All Time Box Office

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (32 records)
Rated PG-13$936,662,225
Holiday Opening$247,966,675
December Opening$247,966,675
Second Weekend$149,202,860
Third Weekend$90,241,673
Top Opening Theater Average - Wide Release$59,982
Top Theater Average - Wide Release$59,982
Single Day$119,119,282
Opening Day$119,119,282
Christmas Day$49,325,663
New Year's Day$34,394,152
Friday Gross$119,119,282
Tuesday Gross$37,361,729
Non-Holiday Monday$40,109,742
Non-Opening Tuesday$37,361,729
Non-Opening Wednesday$38,022,183
Non-Opening Friday$49,325,663
Opening Week$390,856,054
4-Day Gross$288,076,417
5-Day Gross$325,438,146
6-Day Gross$363,460,329
7-Day Gross$390,856,054
8-Day Gross$440,181,717
9-Day Gross$496,913,249
10-Day Gross$540,058,914
Fastest to $100M1 days
Fastest to $300M5 days
Fastest to $350M6 days
Fastest to $400M8 days
Fastest to $450M9 days
Fastest to $500M10 days
Avengers: Infinity War (11 records)
Opening Weekend$257,698,183
Opening Weekend - Worldwide$640,521,291
Spring Opening$257,698,183
April Opening$257,698,183
Rated PG-13 Opening$257,698,183
Saturday Gross$82,131,612
Sunday Gross$69,231,632
3-Day Gross$257,698,183
Fastest to $150M2 days
Fastest to $200M3 days
Fastest to $250M3 days
Titanic (6 records)
Eighth Weekend$23,027,838
Ninth Weekend$28,167,947
Tenth Weekend$21,036,343
Eleventh Weekend$19,633,056
Twelfth Weekend$17,605,849
Most Weekends at #1 - Consecutive15 weeks
Avatar (5 records)
Fourth Weekend$50,306,217
Fifth Weekend$42,785,612
Sixth Weekend$34,944,081
Seventh Weekend$31,280,029
E.T. (5 records)
Most Weekends at #116 weeks
Most Weekends in the top Top 527 weeks
Most Weekends in the Top 5 - Consecutive27 weeks
Most Weekends in the Top 1044 weeks
Most Weekends in the Top 10 - Consecutive35 weeks
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (4 records)
Opening Wednesday$68,533,840
Wednesday Gross$68,533,840
Widest Independent Opening4,468
Widest Independent Release4,468
Black Panther (4 records)
Winter Opening$202,003,951
February Opening$202,003,951
President's Day Opening$242,155,680
Monday Gross$40,151,729
2018 (4 records)
February Gross$1,004,123,830
April Gross$1,026,777,837
June Gross$1,276,259,743
October Gross$833,438,508
Despicable Me 3 (4 records)
Widest Opening4,529
Widest Release4,535
Widest Opening - PG Rated4,529
Widest Release - PG Rated4,535
Catching Fire (3 records)
November Opening$158,074,286
Thanksgiving 3-day Weekend$74,179,601
Thanksgiving 5-day Weekend$109,939,340
2017 (3 records)
March Gross$1,171,917,526
September Gross$697,590,740
December Gross$1,323,291,715
Rumor Has It (3 records)
Smallest Drop - Wide+239.5%
Smallest Drop - Very Wide+239.5%
Smallest Drop - Saturated+239.5%
Lion King (3 records)
Rated G$422,783,777
Top Opening Theater Average$793,377
Top Theater Average$793,377
Showgirls (3 records)
Rated NC-17$20,350,754
Widest Opening - NC-17 Rated1,388
Widest Release - NC-17 Rated1,388
Transformers 2 (2 records)
Non-Friday Opening Weekend$108,966,307
Non-Opening Thursday$29,094,472
Incredibles 2 (2 records)
Rated PG$608,581,744
Rated PG Opening$182,687,905
Jurassic World 2 (2 records)
Widest Opening - PG-13 Rated4,475
Widest Release - PG-13 Rated4,485
Revenge of the Sith (2 records)
Opening Thursday$50,013,859
Thursday Gross$50,013,859
Dec. 18–20, 2015 (2 records)
Biggest Weekend Overall$305,556,314
Opening Weekend Biggest Gap$233,679,516 between
1st and 2nd place
Jurassic World (2 records)
Summer Opening$208,806,270
June Opening$208,806,270
Mar. 12–14, 1993 (2 records)
