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Box Office by Studio



RowRankMovie Title (click to view)StudioTotal Gross / TheatersOpening / TheatersOpen
11Mr. SixChina Lion$1,415,45032$332,1173012/24/15
22Goodbye Mr. LoserChina Lion$1,293,62640$363,9492210/9/15
33Chongqing Hot PotChina Lion$779,81846$201,960204/1/16
44Breakup BuddiesChina Lion$777,89624$230,2042010/3/14
55I Belonged to YouChina Lion$744,54150$311,738509/30/16
66The Monkey King 2 in 3DChina Lion$709,98238$166,391382/5/16
77Back in Time (Congcong Nanian)China Lion$569,28020$206,5912012/12/14
88Somewhere Only We KnowChina Lion$482,34146$304,934462/13/15
99Detective Chinatown (Tang ren jie tan an)China Lion$474,25236$280,281331/15/16
1010DuckweedChina Lion$471,57530$160,739272/10/17
1111Let's Get MarriedChina Lion$462,91839$180,929394/3/15
1212But Always (Yi Sheng Yi Shi)China Lion$430,76020$144,720209/5/14
1313Beijing Love StoryChina Lion$428,31812$140,10692/14/14
1414If You Are the One 2 (Fei Cheng Wu Rao II)China Lion$426,89421$182,5172012/24/10
1515The Witness (Wo shi zheng ren)China Lion$418,06340$194,7364010/30/15
1616The Wasted TimesChina Lion$386,54020$95,5142012/16/16
1717Personal TailorChina Lion$375,8929$112,224912/20/13
1818Women Who Flirt (Sajiao Nvren)China Lion$375,49527$74,0522611/26/14
1919Mr. DonkeyChina Lion$356,25527$86,9312010/28/16
2020Back to 1942China Lion$312,95420$105,7022011/30/12
2121Running Man (2015)China Lion$310,97821$186,926201/30/15
2222Love (2012)China Lion$309,20015$83,17872/17/12
2323Buddies in IndiaChina Lion$293,19455$181,705551/27/17
2424Go Away Mr. TumorChina Lion$286,63918$50,036158/14/15
2525Love on the Cloud (Wei Ai)China Lion$271,73417$67,9671712/24/14
2626Love in the BuffChina Lion$256,45114$91,233103/30/12
2727The Viral FactorChina Lion$220,49622$63,235221/20/12
2828Fall in Love Like a StarChina Lion$212,50836$120,0743612/4/15
2929The Breakup GuruChina Lion$208,95912$62,717126/27/14
3030A Simple LifeChina Lion$191,82613$43,37294/13/12
3131Love and Lost (Shi Gu)China Lion$188,81724$86,048243/20/15
3232That Demon WithinChina Lion$172,34316$77,130124/18/14
3333The Last Women StandingChina Lion$163,40617$73,3441711/11/15
3434Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme EcstasyChina Lion$153,21510$90318/12/11
3535Beginning of the Great RevivalChina Lion$151,30529$65,866296/24/11
3636Forever Young (2015)China Lion$149,76114$70,047147/10/15
3737Devil and Angel (E Gun Tian Shi)China Lion$131,05812$44,8551212/31/15
3838A Journey Through Time with AnthonyChina Lion$127,38117$55,2921711/18/15
3939What Women Want (Wo Zhi Nu Run Xin) China Lion$123,52626$53,224262/3/11
4040Bullet VanishesChina Lion$117,62914$43,444148/31/12
4141The Golden EraChina Lion$102,93115$50,2421510/17/14
4242Some Like It Hot (Qing Shung)China Lion$100,02610$42,230101/13/17
4343So Young 2: Never GoneChina Lion$96,42121$52,134217/15/16
4444New York, New York (2016)China Lion$92,37716$42,239164/15/16
4545No One's Life Is Easy: So I Married an Anti-FanChina Lion$89,28222$58,767227/1/16
4646Cock and BullChina Lion$82,77812$33,231129/16/16
4747The Warring StatesChina Lion$68,96123$35,381234/22/11
4848A Beautiful LifeChina Lion$66,17123$23,605235/20/11
4949My Lucky StarChina Lion$64,43223$47,006239/20/13
5050Girlfriend Boyfriend - GF BFChina Lion$64,41416$29,016168/3/12
5151The OfficeChina Lion$63,67515$34,144159/18/15
5252Aftershock (Tangshan Dadizhen)China Lion$62,96225$19,3292510/29/10
5353Only YouChina Lion$61,56513$27,311137/24/15
5454VulgariaChina Lion$59,05916$31,097169/28/12
5555The Ark of Mr. ChowChina Lion$54,07512$22,583126/19/15
5656All's Well, End's Well (2012)China Lion$47,91920$23,250201/27/12
5757The Butcher, the Chef and the SwordsmanChina Lion$47,89637$23,425373/18/11
5858Double Trouble China Lion$44,78812$17,978126/8/12
5959Tiny Times 2China Lion$43,7886$20,65268/16/13
6060My Kingdom (2011)China Lion$36,53320$16,816209/9/11
6161Bangkok RevengeChina Lion$35,78422$22,116229/14/12
6262Love in SpaceChina Lion$34,78716$13,795169/9/11
6363Sweet Sixteen (Xia You Qiao Mu)China Lion$34,3279$21,43998/19/16
6464For a Few BulletsChina Lion$30,14215$17,138157/22/16
6565The New Year's Eve of Old LeeChina Lion$25,3586$15,51962/12/16
6666Tiny TimesChina Lion$23,4623$12,29437/26/13
6767So YoungChina Lion$11,1863$5,28136/14/13
6868Magic to WinChina Lion$10,6975$5,125512/9/11
6969Starry Starry NightChina Lion$10,0332$2,31223/23/12
7070A Fool (Yi ge shao zi)China Lion$8,2122$5,741211/27/15
7171Finding Mr. RightChina Lion$6,9453$3,430311/8/13
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Note: This chart shows all movies from a specific studio where grosses are available. Because box office was not widely tracked prior to 1982, many titles may not be available before this time period.

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