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Release Date
13 Tzameti 6m, 17d 7/28/06 Palm $121,390 VIEW
The Cave of the Yellow Dog 3m, 3d 11/10/06 Tartan $141,803 VIEW
The Departed 4m, 8d 10/6/06 Warner Bros. $132,384,315 VIEW
The Departed (2-disc Special Edition) 4m, 8d 10/6/06 Warner Bros. $132,384,315 VIEW
F**k 3m, 3d 11/10/06 ThinkFilm $22,359 VIEW
Half Nelson 6m, 3d 8/11/06 ThinkFilm $2,697,938 VIEW
Infamous 4m, 1d 10/13/06 Warner Independent $1,151,330 VIEW
Marie Antoinette 3m, 24d 10/20/06 Sony / Columbia $15,962,471 VIEW
Mutual Appreciation 5m, 12d 9/1/06 Goodbye Cruel Releasing $103,509 VIEW
The Quiet 5m, 19d 8/25/06 Sony Classics $381,420 VIEW
Samoan Wedding 3m, 3d 11/10/06 Magnolia $72,244 VIEW
School for Scoundrels (Rated Version) 4m, 15d 9/29/06 MGM (Weinstein) $17,807,569 VIEW
School for Scoundrels (Unrated Edition) 4m, 15d 9/29/06 MGM (Weinstein) $17,807,569 VIEW
Shock to the System 6m, 10d 8/4/06 Regent Releasing $3,768 VIEW
So Goes the Nation 4m, 10d 10/4/06 IFC $10,337 VIEW
The U.S. Vs. John Lennon 4m, 29d 9/15/06 Lionsgate $1,109,146 VIEW
Zoom 6m, 3d 8/11/06 Sony (Revolution) $11,989,328 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
Bicycle Thieves - Criterion Collection 12/12/49 VIEW
The Butcher Boy 4/3/98 VIEW
Cheyenne Autumn 10/3/64 VIEW
Double Feature: Belly / Caught Up 2/27/98 VIEW
Double Feature: Black Mask / New Police Story 5/14/99 VIEW
Double Feature: Frailty / Saw 4/12/02 VIEW
Double Feature: Kids / The Rules of Attraction 7/21/95 VIEW
Double Feature: Monster's Ball / O 8/31/01 VIEW
Double Feature: Reservoir Dogs / Bad Lieutenant 10/23/92 VIEW
Double Feature: The Punisher / First Blood 10/22/82 VIEW
Double Feature: Total Recall / Terminator 2: Judgment Day 6/1/90 VIEW
Double Feature: Van Wilder / Made 7/13/01 VIEW
Double Feature: Young Guns / The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James 8/12/88 VIEW
Ginger & Fred 3/28/86 VIEW
The Girl in the Bikini (1958) n/a n/a
Green for Danger - Criterion Collection 8/7/47 VIEW
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962) 9/21/62 VIEW
Performance (1970) 8/3/70 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
Broken Arrow (Blu-ray) 2/9/96 VIEW
Chain Reaction (Blu-ray) 8/2/96 VIEW
Chronos (Blu-ray) n/a n/a
The Departed (Blu-ray) 10/6/06 VIEW
The Departed (HD-DVD) 10/6/06 VIEW
Entrapment (Blu-ray) 4/30/99 VIEW
Ladder 49 (Blu-ray) 10/1/04 VIEW
The Marine (Blu-ray) 10/13/06 VIEW
Phone Booth (Blu-ray) 4/4/03 VIEW
Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray) 7/27/01 VIEW
The Princess Bride (Blu-ray) 9/25/87 VIEW
Reign of Fire (Blu-ray) 7/12/02 VIEW
The Sentinel (Blu-ray) 4/21/06 VIEW
The Usual Suspects (Blu-ray) 8/18/95 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
Devil's Den
Infernal Affairs 2 (Special Collector's Edition)
Infernal Affairs 3 (Special Collector's Edition)
Man About Town
Police Story 2 (Special Collector's Edition)

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Movie Title(s)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
The Infernal Affairs Trilogy Infernal Affairs 9/24/04 VIEW
Mr. Moto Collection - Vol. 2 n/a n/a n/a
Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist - Criterion Collection n/a n/a n/a

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
All in the Famiily - Season 6
Android Apocalypse (2006)
Ballykissangel - Series 5
Beauty and the Beast - Season 1
Dora the Explorer - Musical School Days
Double Feature: 10.5 / Category 6: Day of Destruction
Double Feature: Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary Special / The Best of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog
Emergency - Season 3
Fat Friends - Season 1
Finesse Mitchell Live: Snap Famous
The Golden Girls - Season 7
The Hills - Season 1
Hustle - Season 2
The Last of the Mohicans (1972 Miniseries)
Like Father Like Son (2005)
Masters of Horror - Pelts (Dario Argento)
Men Behaving Badly - Complete Series
My Bedbugs, Vol. 1
Nadine in Date Land (2005)
NBA Street Series, Vol. 4 - Class of '03
NOVA: Family That Walks on All Fours
NOVA: Wings of Madness
Shock to the System (2006)
Sonic X - So Long, Sonic (Season 6)
Walt Disney's It's a Small World of Fun, Vol. 3
Walt Disney's It's a Small World of Fun, Vol. 4
Winx Club - Season 2, Vol. 1 - Layla & the Pixies
World War II - When Lions Roared (1994)
Zoey 101 - Season 1
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