Opening Weekend Photo Finish$5,966 between
1st and 2nd place
Weekend Photo Finish$5,966 between
1st and 2nd place
Deadpool 2 (2 records)
Widest Opening - R Rated4,349
Widest Release - R Rated4,349
Rudy (25th Anniversary) (2 records)
Worst Opening - Wide$85,349
Sunday Share of Opening Weekend100.0%
Cars 3 (2 records)
Widest Opening - G Rated4,256
Widest Release - G Rated4,256
American Sniper (2 records)
January Opening$89,269,066
Martin Luther King Opening$107,211,457
It (2 records)
Fall Opening$123,403,419
September Opening$123,403,419
The Avengers (2 records)
May Opening$207,438,708
Summer Start$207,438,708
The Amazing Spider-Man (1 record)
Opening Tuesday$35,016,884
2011 (1 record)
July Gross$1,395,076,360
2013 (1 record)
May Gross$1,141,842,212
2016 (1 record)
August Gross$1,019,655,676
Apr. 27–29, 2018 (1 record)
Weekend Biggest Gap$246,693,206 between
1st and 2nd place
2012 (1 record)
November Gross$1,090,590,045
Sherlock Holmes (1 record)
Christmas - Opening Day$24,608,941
Dec. 21–23, 2018 (1 record)
Most New Wide Releases8 movies
The Ringer (1 record)
Saturday Drop, Opening Weekend-72.3%
2010 (1 record)
January Gross$1,059,508,477
July, 2011 (1 record)
All Monthly Gross$1,395,076,360
Unforgiven (1 record)
Slowest to $100M318 days
Back to the Future (1 record)
Slowest to $200M232 days
Hoot (1 record)
Worst Opening - Super Saturated$3,368,197
Passion of the Christ (1 record)
Rated R$370,782,930
Spirited Away (Fathom Event) (1 record)
Friday Share of Opening Weekend62.5%
Newsies: The Broadway Musical (2018 re-release) (1 record)
Saturday Share of Opening Weekend100.0%
The Darkest Minds (1 record)
Theater Drop-2,679
Gone with the Wind (1 record)
Adjusted for Inflation$1,824,462,973
Buena Vista (1 record)
Fasest Studio to $1 Billion117 days
Jerry Maguire (1 record)
Lowest Grossing #1 Movie$5,518,727
Transformers 3 (1 record)
Independence Day Opening$97,852,865
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (1 record)
Memorial Day Opening$139,802,190
Halloween (2007) (1 record)
Labor Day Opening$30,591,759
Saw III (1 record)
Halloween Opening$33,610,391
Frozen (1 record)
Thanksgiving 3-day Openings$67,391,326
Batman v Superman (1 record)
Easter Opening$166,007,347
Hannah Montana (1 record)
Super Bowl Opening$31,117,834
Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows (P2) (1 record)
July Opening$169,189,427
Beauty and the Beast (1 record)
March Opening$174,750,616
Suicide Squad (1 record)
August Opening$133,682,248
Venom (1 record)
October Opening$80,255,756
Fate of the Furious (1 record)
Opening Weekend - Foreign$443,150,534
Frozen (1 record)
Thanksgiving 5-day Openings$93,590,387
Free Birds (1 record)
Post-Thanksgiving Weekend - Biggest Drop-81.3%
Proud American (1 record)
Worst Opening Theater Average$128
The Greatest Showman (1 record)
Smallest Drop - Super Saturated+76.3%
A Fish Called Wanda (1 record)
Longest Time to #110 weeks
Avengers: Age of Ultron (1 record)
#1 Movie Weekend Market Share84.5%
Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure (1 record)
Worst Opening - Very Wide$443,901
Sing (1 record)
Movies That Never Hit #1$270,395,425
Collide (1 record)
Biggest Drop-88.5%
Toy Story 3 (1 record)
Rated G Opening$110,307,189
Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us (1 record)
Post-Thanksgiving Weekend - Best Hold+7.0%
Deadpool (1 record)
Rated R Opening$132,434,639
Inside Out (1 record)
Non-#1 Debut$90,440,272
Space Station 3-D (IMAX) (1 record)
Friend Request (1 record)
Worst Opening - Saturated$2,002,863