Release Schedule

Movie Title (click to view)StudioDate
The Sacrament Magn. 6/6/14
Saigon Eclipse Indic. TBD
San Andreas WB 6/5/15
Santapprentice Wein. TBD
Satanic Wein. TBD
Sausage Party Sony 2015
Sci Fi Movie W/Dim. TBD
Search Party Uni. 9/12/14
The Secret Service Fox 10/24/14
Selfless Focus 2/27/15
Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt X-Mas Movie Sony 12/11/15
Seventh Son Uni. 2/6/15
Sex Tape Sony 7/25/14
Shanghai Wein. TBD
The Signal (2014) Focus 6/13/14
Singularity Sony TBD
Skank Robbers SGem TBD
The Skeleton Twins RAtt. 9/19/14
The Smoker Par. TBD
The Smurfs 3 Sony 8/14/15
Snowpiercer RTWC 6/27/14
So Undercover Wein. TBD
SPA TBA (2016) Sony 9/23/16
SPA TBA (2017) Sony 9/22/17
Spin (2009) Blow. TBD
SpongeBob SquarePants 2 Par. 2/13/15
St. Vincent Wein. 10/24/14
Stage Fright (2014) Magn. 5/9/14
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (3D) Fox TBD
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (3D) Fox TBD
Star Wars: Episode VII BV 12/18/15
Step Up All In LG/S 7/25/14
Stretch Uni. TBD
Stretch Armstrong Rela. TBD
Sunshine on Leith N/A TBD
Super Secret Ghost Project (untitled as of yet) P/DW TBD
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon RTWC 6/6/14
Susan Cooper Fox 5/22/15
Taken 3 Fox 1/9/15
Tales From the Golden Age IFC TBD
Tammy WB 7/2/14
Tarzan (2016) WB 7/1/16
Ted 2 Uni. 6/26/15
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Par. 8/8/14
Terminator (2015) Par. 7/1/15
Testament (2015) ORF Winter 2015
The Theory of Everything Focus 11/7/14
Think Like a Man Too SGem 6/20/14
Third Person SPC 6/20/14
This is Where I Leave You WB 9/12/14
Tomorrowland BV 5/22/15
Tracks (2014) Wein. 5/23/14
Trainwreck Uni. 7/24/15
Transformers: Age of Extinction Par. 6/27/14
The Trick or Treaters Wein. TBD
The Trip to Italy IFC TBD
Trolls Fox 11/4/16
Truckers (working title) P/DW TBD
Tupac ORF 2015

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