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NEW FEATURE: Historical Charts

Did you ever wonder what the all time domestic box office chart looked like 10 years ago? Or want to know the highest rank Jurassic Park achieved on the all time chart, before it was bumped down to No. 10 by such later releases as Titanic, Spider-Man and The Passion of the Christ?

Now you can. Our domestic all time chart has been enhanced to allow readers to view the chart "as of" a given date in history, from 1982 to the Present.

Premier Pass members view the historical all time domestic chart by any date, while non-Premier Pass members can sample this feature using a few pre-selected dates. To sample this feature, click here and select a pre-selected date from the drop down box, then click the Go button.

Readers can also see the highest all time rank a movie achieved from its movie page (as long as it broke the top 500). This information is displayed in the "Charts" box of the main movie page. For example, Jurassic Park hit No. 2 on the all time chart on September 24, 1993.

Premier Pass members can click on the record to view the all time chart as of that date.

Premier Pass members can also view historical "as of" data in the Yearly section, when viewing a given year's domestic box office gross.

For a full explanation of these features and all of our box office sections, click here.

Filed by Sean Saulsbury on July 25, 2005

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