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JUNE 2006
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Release Date
16 Blocks 3m, 10d 3/3/06 Warner Bros. $36,895,141 VIEW
Aquamarine 3m, 10d 3/3/06 Fox $18,597,342 VIEW
Before the Fall 8m, 5d 10/7/05 Picture This! $144,254 VIEW
Dave Chappelle's Block Party (Unrated Edition) 3m, 10d 3/3/06 Rogue Pictures $11,718,595 VIEW
End of the Spear 4m, 22d 1/20/06 Rocky Mountain Pictures $11,967,000 VIEW
Forty Shades of Blue 8m, 12d 9/30/05 Vitagraph $75,828 VIEW
A Good Woman 4m, 8d 2/3/06 Lionsgate $238,609 VIEW
Green Street Hooligans 9m, 3d 9/9/05 Freestyle Releasing $346,830 VIEW
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 7m, 21d 10/21/05 Warner Bros. $4,243,756 VIEW
Neil Young: Heart of Gold 4m, 1d 2/10/06 Paramount Classics $1,904,606 VIEW
The Pink Panther 4m, 1d 2/10/06 Sony / Columbia $82,226,474 VIEW
The Sisters 1m, 29d 4/14/06 Arclight Films n/a VIEW
Suits on the Loose 4m, 8d 2/3/06 Halestorm $79,470 VIEW
That Man: Peter Berlin 4m, 29d 1/13/06 Gorilla Factory Productions $55,398 VIEW
The World's Fastest Indian 6m, 5d 12/7/05 Magnolia $5,128,124 VIEW
A Year Without Love 4m, 1d 2/10/06 Strand $24,381 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) n/a n/a
Cemetary Man 4/26/96 VIEW
The Dolly Sisters (1945) n/a n/a
Down Argentine Way (1940) n/a n/a
Fatso 2/1/80 VIEW
Folks! 5/1/92 VIEW
L.A. Story (15th Anniv. Edition) 2/8/91 VIEW
Monterey Pop - Criterion Collection n/a n/a
Moon Over Miami (1941) n/a n/a
My Blue Heaven (1950) n/a n/a
The Prince of Pennsylvania 9/16/88 VIEW
The Princess Bride - Buttercup Edition 9/25/87 VIEW
The Princess Bride - Dread Pirate Edition 9/25/87 VIEW
The Quiet Earth 10/18/85 VIEW
Valley of the Dolls (1967) n/a n/a

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
16 Blocks (HD-DVD) 3/3/06 VIEW
Happy Gilmore (HD-DVD) 2/16/96 VIEW

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
The Big White
Getting Played
The Mesmerist
Room 6

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)Movie Title(s)Theatrical DateTheatrical Details
The Betty Grable Collection, Vol. 1 n/a n/a n/a

DVD Title (click to view or purchase)
American Experience - A Midwife's Tale
American Experience - Streamliners: America's Lost Trains
American Experience - The Orphan Trains
American Experience - Transcontinental Railroad
Beavis & Butt-head - Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 2
Cheers - Season 8
Coach - Season 1
The Dead Zone - Season 4
Dharma and Greg - Season 1
Dora the Explorer - Animal Adventures
Farscape - Season 4, Collection 1 (Starburst Edition)
Frasier - Season 8
Gallagher - The Sledge-O-Matic Collection
The Golden Age of Cartoons: Aesop's Fables
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp
MacGyver - Season 6
Mantle - The Definitive Story of Mickey Mantle
Medium - Season 1
Mulberry - Complete Series
One Night Stand: Caroline Rhea
One Night Stand: Earthquake
One Night Stand: Jim Norton
One Night Stand: Louis CK
The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 4 - Swingin' in the Pink
The Rockford Files - Season 2
Rush - Replay x 3
Thinking XXX (Extended Cut)
This Is America, Charlie Brown (1988)
Waiting for God - Season 1
Walker, Texas Ranger - Season 1
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