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RowRankMovie Title (click to view)StudioTotal Gross / TheatersOpening / TheatersOpen
11The Girl with the Dragon TattooMusic Box Films$10,095,170202$335,502343/19/10
22The Girl Who Played with FireMusic Box Films$7,638,241185$904,9981087/9/10
33Tell No OneMusic Box Films$6,177,192112$169,70787/2/08
44The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestMusic Box Films$5,190,196208$881,73715410/29/10
55IdaMusic Box Films$3,827,060137$55,43835/2/14
66A Man Called OveMusic Box Films$3,479,315194$54,60899/30/16
77MeruMusic Box Films$2,334,228176$91,27978/14/15
88Le Week-EndMusic Box Films$2,225,098157$43,60833/14/14
99Monsieur Lazhar (U.S.-only)Music Box Films$2,009,51786$112,190194/13/12
1010A Quiet PassionMusic Box Films$1,865,396135$45,82564/14/17
1111PoticheMusic Box Films$1,618,84474$86,01773/25/11
1212The Deep Blue SeaMusic Box Films$1,126,52561$123,841313/23/12
1313The InnocentsMusic Box Films$1,065,66569$30,89637/1/16
1414Gett: The Trial of Viviane AmsalemMusic Box Films$988,15074$24,21022/13/15
1515LoreMusic Box Films$970,32554$31,49862/8/13
1616The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedMusic Box Films$944,19376N/AN/A5/1/15
1717SeraphineMusic Box Films$884,61324$38,63766/5/09
1818FrantzMusic Box Films$880,883106$18,74523/15/17
1919North FaceMusic Box Films$711,42136$23,05041/29/10
2020Mozart's SisterMusic Box Films$707,88536$34,04678/19/11
2121The MidwifeMusic Box Films$603,58244$21,34137/21/17
2222Mesrine: Killer InstinctMusic Box Films$551,69734$152,873288/27/10
2323Shall We Kiss?Music Box Films$535,49933$28,68043/27/09
2424The Names of LoveMusic Box Films$514,23724$30,37256/24/11
2525Bride FlightMusic Box Films$501,36027$54,044186/10/11
2626Happy People: A Year in the TaigaMusic Box Films$338,98723$10,48111/25/13
2727FrancofoniaMusic Box Films$307,04025$22,08324/1/16
2828A Five Star LifeMusic Box Films$306,91720$15,99617/18/14
2929OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of SpiesMusic Box Films$303,54313$31,41895/9/08
3030Mia MadreMusic Box Films$303,00235$34,09868/26/16
3131Antarctica: A Year on IceMusic Box Films$288,75730$32,238811/28/14
3232Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1Music Box Films$275,38731$74,449319/3/10
3333The Green PrinceMusic Box Films$258,23724$32,69849/12/14
3434Keep the Lights OnMusic Box Films$246,11210$55,57459/7/12
3535Il DivoMusic Box Films$240,1598$13,86724/24/09
3636Gainsbourg: A Heroic LifeMusic Box Films$233,00719$25,18938/31/11
3737Any Day NowMusic Box Films$201,39519$40,4891612/14/12
3838Gemma BoveryMusic Box Films$191,53329$19,09555/29/15
3939Young Goethe in LoveMusic Box Films$162,1389$17,143611/4/11
4040A Coffee in BerlinMusic Box Films$150,27512$3,91816/13/14
4141SeasonsMusic Box Films$150,09222$27,1341311/25/16
4242ChavelaMusic Box Films$142,26714$22,453410/4/17
4343The Brand New TestamentMusic Box Films$127,91017$10,422612/9/16
4444Mysteries of LisbonMusic Box Films$110,5076$12,30828/5/11
4545Bettie Page Reveals AllMusic Box Films$108,11821$4,846111/22/13
4646AugustineMusic Box Films$107,35210$13,61655/17/13
4747The SilenceMusic Box Films$100,21411$7,99223/8/13
4848Cloud 9Music Box Films$91,6758$6,61718/14/09
4949Generation WarMusic Box Films$91,5957$7,38611/15/14
5050OSS 117: Lost in RioMusic Box Films$89,3757$10,24335/7/10
5151Aida's SecretsMusic Box Films$88,4619$5,665110/20/17
5252StarletMusic Box Films$88,21210$15,662611/9/12
5353Tuya's MarriageMusic Box Films$88,1485$2,61914/4/08
5454Marina Abramovic: The Artist is PresentMusic Box Films$86,6375$11,04126/13/12
5555The ConquestMusic Box Films$74,4748$16,273611/11/11
5656The Sicilian GirlMusic Box Films$71,2396$5,92218/4/10
5757Norman Lear: Just Another Version of YouMusic Box Films$70,9506$16,91227/8/16
5858The Last SentenceMusic Box Films$62,5066$9,02026/20/14
5959Viva Riva!Music Box Films$61,7595$10,31436/10/11
6060FlowersMusic Box Films$61,5685$6,572110/30/15
6161Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for LizardsMusic Box Films$60,05611$8,18639/15/17
6262Beloved SistersMusic Box Films$54,0309$19,70491/9/15
6363The ClubMusic Box Films$52,76114$6,51422/5/16
6464Censored VoicesMusic Box Films$41,2606$6,153211/20/15
6565The Wall (2013)Music Box Films$38,6744$2,18815/31/13
6666Therapy for a VampireMusic Box Films$30,1159$3,36126/10/16
6767HermanoMusic Box Films$29,86449$18,835498/24/12
6868A Monster with a Thousand HeadsMusic Box Films$24,8525$3,90025/11/16
6969Happy Valley (2014)Music Box Films$23,8684$9,047411/21/14
7070Watchers of the SkyMusic Box Films$19,3394$7,473410/17/14
7171Quill: The Life of a Guide DogMusic Box Films$15,6745$1,67825/18/12
7272Antarctica: Ice & SkyMusic Box Films$14,4755N/AN/A1/20/17
7373Fifi Howls From HappinessMusic Box Films$13,6142$2,72818/8/14
7474Of Horses and MenMusic Box Films$11,8942$9,56513/6/15
7575Revenge of the MekonsMusic Box Films$11,8613$2,354110/29/14
7676Emptying the SkiesMusic Box Films$11,8112$4,81824/22/15
7777Henning Mankell's 'Wallander': The RevengeMusic Box Films$10,9602$2,23015/25/12
7878The Heir Apparent: Largo WinchMusic Box Films$10,3524$2,830411/18/11
7979Shepard and DarkMusic Box Films$10,2783$1,22619/25/13
8080Miss MinoesMusic Box Films$10,1894$1,901312/23/11
8181The InformantMusic Box Films$10,0684$2,94729/13/13
8282Paul Coelho's Best StoryMusic Box Films$8,8085$5,29557/31/15
8383We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!Music Box Films$8,2778$5,80462/19/16
8484The Film CriticMusic Box Films$7,3582$83925/15/15
8585Last RideMusic Box Films$6,8532$83816/29/12
8686AlleluiaMusic Box Films$6,3343$2,71237/17/15
8787Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (U.S. only)Music Box Films$3,3134N/AN/A5/30/14
8888La LeonMusic Box Films$1,7081$940110/10/08
8989Snowman's LandMusic Box Films$1,1901$65619/14/12
9090The Tower (2014)Music Box Films$1,1171$726111/7/14
9191We Are the GiantMusic Box Films$1,0882$1,088212/12/14
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Note: This chart shows all movies from a specific studio where grosses are available. Because box office was not widely tracked prior to 1982, many titles may not be available before this time period.

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