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RowRankMovie Title (click to view)StudioTotal Gross / TheatersOpening / TheatersOpen
11Ip Man 3Well Go USA$2,679,437115$784,8391031/22/16
22Train to BusanWell Go USA$2,129,76836$284,776277/22/16
33Along with the Gods: The Two WorldsWell Go USA$1,905,36135$185,5461712/22/17
44Assassination (2015)Well Go USA$1,904,68233$287,700338/7/15
55A Taxi DriverWell Go USA$1,527,82941$331,854418/11/17
66Lost in Hong KongWell Go USA$1,302,28134$537,736289/25/15
77Mojin: The Lost LegendWell Go USA$1,243,81027$279,9742212/18/15
88Operation MekongWell Go USA$800,01229$85,082259/30/16
99The Wailing (Goksung)Well Go USA$786,63335$77,89225/20/16
1010The ThievesWell Go USA$685,83922$136,9931110/12/12
1111The AssassinWell Go USA$632,54253$47,892410/16/15
1212TunnelWell Go USA$568,87636$172,521368/26/16
1313Cold War 2Well Go USA$560,82423$157,385227/8/16
1414The AttorneyWell Go USA$557,23627$216,035272/7/14
1515Once Upon A TimeWell Go USA$485,72851$249,933518/11/17
1616New World (2013)Well Go USA$457,80624$129,954243/22/13
1717Chasing the DragonWell Go USA$456,85452$138,346529/29/17
1818I Am Not Madame BovaryWell Go USA$436,79839$181,5523811/18/16
1919The PiratesWell Go USA$415,77525$26,02519/5/14
2020Kung Fu YogaWell Go USA$362,65727$111,979141/27/17
2121Northern Limit LineWell Go USA$337,90713$108,255137/17/15
2222This Is Not What I ExpectedWell Go USA$337,67036$135,252365/5/17
2323City of RockWell Go USA$312,53743$115,5244310/6/17
2424Kundo: Age of the RampantWell Go USA$280,95828$120,857288/29/14
2525The SwindlersWell Go USA$241,91627$82,8182712/1/17
2626The Taking of Tiger MountainWell Go USA$228,98413$50,62171/2/15
2727The Suspect (2014)Well Go USA$218,69320$86,137201/10/14
2828Railroad TigersWell Go USA$218,04443$116,211431/6/17
2929The AdventurersWell Go USA$216,55617$68,614178/18/17
3030The PrisonWell Go USA$207,48123$80,376233/31/17
3131GoldbusterWell Go USA$186,13524$79,180241/5/18
3232Snow Girl and the Dark CrystalWell Go USA$165,42824$73,817242/27/15
3333On the JobWell Go USA$164,62029$56,098299/27/13
3434Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq BaleWell Go USA$136,16613$57,183124/27/12
3535Kung Fu KillerWell Go USA$129,78428$58,664284/24/15
3636The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia Well Go USA$124,18727$57,8372712/15/17
3737ThreeWell Go USA$119,55023$58,196236/24/16
3838The Monkey King 3Well Go USA$116,35234$95,577342/16/18
3939Memories of the SwordWell Go USA$111,07122$50,240228/28/15
4040Reset (Ni Shi Ying Jiu)Well Go USA$108,97020$54,276206/30/17
4141The Beauty InsideWell Go USA$108,08323$50,536239/11/15
4242The MayorWell Go USA$96,77729$47,128294/28/17
4343Memoir of a MurdererWell Go USA$91,3358$27,66589/8/17
4444The RooftopWell Go USA$85,75517$47,259177/19/13
4545Sky on FireWell Go USA$78,36621$39,5892112/2/16
4646CommitmentWell Go USA$76,54322N/AN/A12/6/13
4747Sword MasterWell Go USA$75,52629$40,1132912/9/16
4848Buster's Mal HeartWell Go USA$73,12118$7,13714/28/17
4949Dangerous Liaisons (2012)Well Go USA$54,0006$18,027611/9/12
5050God of WarWell Go USA$53,49627$23,912276/2/17
5151Painted Skin: The ResurrectionWell Go USA$50,4256$17,79168/17/12
5252Phantom of the TheatreWell Go USA$43,95526$21,001265/6/16
5353BluebeardWell Go USA$43,14414$21,234143/17/17
5454Detective K: Secret of the Living DeadWell Go USA$40,4289$30,28892/16/18
5555Child of GodWell Go USA$39,3248$27,63088/1/14
5656Ip Man: The Final FightWell Go USA$37,88414$15,514149/20/13
5757Dead Snow 2: Red vs. DeadWell Go USA$37,47325$17,3312510/10/14
5858Tai Chi HeroWell Go USA$35,0677$12,62474/26/13
5959Wild CityWell Go USA$34,86611$17,181117/31/15
6060The VillainessWell Go USA$27,7414$4,23818/25/17
6161RV: Resurrected VictimsWell Go USA$20,37411$10,5891110/20/17
6262Better Watch OutWell Go USA$20,36925$12,5692510/6/17
6363Brotherhood of Blades 2: The Infernal BattlefieldWell Go USA$14,2042$5,296212/1/17
6464Legend of the Naga PearlsWell Go USA$13,5884$5,12248/25/17
6565Special IDWell Go USA$12,66610$6,153103/7/14
6666Kill Zone 2Well Go USA$11,99813$11,998135/13/16
6767The Front LineWell Go USA$11,0186$7,18861/20/12
6868Ichi The Killer (2017 re-release)Well Go USA$9,2863$2,750111/10/17
6969Rigor MortisWell Go USA$7,86510$7,865106/6/14
7070And While We Were HereWell Go USA$7,75019$7,750199/13/13
7171Iceman (2014)Well Go USA$7,6796$4,69869/19/14
7272Very Good GirlsWell Go USA$6,9409$4,10297/25/14
7373CavemenWell Go USA$5,94812$3,544122/7/14
7474Kid CannabisWell Go USA$5,5651$5,56514/18/14
7575The GuillotinesWell Go USA$5,29010$3,296106/14/13
7676Kickboxer RetaliationWell Go USA$4,53710$3,061101/26/18
7777McCanickWell Go USA$2,5728$1,92983/21/14
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Note: This chart shows all movies from a specific studio where grosses are available. Because box office was not widely tracked prior to 1982, many titles may not be available before this time period.

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