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JUNE 2006
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Release Date
Annapolis 4m, 29d 1/27/06 Buena Vista $17,127,992 VIEW
Cache (Hidden) 6m, 3d 12/23/05 Sony Classics $3,647,381 VIEW
Evil 3m, 17d 3/10/06 Magnolia $15,530 VIEW
Failure to Launch 3m, 17d 3/10/06 Paramount $88,715,192 VIEW
Find Me Guilty 3m, 10d 3/17/06 Yari Film Group $1,173,643 VIEW
Imagine Me and You 4m, 29d 1/27/06 Fox Searchlight $672,243 VIEW
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion 4m, 1d 2/24/06 Lionsgate $63,257,940 VIEW
Ultraviolet 3m, 24d 3/3/06 Sony / Screen Gems $18,535,812 VIEW
Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended Cut) 3m, 24d 3/3/06 Sony / Screen Gems $18,535,812 VIEW
Why We Fight 5m, 5d 1/20/06 Sony Classics $1,439,972 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
The Boat is Full 10/21/81 VIEW
The Boy and the Pirates (1960) / Crystalstone (1988) n/a n/a
The Curse of the Crying Woman (1960) n/a n/a
Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) / Captain Pirate n/a n/a
Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll 10/9/87 VIEW
The Noah (1974) n/a n/a
Plan 9 from Outer Space (in Color) (1959) n/a n/a
Private Resort 5/3/85 VIEW
Yellowbeard 6/24/83 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
Cow Belles
Day of Wrath
The Devil's Sword (1984)

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (History Channel)
Alice (TV Favorites Compilation)
Ancient Mysteries - Ancient Rome and Its Mysterious Cities
Ancient Mysteries - Guardian of the Ages: The Great Sphinx
Ancient Mysteries - Lost Castles of England
Ancient Mysteries - Miraculous Canals of Venice
The Best of Sid Caesar
Biography - Ayatollah Khomeini - Holy Terror
Biography - Edward R. Murrow - Voice of America
Biography - Johnny Depp
Biography - Nelson Rockefeller - Passionate Millionaire
Biography - The Earp Brothers - Lawmen of the West
Blue Collar Comedy Tour - One for the Road
Civilisation - Complete Series (1969)
The Color Honeymooners - Collection 1
Columbo - Season 5
Commander in Chief - The Inaugural Edition, Part 1
The Court of Last Resort (1957)
Damon Wayans - Still Standing
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Movies
Empires of Industry - Brewed in America
Empires of Industry - Cola Wars
Family Affair - Season 1
Fear Factor - Season 1
Galaxy High School, Vol. 1
The Great Ships - The Pirate Ships
History Channel - USS Midway
History Channel - When Cowboys Were King
Madea Goes to Jail (Tyler Perry Collection)
Masterpiece Theater - Carrie's War
Masterpiece Theater - Frenchman's Creek
Masterpiece Theater - My Family and Other Animals
Masters of Horror - John Landis - Deer Woman
Masters of Horror - Lucky McKee - Sick Girl
Modern Marvels - Candy
Modern Marvels - Sugar
Monk - Season 4
Murder Rooms - The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes
NOVA - Shark Attack!
NOVA - The Great Robot Race
Project Runway - Season 2
Roseanne - Season 4
Slings & Arrows - Season 1
Step by Step (TV Favorites Compilation)
Strangers with Candy - Complete Series
Taggart - Cold Blood Set
Taggart - Root of Evil Set
Tracey Takes On - Season 2
Why Did I Get Married? (Tyler Perry Collection)
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