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Box Office by Studio



RowRankMovie Title (click to view)StudioTotal Gross / TheatersOpening / TheatersOpen
11City IslandAnchor Bay Films$6,671,036269$32,00123/19/10
22Solitary ManAnchor Bay Films$4,360,548177$94,93645/21/10
33Kill the IrishmanAnchor Bay Films$1,188,19456$145,43053/11/11
44The Lords of SalemAnchor Bay Films$1,165,882354$642,9423544/19/13
55Seeking JusticeAnchor Bay Films$411,746231$249,9122313/16/12
66SpreadAnchor Bay Films$250,618103$122,9481038/14/09
77Frozen (2010)Anchor Bay Films$246,176106$131,3951062/5/10
88HappyThankYouMorePleaseAnchor Bay Films$216,11019$35,06323/4/11
99TouchbackAnchor Bay Films$204,23269$66,998504/13/12
101010 YearsAnchor Bay Films$203,37363$22,70739/14/12
1111HatchetAnchor Bay Films$175,28193$100,358939/7/07
1212The Disappearance of Alice CreedAnchor Bay Films$166,98012$40,258108/6/10
1313High SchoolAnchor Bay Films$139,034200$82,8322006/1/12
1414The GrandAnchor Bay Films$115,87914$26,33463/21/08
1515After.LifeAnchor Bay Films$108,59541$59,946414/9/10
1616I Spit on Your GraveAnchor Bay Films$93,05112$32,4401210/8/10
1717Beautiful BoyAnchor Bay Films$77,2478$16,16246/3/11
1818No One LivesAnchor Bay Films$74,91853$47,800535/10/13
1919Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie VernonAnchor Bay Films$69,13672$38,500723/16/07
2020At MiddletonAnchor Bay Films$53,83720$33,768201/31/14
2121Bart Got a RoomAnchor Bay Films$53,76011$32,763114/3/09
2222Not ForgottenAnchor Bay Films$53,7444$18,46845/15/09
2323Surfer, DudeAnchor Bay Films$52,13269$5,97119/5/08
2424Texas Killing FieldsAnchor Bay Films$45,46910$8,772310/14/11
2525The Slammin' SalmonAnchor Bay Films$41,58711$26,1671112/11/09
2626Meet Monica VelourAnchor Bay Films$33,0424$7,43824/8/11
2727Beyond a Reasonable DoubtAnchor Bay Films$32,9175$17,17759/11/09
2828The Son of No OneAnchor Bay Films$30,68010$18,0151011/4/11
2929The Alphabet KillerAnchor Bay Films$29,7842$11,000111/7/08
3030Sex and Death 101Anchor Bay Films$23,6246$13,51654/4/08
3131The DayAnchor Bay Films$20,98412$10,121128/29/12
3232The Open RoadAnchor Bay Films$19,71614$13,323148/28/09
33335 Days of WarAnchor Bay Films$17,4796$6,25428/19/11
3434The Education of Charlie BanksAnchor Bay Films$15,0783$8,53833/27/09
3535Jayne Mansfield's CarAnchor Bay Films$14,83611$9,320119/13/13
3636Silent NightAnchor Bay Films$14,56711$9,7801111/30/12
3737Just Before I GoAnchor Bay Films$10,9702$8,12924/24/15
3838Grace (2009)Anchor Bay Films$8,2972$6,17428/14/09
3939Pawn Shop ChroniclesAnchor Bay Films$8,08815$4,915157/12/13
4040Nothing Left to FearAnchor Bay Films$7,8865$7,886510/4/13
4141Girls Against BoysAnchor Bay Films$7,5292$6,11122/1/13
4242Gangster's Paradise: JerusalemaAnchor Bay Films$7,2944$4,95846/11/10
4343Corman's WorldAnchor Bay Films$7,0002$7,000212/16/11
4444Down the ShoreAnchor Bay Films$6,5582$4,80824/5/13
4545Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1Anchor Bay Films$5,1221$3,22611/10/14
4646Tanner HallAnchor Bay Films$5,0735$2,80359/9/11
4747All is BrightAnchor Bay Films$4,55610$4,5561010/4/13
4848PawnAnchor Bay Films$4,1411$2,13714/19/13
4949MorningAnchor Bay Films$4,0294$2,87649/27/13
5050VampsAnchor Bay Films$3,3611$548111/2/12
5151SpiralAnchor Bay Films$3,072N/AN/AN/A2/8/08
5252Lower LearningAnchor Bay Films$2,8041$2,550110/10/08
5353The Vigilante DiariesAnchor Bay Films$1,9912$1,65026/24/16
5454Detention of the DeadAnchor Bay Films$1,7772$1,33226/28/13
5555Flashbacks of a FoolAnchor Bay Films$1,6642$1,020210/17/08
5656The Package (2013)Anchor Bay Films$1,4691$1,09512/15/13
5757Officer DownAnchor Bay Films$1,4631$1,06111/18/13
5858I Spit on Your Grave 2Anchor Bay Films$8091$44119/20/13
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Note: This chart shows all movies from a specific studio where grosses are available. Because box office was not widely tracked prior to 1982, many titles may not be available before this time period.

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