend.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader found $21.3 million on 7,747 screens in 67 markets. The third Narnia movie held well in France ($4.1 million), Italy ($2.4 million) and Germany ($2.1 million), and opened to a strong $1.1 million in Argentina. Through Monday, its overseas total reached $213.3 million, pushing its worldwide total (domestic plus foreign) past $300 million. While it still trails Prince Caspian's $278 million international total, an opening in China this weekend and Japan next month should ultimately propel Dawn Treader past that mark.

The Tourist had its best weekend yet, scoring approximately $18 million on 3,550 screens in 43 markets. It opened in first place in Spain with a strong $4.4 million and has now grossed $64.4 million overseas.

Playing in less than half of the foreign market, Tangled continued to impress with a $14.8 million tally. It held first place in France ($4.9 million) and Germany ($4.2 million) and, with a $146.5 million overseas total, it passed $300 million worldwide. Tangled expands in to ten more territories next weekend, including Australia and Brazil.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 added $14.3 million to bring its impressive overseas total to $617.8 million. On Sunday, its worldwide total exceeded $900 million, and it now places 16th on the all-time chart. Among Harry Potter movies, it currently ranks fourth worldwide and overseas, and needs just $36 million more to move in to second place behind Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Megamind's overseas run continued to be less-than-heroic. The animated movie notched $11.5 million for a meager total of $135.8 million. It has yet to open in Japan, South Korea or China, though, and could still save some face in those territories.

Foreign Top Ten - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date

1. Gulliver's Travels - $24.6 - $48.6

2. Little Fockers - $24.4 - $73.8

3. Tron Legacy - $23.7 - $110

4. Dawn Treader - $21.3 - $213.3

5. The Tourist - $18 - $64.4

6. Tangled - $14.8 - $146.5

7. Harry Potter 7 - $14.3 - $617.8

8. Megamind - $11.5 - $135.8

9. Love and Other Drugs - $7.0 - $13.3

10. The Last Godfather - $6.4 - $8.2

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