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NEW SECTION: Movie Showtimes

Box Office Mojo now features comprehensive movie showtimes and online ticketing. Visit:



• Showtimes available in the United States and Canada.

• Search showtimes by city and state, zip code or theater name (e.g., "ArcLight").

• Rate and Review individual movie theaters.

• Print and e-mail showtimes on any page or save individual showtimes for later—then print or e-mail them to yourself or your friends.

• Maintain a list of favorite theaters and rank how they will display in search results.

• View an index of theaters by state, market, county or city, with summary information in a given area showing the number of theaters, screens and average adult ticket prices.

• Set preferences for how showtimes are displayed and save multiple locations to your user account.

• Click on showtimes to purchase tickets through MovieTickets.com (where available). Service charge is $1.50 per ticket for most theaters (but just $1.00 for Premier Pass members).


• Times: Select how movie times are displayed (e.g., with or without AM/PM designation).

• Formats: Select frm three templates for how information is displayed to fit your style.

• Maps: Select from three major services to map out theaters.

• Store multiple locations and easily switch between them when searching for showtimes. (When viewing a map of the theater from a saved location, you will be directed to driving directions automatically.)


• When viewing showtimes for a specific movie, if that movie is not playing in your area we will show you the three nearest theaters playing that movie—regardless of how far they are from you. Sure, you won't want to drive 2,000 miles to see an obscure title, but we thought you might just like to know where it was playing anyway.

• When viewing showtimes for a specific movie, scroll down towards the bottom of the page—you can see a summary of how many showings for that movie are in your area, broken down by the hour. You can also select and filter any timeframe you want to look at and see times in your selected range. So the next time you're looking for that rare 8 o'clock hour showing, you can find it quickly.

• When searching showtimes by location, click on the 'By Movie Summary' tab. There you can see an index of all movie titles playing in your area and the nearest theater playing each movie. You can also filter your search to show all movies playing between any two times you choose. The next time you're planning dinner and a date with that special someone or just a matinee with some friends, enter in your timeframe and we'll show you a list of movies playing only during that time. This page is also a great tool for spotting older movies playing in your area that you might have otherwise missed.

• Each movie theater has its own page showing the theater's basic information, showtimes for ALL available upcoming dates, user ratings and reviews and nearby theaters. When viewing nearby theaters, you can also filter the list to show nearby theaters playing only movies currently at the theater you are viewing.

Filed by Sean Saulsbury on June 2, 2006

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